Joe Rogan Versus Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Supercut Edition

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Jeb Bush : *goodbye house*

green street : Steven tyler is gary busey weird

SopranoPictures : He's like the cat from red dwarf

GiroCalcio TV : hahahahaha i didn't even see the part where Steven slashes his own throat during the original podcast

SmithingTheNarrative : Pleasantly uncomfortable to watch.

oompaville : This is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen Hahahaha

Unemployed Mario Yamasaki : "I'm one of those guys that when I leave the house. I say goodbye house!"

Chase : Stop doing that thing where you keep singing, nobody wants to hear it anymore!!! Bahahaha

bodhi tree : No drugs were harmed in the making of this video.

Jeremy Wilson : PINGTR1P, you’re a true artist. This is your best yet and I’m not sure how that’s possible after Paulie Shore

Daniel Johnstone : *hello..* *i invented that*

White Lion : Almost as weird as the actual podcast..

TheAllSeeingTruth : So this is the evolution of YTP and i love it.

Peter : this is epic

Sarah Manry : When he pulled out the knife Joe's face was perfect

DIRTY DEEVZ : The ending made my coffee come out my nose.

Sebastian Howard : I feel like you deserve my money. Quality content.

Buck Rogers : Funny how little editing probably was needed to make it weirder lol

Ben Simmons : Play at 0.5x playback speed. Thank me later

IRIA : You set a new bar with this one

Cam H : HAHAHAHAHA, dude you hit it out of the park on this one 😂

vertsk8er419 : ALL of Joes faces in this were beyond perfect lmao hilarious

SirJesseTheGreat : Yes! I was waiting for this episode, thank you! 😂

Stephen Seress-Smith : These are always so good. Its a shame you can't make any money from them :(

Louloe De'Palma : Damn Ping, you just gave Tyler another hit record!

CorbCorbin : Wearing the entire closet--Theo Von

Road to peace : I just died 😂

CK Ahlquist : This is the most efficient and thorough and elegant data set of contributing variables in regard to Stephen Tyler's hero journey. Beautiful work sir, I commend you.

paul1mdrn : Have to watch that episode like now!

Gloth Sang : Doo doo doon doon duh doodle doon do da do-oo

Retro Ranter : Watching this, the realisation hit me..Who are we?...who are we?

Dominique Z : And the man LOVES opiates

Justin Cheeks : Yo Joe Rogan reposted you

cassidy erickson : Steven Tyler is definitely an ex tweaker😂😂😂


monty royal : So good! I think Joe is one of your fans Ping. One of his latest episodes he totally used one of your distinct mannerisms

SuperNathdog : I'm literally sitting here with tears rolling down my face. You are truly a god amongst men.

ProudNothing : Good-bye house

Jeremy Larsen : This is so epic it will make a guy with alopecia grow a bushel basket of pubes!

goddins mcthunderwood : Dude it's not funny unless you edit the video. Thumbs downed.

calholli : One of the best yet.

Nick Mattio : It was a magical Wonka adventure lol

GrounghogdoG : Hell yeah, I was waiting for this one!

Mineav : The crazy thing is, the real podcast was even more insane than this.

Dustin Churchman : Fantastic!

K. Murakami : Genius

karl jonson : This one is fuckin amazing. I love how Joe was in a state of constant question. And the end killed me.

Daniel James : Don't do drugs kids.

Srh Batman : Solid content man

Ray Der : I did just go away for a minute, didn't I? Sweet jesus, he's a mental crime scene.