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Smug James : Nuke Los Angeles 2020

Nathan : This is why Gibby never got with Carly

Eastlake Vids : Your comedy and editing skills are genuinely very impressive at this point. Thank you, Daddy Munck.

My channel Is dead : This is hilarious yet also terrifying

Nathan Bowman : The sequel to American Psycho is looking good

Civ Wrecker : This vid is best viewed in a dark room with your head at the center of 3 LCDs arranged in a triangle configuration, to evoke the sensation of being inside a _real_ digital coffin

kingsofk : The world of The Sad American Dream.

MiamiChicken : The production quality recently makes me soak my jeans just thinking about watching a new Sadworld video.

Lyon : charls would be impressed probably

Zygathur : Get Noah his brap girl.

You'reBoy : I think you’ve perfected the art of Charlsposting.

Jefferson Quadro : He reminds me of my uncle who fought in the war

looking for small dads : >Big Brrrrappp Girl HES IN

TastyTacoN1nja : I thought MDE never dies :(

Shaggy At 10% Power : iCarly season 2 looks pretty dark

wifi hermit : 2 good 2 real 2 progressive, i am going to move to la now thanks for the guidance & advice la sounds fun. i hope i get some hole

wolfjak : Stuff like this and MDE perfectly encapsulates the disgruntled angst of generation Z

unjustlocket : Watching this on 3 monitors is glorious

Tyler Markowitz : This is easily the best thing you've made in my opinion

Jaezen Harper : Your editing, acting, comedy, and the occasional Sam Hyde esque wisdom is always on point from this channel. Keep it up man.

Parker, Noah : Soulja boy up in this ho watch me crank it watch me roll

*anonymous shitposter* : Neo internet post irony

Daniel Marais : Is this me? That’s me? Me relate hard

ShotgunLlama : _W e L i v e I n A S o c i e t y_

bazookafrog : When are you gonna make one of these in VR so we can all just jack in and feel the Lord's grasp?

Josh Churchill : Most channels follow one of three formats: 1. Crank out shitty, short content every day or most every day. 2. Make one longer video a week, of better quality 3. Make one video a month that's around 15 minutes long and very high quality. This is the only channel I've seen that's spec'd into the unknown fourth tier, of making one very short video a month of insanely high quality. Keep up the good work


Pepe El perro : My pee pee hard

QX7121 Ya Boi : Kome 2 Brazil!!!1!!1!1!+1!11ONE!1!11

Jacob : I'm truly at a loss for words.

Dat1 Eddie : Thank you Noah very cool!

Harry Wilding : These videos are my fix of World Peace style content

Zabe T.V. : this is actually incredible, you've grown so much from the gibby I used to know

Mr. Bones : When we are asleep we see only a portion of the universe the rest hidden just beyond our view. Thank god that in the part we do see that we have Sad world. I neeeeed moreeeeeeee RIGHT IN THE VEIN NOAHHEEAYAYA

lil gang : every man needs a hole every woman needs a pole senior quote

Payton : had to break out Nvidia Control Panel for this one

WarsawSpeedwolf : I'm glad you had the courage to share your life story with us

DarkTones Records : trippy asf.. there's talent here

heebs boy : The Supreme Gentleman would be VERY proud.

Euclidean Academy : That was hilarious

Roland Deschain : We are back boys.

FODCOM : This reminds me of this one animation I saw online, same color scheme, same three head rotation and arrangement, you completely captured the whole "FEARNET" art scheme that was once so good on newgrounds, great work.

Jenny The Cartoon Horse : I want holy peen pls

Keith Scott : Please stop recommending me this you're scaring my family

John Cuevas : Big butt lovers unite

the cult of George lopez : Am i right

Justin Bulmer : Yup

Planets With Faces : I love you my la king

Strontiummuffin : Red faced and black bars of cinematic zelda z targeting

eeehhhberto yee : My sister wants you more then the Lord does. Hit me up big boy cuz boy do I have the woman for you.