Africa (Toto) on Harpejji G16 by Mathieu Terrade.

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bien Flores : wow. 1 hater. how can you hate this?

Timmeyto Soup | (Timmifutzelchen) : Hope these things become popular and thus affordable someday. I don't like the way you play a regular guitar. I play the piano and I loved learning Violin and Saxophone, but I had a day 1 beef with the guitar. This seems like it would be the "guitar for pianists".

DJFox211 : This is amazing! Very well done and I hope they become popular, and cheaper one day. I sure as hell can't afford it but I'd like to. Would you be willing to do a version of Final Fantasy13 "Eternal Love"? I think it'd be amazing to hear on a Harpejji, and this is your best video of things like this. So well done, thank you for such a piece.

BECKY BARTON : Im getting crazy abou this! Ive got a misshapen little finger that won't let me play guitar anymore. THIS is what I need!

Donk Rubbler : It's like the Stick, only better!

CabbitSD : I can't even listen to the original now.

Marco Billi : ma quando mai ti vedi strumenti"fuori dai canoni classico comderni",ho provato a suonare la marimba(carina),lo xilofono,conosciuto come glockenglispel(non lo so pronunciare),mi piacerebbe che tanti di noi imparassimo a suonare strumenti diversi dai soliti,sarebbe una bella esperienza (questo harpejj lo trovo curioso) by M.B.S(Marko Billy Sam)

WalkaCrookedLine : A harp, a guitar, and a piano had a three-way, their lovechild became known as the harpejji. Mathieu's cover of "Africa" is outstanding, really makes me want to jump up and dance.

Tom DREVET : Formidable

Bjorn Bols : Awesome playing

Jeffy Jeff : Nice!

Larry Ford : Awesome talent!

Mad Scientist Mike : 200th like :)

Matt Winstead : Wow, I was thinking the same exact thing. No longer can I hear the original ever again as the poster before me said.

Tremolux Man : I'd love to hear you kick up the reverb and crank out some Surf classics.

The Ryan's Den : Stunning....saw this as a suggested view on Facebook....very cool!

Bill : I think it's cool and all, but I have to say that it sounds a lot like a clavinet but seems to be much harder to play. I'm kind of thinking, _why not just play a clavinet_?

Laclock Bulok : Magnifique !! j'adore :D

Sandra Bargery : Wonderful still waiting for a lotto win though - sigh

Greg Jones : Hey Mathieu, I am impressed, not only with this but with all of your work.   Does the secondary layer proceed throughout the piece or is there a point at which you continue without the recorded second layer?  My Harpejji should be here within the next two months.

Scarsbass : I wonder how in the world he mutes the strings he's not playing... must be painfully hard keeping the other strings from resonating

Jerry CKeys : Great  !  Got to get me one !

John Manosca : That bass tho

Ostiole : Beautiful, sounds a little bit like an 8-bit game! Cool :)

Anaga! : this is so awesome keep it up!!!

Jade Walker : HIT THAT MF LIKE

JKDMan2000 : holy shit dude

keith mahone : Fantastic rendition. Very full and nuanced.

Zayden unicorn : What's the cheapest I can buy one of these at? I might try an order one through my local music store since my dad knows the owners and I get a discount from them since I inherited the music talent

Scott Karan : How does this not have 15 million views? Banger.

Benjamin Liles : You know I find this instrument truly amazing! I can play this on guitar, but this looks like artwork to me! If I had a webcam I'd show off my playing skills, but I do not. This takes a great deal of skill, however, and I am very impressed. Keep it up, Matthieu! Great video.

Charles Ostman : Remarkably well done

Greg Kosic : Very cool & talented musician. Thanks for that! Cheers.

Anton Rengers : Brilliant!

Gaetano Maisto : 😍

Janet Arnold : Rosanna was way better, but I love the instrument!

Dracopol : This is awesome. The melodiousness of 70s rock but on this harpejji job! I'd give you a thumbs-up but I'm afraid of where on the board it would land...

Connor Amlee : I love these instruments, but I'm curious: how much flexibility can you get in volume expression? it seems like it would have a limited volume just because you're directly hitting the string; there isn't much range for it to be quiet, and the loudness would be stopped by the limited distance you can push the string. Can a player tell me that I'm wrong?

white rhino : you play well and i dont know what song you are playing but its awesome

timaeus22222 : I sang this in high school! :D

Ilya Gnezdin : Super

Ilya Gnezdin : Super

Charlie Janto : 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Lulubelle Padieu : It's my favorite song, thank you for playing it, I can listen to it over and over <3

Wesley Wagner : Make an acoustic one!

Hendra Widjaja : 4 haters?

Ray Murphy : Mind blowing!!! great job++++

crazy meli : Eeeehm just wow!! :-) Wonderfull!

KoomieTheFool : would you be willing (and If you've done this already, I apologize) play "Send me an Angel" by Scorpion?

Marija šivak : Prekrasno!