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Ms. Woodard : Felt like i had a whole conversation but i didn't get a chance to say nothing 🔥

Adam Johnson : rapping for 10 minutes straight is one thing, but doing it with this intensity and complexity is literally the most impressive thing I've seen a rapper do in my 29 years of living.

Blerd Without Fear : Ya'll just witnessed 10 minutes of straight up pure, uncut, unadulterated, USDA approved, hot dragon fire spit! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mohammed Iddi : These 10min made me make weird noises like the creatr in shape of water.....BBBAAARRSSSS

carcrash714 : I still watch this at least twice a day. You really can't appreciate how deep his lyrics are until you hear them several times. This is truly a masterpiece.

chris melendez : Flex needs to bronze that mic and donate it to the Smithsonian.

CAL03GAMING : My man was sweating from rapping, that’s insane.

Emerson Herndon : Fire. I love older rappers that still rap. This is great. Common next.

miss_hannah_emily x : He a legend the roots are legends

John Doe : im Mexican but i made my 10 year old son read the bars and helped him on parts he didn't understand.....a week later he asked me "dad have you heard 75 bars by black thought?" i swear it brought tears to my eyes. this is more than a freestyle. this is an alarm clock waking up the youth from lean and pills. REAL HIP-HOP!!!!!

Crip52Crazy : No Slip-Ups, Stumbles, No *Hold on Flex let me get it bacc* Just straight Bars!!!..... Youngins pay attention this Boy was Droppin' Jewels this what Hip Hop/ Rap is about my G's

Seamus Harvey : Hundreds of thousands of people watch this guy perform every night on Jimmy Fallon and probably have no idea he's one of the best lyricists to ever do it

Rory Monkey : One of the best freestyles I've ever heard. Word

thecheesburgler : I'm on a higher tier with people gettin' money like the financier Catch the herald I'm fresh chopped and beveled Rap on a doctorate level, so F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Admiral : He shall proceed & continue to rock the mic...long live Black Thought in my top 10 since Roots do you want more album

RJ Snow : I'm suing Black Thought for third degree burns to my ears.

Jay : "As babies we went from Similac and Enfamil To the internet and Fentanyl When all consent was still against the will I got that detox for y'all The microphone doctor, black Deepak Chopra" MMAAAAANNN LISTEN!!!!!!!!!

Yussef Gilkey : I don't know what I just witnessed but my life won't be the same. Funny thing is some of us have had over 20 years listening to this man and watching his evolution. "You in a tournament with a permanent crease" He let loose at 8:40 forward >>> "you in the residency of the one they call/ king dola ali baba the talented Mr. Trotter inside of my right palm the mark of the stig-matta" .....zoned

John Doe : if hip-hop was a subject in school this would be an advanced class

Noah Sims : This is a man who put in his 10,000 hours and mastered his craft

Anthony McLean : I have lost all respect for Black Thought. How could the man do that to an innocent microphone? What did that microphone ever do to him!? And what about all the other rappers that wanted a chance to shine? He ruined it for everyone. Who wants to step to the mic after what he just did!? Funk Flex is gonna have a lot of rappers calling in sick after that one.

Monroe Thompkins : Ladies and gentleman this is the Art of Emceeing!, breathe control, cadence, wordplay, doing the knowledge, clear concise rhymes with clear enunciation! This is my favorite freestyle ever and I've heard countless bars by dope mcs, but this is verbal calisthenics at a premium grade level!! Black thought=Premium Grade God level mc'ing!!!!


G.A.B. : "Vivid as the walls on a graph autographed by the Lord of Wrath. I reside between the secs on a chronograph How much more CB4 can we afford? It's like a Shariah Law on My Cherie Amor"...OMG!!!

Connor MUFC : This is the best Freestyle in hip hop history

derrick vaughan : My IQ went up 89% listening to this brotha sheeeeeesh

CAL03GAMING : Jesus.

Phatsaxxz : His mind must be a labyrinth

Josia Schellenberg : I am a walking affirmation that imagination, focus and patience get you closer to your aspirations. Black thought goat.

Travis McNair : Pre-Kardashian Kanye?! Wow!! #black rumble young man rumble! #youngGod #royalty

PMdre Fitness : All in one take. Wow! Real rap right here!

YEE EEGZ : I listen to this every day and still discover new things about it every time.

Micah Pitts : Nobody or nothin fuckin wit Riq!!

BlackMarvellous : Pure fire 🔥

Luis Fernandez : This MF possessed... 39 years of my life writing and critiquing rap music this is epic masterpiece quality delivery and lyrics

Mello Music Group : Respect.

Emerson Herndon : Vietnamally. That's a one word bar.

Double The Money : Rumor has it NYPD arrested Black thought on charges of 1st degree murder on the mic

Bill Bixby : From 8:30 it gets really REALLY fucking hype guys.

KiXxSo Dope : Black thought is the reason why T’challa saved wakanda! WAKANDA 4 EVER!!!

Luke James : That breath control though GOD DAMN! And look at Flex - his life is flashing before his eyes lol @5:28

Keith Nkeze : he ain't waste no time starting

Marcus Burns : it's got to be the best thing i've ever seen on youtube

Goofey ButReal : Black Thought was breathtakingly phenomenal.

TMINUS NYC : This was freestyle #087 but it should be renamed #187 because it's a straight assassination to the entire freestyle game.

Kenny 92 : at this point ...I come back and listen to this like an actual song

suckmyflick : Took a golf cart to the Baccarat from the Waldorf. What was on the wall? That depend on what you call art. I'ma say 300k ain't even in the ballpark. I charge more just for awkward small talk.

Yoonz22 : This mofo makes the legends sound wack smh

L0C0OO7 : Okay I just realized that people don't care that these gentlemen are actually not freestyling. I am really getting tired of people calling written raps freestyles. This is a great statement but not a freestyle.

Pac Man Jones : Damn he made the content of the new wave seem so adolescent with just one freestyle