EuroTrip. Exchange rate
EuroTrip Exchange rate

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XBarajasX : Venezuela right now

burnzy3210 : ben shapiro was in eurotrip?

Wook Sound : Lol definitely the best scene

Elif Kurt : Türkiye’ye gelince amerikalılar lol

Mongler37 : Me when I visit Canada.

Voldymort : is that the guy from Ghostfacers?

MrDepressed : The face of the waiter always warms my cold broken stone hard hearth

El Zuga : When you travel to Argentina.

jojojorisjhjosef : Europe? must be Europa you're talking about.

leo : Yakında biz

ARKHAM ASYLUM2016 : Are they for real over there with the nickel mates

Mustafa Akay : ISTANBUL

Alfie TFMR : Venezuela