bts being extra af in america

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Mayasu : *I love your sexy brain*

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : it doesn't matter how many times i watch this, 'oooo worldwide handsome' will still get me _every single time_

*Screams high pitch* ILL KILL YOU : "i love my handsome face" **awkward silence** "I like, I like my life."

sweetviibes : *continuously slaps thighs* A STRONG MAN a StRoNg MaN.

L Laureen : Random person: *why do you love bts so much?* me:

Luz María Torres II García : My mood is RM laughing at the other members speaking english 😂

Moon Child : 10:38 i love how jk really wants to see charlie puth ^^ and look at him today. He performed with him live on stage ⭐️

Dderyl 0710 : Idk how many times I’ve watched this vid to bring me out of depression

Sadikha Saneha : *we want to focus on our c a r e e r*

Lillie Douglas : Where do you guys get your clothes? *koREa DeParTmEnt*

Banana Jin : wOrLdwiDe fUnNy Guy

JIKOOK Is MINE : Britney spears *Jin dancing it* Me: OK I'm done 😂😂😂

Vitória Alborghetti : I watched this video a while ago before becoming an "army", and now that I am one, I am seeing it again ~ it looks like a totally different video

sacity : Worldwide handsome more like worldwide extra


marichan : _c r a c k h e a d s_

Danielle Mcrae : 7:17 im dead

TISSUE AND FRIENDS : 3:39 - 3:44 *Me when mom says "wait for everyone to come to the table for dinner".*

Ryah Taylor : Jungkook's hype over Charlie Puth gives me life

Of Course Gabby : My Fashion. I Like My Passion. Fashion and passion- I like pUpPy..

Peachy Liv : Im smiling so much my mouth hurts

Adri Sano : I accidentally clicked on this and I don’t regret it.

Maica Loves BTS : 3:47 Joonie: *ilove your smile* Jiminie: *oh,Finish??* Joonie: *ilove your face when you're dancing* Jiminie: *Finish??* Joonie: *let's finish* *Let's finish this relationship* Lmao😂😂😂


Dessin Annie : "I liek puppy. :')"

apoorva : they're such a chaotic mess hhh

Agust D : Do u date? Namjoon turns his voice 10 times deeper: We WaNt To FoCuS oN oUr CaReErS

Ziva : 8:28 why isnt anyone talking about these eyes <3

Rosey Mosy456 : 5:58 DoNg DoNg DoNg DoNg DoNg

Umme Mariyam : I love your Elbow😂😂

coke : *korea department*

Kim Taehyung : 6:34 I am done jin😉😂😂 ur face experience lol😂😂

lil u4ria : this video right here is the reason I'm army. Thank you

BLINK GRP : J-hope: dong dong dong dong dong dong. Me: *dies*

Litzy Silva : 2:44 HAD ME DEAD 😂

R K : jimin being gay in america is a phat mood

Francheska Cortez : this edits are killing me. I can't stop laughing

Cindy Kah : *tHe mOrE yOu kNoW.*

GWG AE : 9:22 Idk why but when Kookie dances like that is so cute! HEART ATTACK!!!

sayunara : I think i have watched this over 5 times.......An hour

Gina Ciccone : they are like little kids lmao i love them

Abril Barros : I love my...everything - Jimin 2018 (WorldWidefUnNygUY)

Rixoel : 7:10 to 7:25 im dead XD and btw im not a huge fan of BTS but they are hilarious LOL I swear I've watched this video like 7 times already, I can't get enough XD

Moa Isabell Simborn : *you know we are "eggie" ok we are babies* - RM 2018

cherrycola : This video made me stan them, I'm so grateful

ania : ol dude had jimin ready to risk it all 💀😂

Kim tae hyung Bts : “ world wide funny guy” -jin

true tea : b bu bur burn burn t burn th burn the burn the s burn the st burn the sta burn the stag burn the stage burn the stag burn the sta burn the st burn the s burn the burn th burn t burn bur bu b

Elaine Wu : 8:13 suga looks like a puppy!!!

sansu canete : What's up with them and Charlie Puth?? xD