How To Make Fruit Cake

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ChadWithaJ : Followed these exact instructions and it came out great! 10/10 recommend :)

Duru : Before 31 seconds everything was normal ._.

Gentleman : I honestly thought this was just going to be a normal cooking video. Then I saw the channel name.

Lain : I have anger issues after watching this

Mango Soda : Don't worry the shovel and fire was expired

Nerea Marín : Better not let him cook Christmas dinner

amazing.mark.septic.pie.isnotonfire : they all start out so innocent... and normal... then shIT HITS THE FAN

Anthony M : Oh god how much money in food has he wasted lol

Trevor C. : The poor toilet

Mrs. ChubbyHands : Omg, Good Lord, I love this guy.

Nat Cat : I feel like some day he's going to troll us all and make a normal video....

AviramicKaramick : okay, you did the cake real great and after you stared to destroy that why😞

Diana P.L : i forgot this was how to basic

LeCarnage : Anyone else thinking HowToBasic is FilthyFrank? The sounds of their voices are very similar.

Some Random Person : I like to pretend I've never been to his channel and watch his videos hoping for something innocent.

Raphael Phua : I thought this was an ACTUAL FRUITCAKE RECIPE. What did I just watch!?

Hawk 09 : I thought this was real. What is this?

BUTTER FINGERS Destniy 2 : Damm lot of fruit am I right or am I right

Dank Man : At the end of the video it looks like you ate Taco Bell and had an explosive shit

Endercraft : my grandma made it the same way

Mohd Ws : we need to think for a second. there's a hungry people in world and this dump ass play with it

Briana Soto : What did I just watch....🤔

Blaze360 03 : What will happen if the police came to his house when he was doing this 😄👦🏼

ELS 189 : Wait... so now he uses 2 hands

whatever : Thank you for this informative and educational video!

Nath : At first i thought "Where's the violence? Where is the excesive amount of eggs? Where's the fire?" And then I was like "Oh...there is it...still funny"

Asa Noble : Music?


Kianna Harris : SONG???

TheRubbaRazza : Okay, who gave HowToBasic fire?

Stick Figure! : No wonder people hate fruitcakes... exposed...

Yoga gates : 18000 - 20000 children die everyday of starvation. please dont waste food like that.

Bastian Saez Peña : 0:56 XDXDXDXD

Damiri Damiri : This is how i make cake for my enemy for having birthday0:32

Michel Fernald : How To Basic is the guy in math that buys 64 oranges. 😂😂

Dandy Apples : That scared me

Roblox 4 Lif3 : *Thats enuff internet for one hundred years* *(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

MM03 : He gets fire involved now damn

Wena Cabro : comienza en el segundo 0:31 :v

Jake Allen : I am no cooking expert, but I think that is to much fruit.

Shania Thieler : what is that song in the beginning?

hazem mohamed : حرام دي نعمه ربنه

the real Overflo : no wonder he doesent have a room mate

Dra-Aluxe : HowToBasic using fire? what could possibly go wrong? :D

Zach Daniels : okay I don't think that's how fruit cake is made!.

Michelle Antelo : That moment when you're just waiting for him to start doing his thing...

RANDOM MADMAN : What am I doing with my life?

The bisexual atheist : I followed the steps I got kicked out of my flat

iBNKSY : I know, deep down, he's an actual good cook

KingGeorgeV's Kingdom : So wastedul