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Smug James : Nuke Los Angeles 2020

Nathan : This is why Gibby never got with Carly

Eastlake Vids : Your comedy and editing skills are genuinely very impressive at this point. Thank you, Daddy Munck.

My channel Is dead : This is hilarious yet also terrifying

Nathan Bowman : The sequel to American Psycho is looking good

Civ Wrecker : This vid is best viewed in a dark room with your head at the center of 3 LCDs arranged in a triangle configuration, to evoke the sensation of being inside a _real_ digital coffin

.....I'm a sex addict.... : The world of The Sad American Dream.

MiamiChicken : The production quality recently makes me soak my jeans just thinking about watching a new Sadworld video.

Zygathur : Get Noah his brap girl.

You'reBoy : I think you’ve perfected the art of Charlsposting.

Lyon : charls would be impressed probably

Jefferson Quadro : He reminds me of my uncle who fought in the war

wifi hermit : 2 good 2 real 2 progressive, i am going to move to la now thanks for the guidance & advice la sounds fun. i hope i get some hole

TastyTacoN1nja : I thought MDE never dies :(

looking for small dads : >Big Brrrrappp Girl HES IN

Thanos Fieri : iCarly season 2 looks pretty dark

Unjustlocket : Watching this on 3 monitors is glorious

Tyler Markowitz : This is easily the best thing you've made in my opinion

Jaezen Harper : Your editing, acting, comedy, and the occasional Sam Hyde esque wisdom is always on point from this channel. Keep it up man.

bazookafrog : When are you gonna make one of these in VR so we can all just jack in and feel the Lord's grasp?

ShotgunLlama : _W e L i v e I n A S o c i e t y_

Parker, Noah : Soulja boy up in this ho watch me crank it watch me roll

Daniel Marais : Is this me? That’s me? Me relate hard

Josh Churchill : Most channels follow one of three formats: 1. Crank out shitty, short content every day or most every day. 2. Make one longer video a week, of better quality 3. Make one video a month that's around 15 minutes long and very high quality. This is the only channel I've seen that's spec'd into the unknown fourth tier, of making one very short video a month of insanely high quality. Keep up the good work

*anonymous shitposter* : Neo internet post irony

Pepe El perro : My pee pee hard


Jacob : I'm truly at a loss for words.

wolfjak : Stuff like this and MDE perfectly encapsulates the disgruntled angst of generation Z

QX7121 Ya Boi : Kome 2 Brazil!!!1!!1!1!+1!11ONE!1!11

Dat1 Eddie : Thank you Noah very cool!

Mr. Bones : When we are asleep we see only a portion of the universe the rest hidden just beyond our view. Thank god that in the part we do see that we have Sad world. I neeeeed moreeeeeeee RIGHT IN THE VEIN NOAHHEEAYAYA

WarsawSpeedwolf : I'm glad you had the courage to share your life story with us

Joshua Daigle : SADWORLD>MDE

DarkTones Records : trippy asf.. there's talent here

lil gang : every man needs a hole every woman needs a pole senior quote

Zabe T.V. : this is actually incredible, you've grown so much from the gibby I used to know

heebs boy : The Supreme Gentleman would be VERY proud.

Harry Wilding : These videos are my fix of World Peace style content

Payton : had to break out Nvidia Control Panel for this one

LetsMakeLove 69 : Yup

Roland Deschain : We are back boys.

Jenny The Cartoon Horse : I want holy peen pls

John Cuevas : Big butt lovers unite

Keith Scott : Please stop recommending me this you're scaring my family

Euclidean Academy : That was hilarious

Joshua Daigle : #incelgang

Planets With Faces : I love you my la king

FODCOM : This reminds me of this one animation I saw online, same color scheme, same three head rotation and arrangement, you completely captured the whole "FEARNET" art scheme that was once so good on newgrounds, great work.

Vsauce Puppet : Noah for sadsmash