Helicopter Lands On A Ship In A Terrifying Storm

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Steven Brennick : I think I will stick to video games.

Richard Terry : Wow! Astounding piloting skills! I love these type of videos, keep em coming!

ngatimozart : It's not a terrifying storm. Why the bullshit description. It's a bunch of roughers that happen at sea that require the aircrew use their skills to safely recover aboard and the flight deck crew to secure the helo, that's all. You train for shit like that.

kim pirihi : That's why they get the big bucks

Dave : talk about a sphincter shrinker......

OokTiaopi : 0:20 i think he pressed the RTH Button... That's cheating.

ACommonError123 : That's a real skill right there.

Alecks1990 : balls to you

Dave Boyer : skills big time

Teddyballgame : It is amazing the helicopter can lift off with the pilot's balls being so big . Mad skills for the crew on the helicopter ... RESPECT !!!

danahan01 : Yeah, that's some pretty serious hand, eye, leg, elbows, knees, fingers, ankle and wrist coordination going on there. I'll bet there was a stiff jigger of Akvavit waiting for him after debriefing..............

Mountain Man3 : crazy shit no thank you.

SheepdogX : H60 at its finest! Sat in the back of more than a a couple of these landings, night time landings have the ultimate pucker factor. Thanks for this share, brought back many memories!

FirstToken : Sure would be nice to have RAST.

Homefront : Holy Crap!

MARIA Diomar : Fantástico!

The zerastora : British steal nothing out of the ordinary here.

xXRambodianXx : 😦

MrHeadSet1 : the most gangsta shit ever

ed riv : call of duty 4?

Montiro : Give that pilot a medal!

TecSationce : 1 mistake and kaboom. well done!

alexandru mateescu : cape town

Mark Sixsmith : Around 00:59 he (I assume the pilot) says ''... a moderate buffer...' Yeah, just a gentle breeze... Amazing.

Fernando Garcia : Stainless steel balls.

kapahi15 : skills!

Ecco Sabanovic : ..pilot is ace..very well done..

Rocket Man : this was literally crazy

Millennium Man : Wow cool stuff!

Mark Kozak : Nice job

Shaffye : and I get rattly when the plane lands.. this guys literally landing on a moving target