Ericsson R380 Commercial

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MacRedbaron : Still has more functionality than an iPhone

Henrik Wannheden : "The Ericsson R380.. We call it a "smartphone"." No you morons, you call it "R380". You _could've_ called it the Ericsson Smartphone®, but you fumbled, and dropped the branding ball in a spectacular way.

Oussama Oussama : Still waiting for the Ericsson R380 "S"

Dirk : first smartphone

Nico The Rabbit : What do you call a parade of rabbits hopping backwards? -------- A receding hare-line! ^ ^

teltri : so hilarious ... but it was the real gadget

Sylvain Paquette : Back in the day, where phone would be good at placing call.

dr who fan BTW tom baker 74_81 : omg I have one now

dr who fan BTW tom baker 74_81 : I have a big box of phones that I haven't got round to looking at

Excelsoft : This was the first so called smartphone

Sony Trinitron : Such a good phone! They'd still be amazing phones today.