How To Make Fruit Cake

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ChadWithaJ : Followed these exact instructions and it came out great! 10/10 recommend :)

Duru : Before 31 seconds everything was normal ._.

Gentleman : I honestly thought this was just going to be a normal cooking video. Then I saw the channel name.

Lain : I have anger issues after watching this

Mango Soda : Don't worry the shovel and fire was expired

Michel Fernald : How To Basic is the guy in math that buys 64 oranges. 😂😂

that bitch : they all start out so innocent... and normal... then shIT HITS THE FAN

Some Random Person : I like to pretend I've never been to his channel and watch his videos hoping for something innocent.

Trevor C. : The poor toilet

Mrs. ChubbyHands : Omg, Good Lord, I love this guy.

Nerea Marín : Better not let him cook Christmas dinner

Anthony M : Oh god how much money in food has he wasted lol

AviramicKaramick : okay, you did the cake real great and after you stared to destroy that why😞

LeCarnage : Anyone else thinking HowToBasic is FilthyFrank? The sounds of their voices are very similar.

Diana P.L : i forgot this was how to basic

Raphael Phua : I thought this was an ACTUAL FRUITCAKE RECIPE. What did I just watch!?

Dank Man : At the end of the video it looks like you ate Taco Bell and had an explosive shit

Stick Figure! : No wonder people hate fruitcakes... exposed...

Hawk 09 : I thought this was real. What is this?

BUTTER FINGERS Destniy 2 : Damm lot of fruit am I right or am I right

Abotarek Alhouri : يارب يارب يارب يالله يارب يارب يارب يالله يارب يارب يارب يالله . اللهم ربي لا حول لنا ولا قوة الا بك اللهم يارب العالمين سلط على هذا الانسان عذابا غليظا مريرا صعبا عسيرا يارب العرش العظيم .. رب يا نور السماوات والأرض اسألك ان تدخله نارا لا رجعة له منها اسألك ان تدخله نارا لا شربةً فيها ولا ظل فيها ولا راحة فيها يارب العالمين 😢💔 . أطفال سوريا وفلسطين والمساكين يشتهون نعمةً من الله فأنظروا ماذا يفعل هاذا بنعمة ربي 😢💔 . لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله .. ادعوا عليه يا جماعة 😢💔

Black Manta : Wait... so now he uses 2 hands


whatever : Thank you for this informative and educational video!

Briana Soto : What did I just watch....🤔

Nath : At first i thought "Where's the violence? Where is the excesive amount of eggs? Where's the fire?" And then I was like "Oh...there is it...still funny"

Kianna Harris : SONG???

Asa Noble : Music?

Dra-Aluxe : HowToBasic using fire? what could possibly go wrong? :D

Bastian Saez Peña : 0:56 XDXDXDXD

yanderi Mtz : esa fruta se la pudo saber comido un niño d afica OK no 😁😁😁😁

Dandy Apples : That scared me

the real Overflo : no wonder he doesent have a room mate

Endercraft : my grandma made it the same way

xX- Baztiian -Xx : comienza en el segundo 0:31 :v

Damiri Damiri : This is how i make cake for my enemy for having birthday0:32

VALN : ¿Which is the name of the song of the start?

Roblox 4 Lif3 : *Thats enuff internet for one hundred years* *(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

Gerardo Cuadros Tito : Ese tacho se lo pudieron aver comido los niños de africa v:

Aireanna Wachal : this is my first htb video...and.....I'm scared...I just wanted to make a fruit cake XD

200hennry200 : I ended up watching some of his first videos and he has changed his videos so much. I love the addition of fire, makes things pretty xD

Jake Allen : I am no cooking expert, but I think that is to much fruit.

Nat Cat : I feel like some day he's going to troll us all and make a normal video....

KingGeorgeV's Kingdom : So wastedul

Zach Daniels : okay I don't think that's how fruit cake is made!.

SV Strohmaier : My mom thought this was a legit how to make fruit cake vid but then ummmmm I don't know what to explain to her

Sona : حسبي الله عليك يا تبن استغفر الله واتوب اليه بس

MM03 : He gets fire involved now damn

cathy2000 : Yep tastes just like fruit cake!😊

Sniffles : You were doing great but...