bts being extra af in america

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R K : jimin being gay in america is a phat mood

Jo : This is literally my life. This video explains what life is for

Melenie Ngep : Help I need to laugh but It’s night and my mom is sleeping...

_. P r i n c e s s : joHn CeNa, Are yoU ARmY?

1996 kimmie.btsfam : The puppies don't know how LUCKY THEY ARE

Banana Jin : wOrLdwiDe fUnNy Guy

Kalaxx The Demon : *Jimin.exe has stopped working*

Danzan T : Im a grown man. Why can't i stop watching this?

Music Melody : How to be those puppies Or should I say PUP-PEES


Mayasu : *I love your sexy brain*

Noor Fatima : John cena *are you army* Me: dies

kya al : I want to be a fan I just don't know where to start?? Help they're all so cute

Thyia Colt : I remember back when I first watched this, I cringed the fuck out. But, I'm just laughing with them.

I am Nobody : 8:41 RM: Im not a smiler, im very serious. JIN: donk Everyone: HAHAHAHAAHA😂😂

Luz María Torres II García : My mood is RM laughing at the other members speaking english 😂

Ella Kynaston Bool : it’s jimin being gay for black guys that gets to me

Nicholas Huynh : Everyone: Fashion yeah passion Suga: I like puppy 😂 Edit: Thanks for so much likes! \ (•◡•) /

Can a Lize : that's why we call them *pup pees*

diek \\ : this video literally changed my life. In October 2018 I watched this video while thinking wtf is this and why am I even watching this, little did I know that 3 days later I’d be OBSESSED with 7 Korean men and I’d think about them every single day for the rest of my life. So yeah here I am to thank you for making this video, these seven goofy bois really changed my life in every single way possible, :D

memedori : *_wE wAnt tO foCuS oN oUr cArEERs_*

Celebrities : i’m not an army but this is hilarious af😂😂I like ‘em even more now😂

Sara Meiattini : 1:21 *gay mode has joined the chat*

ELMO Gaming : The editing just made this video better. Lmao

Likhitha Muvvva : What I love about everyone RM: That dimple that is damn deep Jungkook: Everything Jin: His corny corny dad jokes Jimin: Extraness V: His face Suga: His seriousness J-Hope: Everything

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : it doesn't matter how many times i watch this, 'oooo worldwide handsome' will still get me _every single time_

#awesome 1008 : I dont know why bit I love how suga says puppy 2:08💓

Simply Sakuraa : Am I the only one who watched this more than 10 times and is still laughing??

Caitlin Malfoy : *i love your...* *Elbow!*

Val And Dad : Jimins has enough of fire 😂

Karrie Minaj : interviewer: what’s your favourite feature on yourself? interviewer: mine is my smile jimin: *_MM HM_*

The lonely cat : I swear V is the most adorable little cinnamon roll

Michelle Pie : 1:30 😂😂😂😂lmao 😂❤️ 7 cute crackheads 9:33 John Cena you Army?😂❤️

Zoey Elowen : My father mother sister *ANd mY pUppY*

JINNIE ARMY : My father, mother, sister... and my puppy 😂💙

Gina Ciccone : they are like little kids lmao i love them

Lissandra Lopez : I love my finger finger?? New song new member new member?? Snatching wigs jjeoreo

Ray : I click this every time it's on my recommended I've watched this more than 10 times h e l p

Lucky Missy : 8:07 I'm just imagining them having so many inside jokes(in their private life) we don't even know about, because I am sure they have plenty and the thought of that makes me laugh at this even more lmao😂

Shashana a : I finally watch bts video without subtitles:,o

marichan : _c r a c k h e a d s_


ju uwu : i’ve seen this video like 1748819 times

IIRIS HYVÄRI : 8:28 those eyeeess😍

Taehyung Oppa : 1:15 THE MOMENT JIMIN FOUND OUT......

bangchan sonyeondan : one minute in and i'm _already_ crying from laughter

Suga mood gacha : 1:15 *tony?*

Gucci Kook : They're not extra.. they're Bts-

jun seila : my god Jin is such an self lover!! He cracks me up!!

Mochi Chan : Hobi:I love your elbow Mochi:NANI! *SMACK*