Remmy Sit! Speak!

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mikecheck237 : This is the funniest thing I've seen in years lmfao XD This gets me every time

lulubeloo : these 6 seconds are enough to make my day brighter

Cam and Dan Studios : Every time I watch this I can't stop laughing 😂

Omar Azraq : So simple, so elegant this is the internet in it's purest form

Burnt Toast : Watch your profanity 😂

Kiro AWZ : I just came here to see a little cute puppy and now I can't stop laughin xD

SasukeUchiha58 : I absolutely LOVE this! I havent laughed this hard in a while! Im sharing it to all my friends!

oMaRi TV : change the title because my friend was doing a presentation today and the linked this vid bcuz my teacher is a dog person and he thought this was the original. He got written up and is on probation

ub3rco0ler : what a rude dog

GorilladactylRex : My friend, sister and dad hear "Syit!" in a squeeky voice, I hear "Fuck!" in a really deep dude's voice.....?

ThreeEyedPea : FUQ

VoltageP1 : This dog passed away but what a legacy it left

Harry Sachz : Press 7. DO IT!

Thankthai1 : Is it real?

hawaiidispenser : I laughed so hard I felt my ass sphincter briefly loosen its grip with every convulsion. Luckily, containment was maintained and no breach occurred.

Remi Decoster : Lol my name is Remi

J. Haller Productions : does anybody else hear the dog saying "sit"? (or is it just my friend)

xXxLegolas007xXx : pietsmietarmy

Smith Black : This video makes me laugh every time i watch it.


Akshansh Shrivastava : best video ever!!!!!!!!!!

Jarvan IV. : TELEFON JAY!!

- JustSimplyThinking - : When my teacher calls me to say something about the freakin book.

PlayWithMe : Wer ist noch von PietSmiet hier?

-Strawberry Clorox Bleach- *Retired from services* : Gets me everytime

Captain Niveau : Pietsmiet Army!

W. D. Gaster : Doctor: you only have 7 seconds to live Me:

Zenno M8 : hachja best of pietsmiet und ihre random videos :D <3

FlyingBomb : #pietsmiet

Mollie Laws : omg! he's so cute!

Robert : press 7

RaiderZapien : Lol every time! speak "FUCK" good boy

Allon Jones : i cant stop laughing

AwesomeKid : Get's me everytime! I'm crying! My college roommates are starring at me like I'm an alien!

Luis Diaz : Am I the only one that notices he gots a Herb-a-Life logo on his face

G4merLetsPlay : Pietsmiet Army!!! LeFauko besster Mann.

Camera Girl : best dog video ever


Chunmeista : "Profane Puppy"

Costello Duro : When I first seen this a couple years ago I said to myself.."R.I.P"😂😂😂😂

Bob Cuamacus : What kind of dog is that?

Chris Shanahan : Ok, all kidding aside. That puppy has a Volcom sign on his forehead and that's amazing.

lolman4715 lolman4715 : Play it at 2.0 fast speed xD

Oto Okami : I can't hear the dig saying fuck.. Is this just me? All I hear is "achu" like he's sneezing I seriously can't hear what he is saying 😂😂😂

Schimpankow : #PietsmietArmyIncoming :D Danke LeFauko


blueskyangie zhang : is it weird that I heard "shit" in a cute voice?? SOMEONE eXPLAIN THIS MONSTROCIty

Elijah A : Anyone here from soda's stream?

andzelika chwialkowska : Do cute!!

mm_am_vlogs : if he/she said fuck help me understand this why did she say "good boy"