Joe Rogan Versus Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Supercut Edition

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Steven Tyler creates a new Aerosmith song live in front of Joe but then things get heated and Steven pulls out a weapon. ****************************************************** Follow me Twitter @pingtr1p Instagram @pingtr1p Facebook @pingtr1p Minds @tripping ****************************************************** Cartoon Pingtr1p Art By Cameron Fielder(subscribe to his channel) ****************************************************** If you are watching and have not already subscribed to powerfulJRE the official channel for the Joe Rogan podcast then what the hell is wrong with you subscribe @ link below Direct link to full Joe Rogan Experience #1116 ****************************************************** *Disclaimer* This is not a true representation of the conversation between Joe Rogan and his guests. This is edited for entertainment and comedic effect and is in no way meant to disparage Joe Rogan and his guests. ******************************************************

Comments from Youtube

Unemployed Mario Yamasaki : "I'm one of those guys that when I leave the house. I say goodbye house!"

SmithingTheNarrative : Pleasantly uncomfortable to watch.

green street : Steven tyler is gary busey weird

bodhi tree : No drugs were harmed in the making of this video.

Chase : Stop doing that thing where you keep singing, nobody wants to hear it anymore!!! Bahahaha

Jeremy Wilson : PINGTR1P, you’re a true artist. This is your best yet and I’m not sure how that’s possible after Paulie Shore

GiroCalcio TV : hahahahaha i didn't even see the part where Steven slashes his own throat during the original podcast

Daniel Johnstone : *hello..* *i invented that*

Peter : this is epic

oompaville : This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen Hahahaha

TheAllSeeingTruth : So this is the evolution of YTP and i love it.

Sarah Manry : When he pulled out the knife Joe's face was perfect

SopranoPictures : He's like the cat from red dwarf

White Lion : Almost as weird as the actual podcast..

DIRTY DEEVZ : The ending made my coffee come out my nose.

Sebastian Howard : I feel like you deserve my money. Quality content.

IRIA : You set a new bar with this one

Buck Rogers : Funny how little editing probably was needed to make it weirder lol

Cam H : HAHAHAHAHA, dude you hit it out of the park on this one 😂

vertsk8er419 : ALL of Joes faces in this were beyond perfect lmao hilarious

Ben Simmons : Play at 0.5x playback speed. Thank me later

SirJesseTheGreat : Yes! I was waiting for this episode, thank you! 😂

CorbCorbin : Wearing the entire closet--Theo Von

Louloe De'Palma : Damn Ping, you just gave Tyler another hit record!

Retro Ranter : Watching this, the realisation hit me..Who are we?...who are we?

cassidy erickson : Steven Tyler is definitely an ex tweaker😂😂😂

karl jonson : This one is fuckin amazing. I love how Joe was in a state of constant question. And the end killed me.

Stephen Seress-Smith : These are always so good. Its a shame you can't make any money from them :(

Road to peace : I just died 😂

Gloth Sang : Doo doo doon doon duh doodle doon do da do-oo

Dominique Z : And the man LOVES opiates

calholli : One of the best yet.

paul1mdrn : Have to watch that episode like now!

SuperNathdog : I'm literally sitting here with tears rolling down my face. You are truly a god amongst men.

Justin Cheeks : Yo Joe Rogan reposted you

GrounghogdoG : Hell yeah, I was waiting for this one!


monty royal : So good! I think Joe is one of your fans Ping. One of his latest episodes he totally used one of your distinct mannerisms

Tad Flexington : This is so epic it will make a guy with alopecia grow a bushel basket of pubes!

CK Ahlquist : This is the most efficient and thorough and elegant data set of contributing variables in regard to Stephen Tyler's hero journey. Beautiful work sir, I commend you.

jon w : 10 seconds In Instant like. Now I've watched This is your masterpiece.

Capt. Cutler : This was actually an accurate representation of this interview. "Did you just call me Steeeeeve?"

Jewish Fly : These are possibly my favorite content on YouTube.

Srh Batman : Solid content man

Nick Mattio : It was a magical Wonka adventure lol

Jimmy Goodman : MAGNIFICO!

ProudNothing : Good-bye house

Collins SP : Brilliant!

Medieval Dead : Damn good work Ping! That was one of the best ones so far.