The Last Jedi Trailer But Every Lightsaber Sound Replaced With Owen Wilson Saying Wow

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Ryan George : Wow! Thanks for watching! Follow me on the social medias if you want! Dad.

Dolan Darker : I now have an uncontrollable urge to see someone make the full thing

OUT : huh, you're content is really good. Love the self awareness and acting.

DammitSinged : *What happened to you?*

Howesenberg : Your dad is a real DILF

Sebastian Howard : I'm drunk and this reduced me to tears. Subscribed.

Skrim : I wish my setup was as fancy as yours!

kaatanglove : Nice twist haha, you're not the only one sick of those videos

Nastenkina : actually, man I'm waiting for this trailer - make it, it's pure gold!

sharpy : ' Wow' Nice sketch !

Jellyduck100 : Wow!

JustTake Nohtes : I dont usually comment but this video has caused me to blast my cat out a window in rage and my wife talked back to me so i had to bury her under the porch so good job amazing video

Patrick Buffa : Crazy daddy doesn't let people do things if they don't have homework?

Anonexus : I got an ad for prop lightsabers.

tottle321 : Just found your channel, really good stuff dude, keep it up

Matthew Mazzetti : How do you subscribe to someone multiple times?

OrganicChemistry2 : Sounds like my Dad.. ..I think. I mean, I he went to the grocery store and hasnt returned for dinner yet. This was 31 years ago.

MMedic : This is me irl.

Jamie McCallum : Poor Jason

S Jester : _W O W_

SpongeBob : Wow

Mike Richard : " I have no son".

Jester X : *WOW*

TheGuardDuck : I once knew a guy at my college who indeed had a kind of mental disability. He also was kind of arrogant, and others were theorizing that he must have been spoiled by family because of his mental disability. Why do I bring this up? I once saw him working on a video he was going to upload to Youtube, as he apparently has done many times before. Am I about to say how impressed I was at how intelligent a mentally disabled person can be? No. Not at all. It was literally one of those random, chaotic, memeified, videogame-related mind-fμ©k$ videos that you might lol at, but think "What retard made this?". Well, I knew. I knew what retard made this.

Mr_Buades : Wow...

Dan Hiteshew : Don't tease us like tha! Do the video! You pretty much have to now.

Ramsey Dewey : This is the funniest thing I've seen in ages

Some Random Boi : That "wow" at the end was spot on

Mike Kay : Did you create the Owenenergy channel?

Lillian Swaim : This has now become a running gag between me and my brother. wow

FC Smikkelsquad : Relatable

lray801 : Replacing light saber sounds with Owen Wilson saying "wow" is TIGHT.

Skull Babylon: Neogonzo-Journalist of the Future : hahahah. Classic.

RayFlyer : Your dad looks good for his age. You could be twins.


Patrick Buffa : Fact: Almost no parents make this story up. That occurs if people have no homework.

J M : This is amazing

Benjamin Sherman : that took a direction i didn't expect

D minor Movies : Wait are YOU owenrgy?

jimrox9000 : Lol f***in 101/10 love this and I’m glad I didn’t see the time of the video before clicking it.

jellypig : Wow

gamerguy19981 : "I have no son"

dirty harry1881 : Great text, fantastic delivery and timing.

sean edison sean : wow!super hilarious

mark makes stuff : wow thats pretty good

Perserra : Being disowned is *TIGHT* !

I'm Random : Wow

Tony Kirumba : You're a great writer and actor. Big things coming for Ryan George

saybel night : wow wow wow wow wow wowow

Colin Judge : Every one of these is pure gold. Thank you for not making videos over ten minutes.