Shin Lim Proves Magic Is Real With Unbelievable Card Tricks - America's Got Talent 2018

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Cody Frank : If this guy gets beat by a singer, this will be my last season watching.. THIS IS TRUE TALENT!

고간다 : slow the speed and still i cant find na tricks sadlife 😔😄😔

Tazmo : They didnt push the GOlden BUzzer, because Shin Lim already made it dissappear!

Angelina Nguyen : so happy he won and not just some mediocre singer 😌

Stop looking at me : 0:43 "Make sure you don't move" Olivia: *Moves*

JennaD : I was already amazed when he perfectly flipped that card in the perfect place at 0:39

Neil : Send this guy to Hogwarts

Swarna Latha Nasika : The golden buzzer does not deserve him.

Remy Sweep : you can closely see at 1:19 that I have totally no idea how he did that

Francesca Clerfont : The wink at the end. 😩😩😩😩😫😍

Epi King : if only i can make my mother-in-law disappear just like that.

Tin Su : Magicians uses sleight of hand to make it look like magic. Shin Lim uses magic to make it look like sleight of hand.

Giuseppe Rossini : I never see so much agreement among Youtube comments. And I add mine on top: if this guy doesn't win (and especially if he gets beaten by a singer) it is a real shame.

Haybish 17 : We need the worlds top scientists to investigate this man. I want to know the science behind this!!!!

Rinielle 아리엘 Choi : Handsome + Talent = Perfection.


Fritzi Nichols : Guys, stop trying to figure out how he did it and just accept the fact that the man's a wizard lol.

AnimeOtakus : It's not that this guy doesn't deserve the 1st place, the 1st place doesn't deserve him.

Giulio DaVinci : Well he fooled Penn & Teller twice with this stuff, so I am sure he can fool the average American

Official Topdream : If this guy don't win then my last season to watch this show

Drama Alarm : This guy is insane

Jay J. : If you cut off his hands, cards will come out.

Andy V : Olivia was soaking wet by the end of it.

artakusamorikus : it faster than my sharingan..

Ratu B : that wink he did... i was like you cocky sly so-- man hes good

Yeow : Guys, just play the video in speed 0.25.... And you still can't notice how he did that

Ecclesiastes 3:18 : First "Inception" now "Oblivion" I love Shins taste in music.

CA LightningKatz : He's so calm, unlike other magicians who move so fast to distract your eyes

TZ4789 : The vanish at 2:42 holy what...

AynaGhor : wow !!!what a magic boss!!! you are really talent person

Thanhnga Le : Omg that wink at the end

Sujay Prabhu : What an effing genius 🙌

sofukingwhat : When shin lin says it's a tough act , I expect him to make Earth disappear or something like that given he's a wizard 🤣

Victor Valdez : Thats Imposible. He is an angel from heaven

H H : If you look closely you can see that i have no clue how he did that

Clay4Trey : SPOILERS He won with no Golden Buzzers.

Erin H BTS for life : I literally played this as slow as it will go and I swear the card disappeared in mid air I couldn’t tell if he was slipping it under anything cause it literally disappeared in mid air amazing he deserves to win!! #shintowin

Mihaela Lapadus : Very Very Nice Vidio WOW 😎


Indíe : It makes me want to cry how good he is

Mariana Ionescu : YOU are good man . ??👏👏👏😯😯😰😰😊👍

someone 123 : Omgggg😨😨😱😱😱😱😱 its flawless and the wink in the end i die 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

Forrest Moss : I love how he does his eyes at the end. He is absolutely gorgeous and extremely talented

unlocked : You're a wizard, Shin.

Quinn Wallbank : The song is: oblivion music video

Sub4Sub abc123 : Why ain't the video 4:20 long. I'm high just watching it.

Mari Gonzalez : I know how he does it. He is so obviously cheating, he’s using real magic 🤷‍♀️ smh

MrVagabond : the backside of cards has the same texture with the deck of cards so watch in 1:27 how he flip the Queen card and King card using The Ase card :D that guy is a badass

AJP83 : I dont want to know how he did it. I dont care how he did it. I dont even care about the props he used. All I know is we have witnessed possibily the most visually stunning slight of hand magic trick ever seen. Absolutely flawless and immaculate performance. Well done!😁😁

The Traveller : No more card tricks magician at Agt from now on for sure