How To Be Every Commentary Channel Ever (in 5 steps)
How To Be Every Commentary Channel Ever

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Just a parody, I love all the lads i make fun of here. Twitter: RomeoCruse Insta: RomCruse


ughghost : watched bc you messaged my stan account lmao, subbed bc you look a bit dead inside and seem like u actually have a brain

RAGE-UK Fortbruh : I thought you got terminated or something I couldn’t find you in my sub box Great vid btw

Rien : commentary channels are bad

Alistair Langhorne : Great job man. Much love from Canada!

Diogo cardoso : very good

thashortgirlbex : alright. you got my sub. this is a funny video man. 🤙

Rhys McAuley : Decent mate

Saby : This is too spot on haha

Joe Fairhurst : Great vid

Neil Murray : You forgot about giveaways

Arthur Summers : Another vid another banger

The Ghost : I’m a new commentary/ analysis channel and I think I’m different then the rest. I add my own spin to it. And I promise, I don’t have a reseeding hairline 🤣🤣. Check it out if you have a moment.

Matthew Penfold : Since you made a video in mike Ashley a few months ago I would love to hear your thoughts on the recent news of Rafa leaving Newcastle.