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Crip52Crazy : No Slip-Ups, Stumbles, No *Hold on Flex let me get it bacc* Just straight Bars!!!..... Youngins pay attention this Boy was Droppin' Jewels this what Hip Hop/ Rap is about my G's

392 Horseplay : I keep coming back to “watch” & “listen” to a true M.C. at work. Black Thought slices through this beat with precision like a samurai at battle! I keep asking myself 3 questions. 1.How did he do this? 2. How did he do this?? 3. How did he do this??? And my man went in so hard that he started sweating while sitting down slaying the beat! Cats stand, run, and dance on stand stage with nursery rhymes and still don’t sweat like this! 🐐

George Bonis : Dude broke a sweat trying to restore a lot of people's faith in the rap scene. Well done.

chris melendez : I actually feel sorry for thought. Being stuck here on Earth with us mortals must suck.

Michael Young : Been playing this daily since December. People dont understand...1) hes been this nice since day 1. 2) to even memorize something this lengthy would still have 99.9%stutter, slip or forget. 3) his breath control is UNREAL. no gasping or drawing for air that was louder than his words. 4) it's just plain dope and a story from beginning to end. The subtle and direct disses are smooth and effortless. " how much more cb4 can we afford" nuff said

Ms. Woodard : Felt like i had a whole conversation but i didn't get a chance to say nothing 🔥

DocM : This is what Hip Hop sounds like, jesus christ🔥🔥 put respect on this man's name, guys a lyrical wizard, top 10 mc, if not 5!

mazemir1 : I cant name a rapper who can top this. My personal favorites won't even come close, damn this was a masterclass!

Slashoom : 1.8k rappers got murdered by an apex predator

Channel Jay : 227 bars 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

derrick vaughan : My IQ went up 89% listening to this brotha sheeeeeesh

Tony Teepot : "They tried to catch me and brand me on my cheek with a fleur de lis"... thats what they did to male slaves in Louisiana. That bar is so deep. After my 100th session still diggin up gems

Lucas Carvalho : "Maybe I'm the new Rakim, maybe I'm fat Pharaohe Undergarments or armor be my intimate apparel Pre-Kardashian Kanye, my rhymeplay immaculate Same cadence as D.O.C. pre-accident" WOWWWWW

The Black Muad'Dib : God flow.

Red Kan : this is one of the best freestyles ever and why i listen to rap music 90s respect

PMdre Fitness : All in one take. Wow! Real rap right here!

Healthy With Hilary : WOW

Alex Lewis : "I ain't one of y'all peers, I'm the sum of all fears" best line

Dramasquared : This why I can't listen to todays top 40 hip hop. When you come from the era of mic dominance, similies & metaphors, multiple rhymes within the same bar, and catchy hooks you dismiss the bulk of garbage that sells today. Thank you Black Thought for repping hip hop's heyday. Long live The Roots!

Chris Masamune : Fun Fact: Black Thought popped the Limitless Pill right before he did this

Mello Music Group : Respect.

Grayfire78 : “If a black man/ dont tap dance, and every girl that got fat booty/ dont lap dance, then somethin wrong? “ Amazing! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 Kudos to Black Thought. This was ill.

P.O.E. : Legend says he's still freestyling today

Adrian Reeves : "I step inside the booth and I'm a bull inside a china shop".

Joff J-K : “I am a walking affirmation that imagination and focus and patience will get you closer to your aspirations” so sick!

Kenny 92 : at this point ...I come back and listen to this like an actual song

SP Inc : Voted #1 Freestyle of [ any year ]

BW 5000 : Best Funk Flex freestyle ever!

Marlon Contreras : Ok... This is easily my 20th time watching this since it dropped last year. It’s safe to say that Black Thought is not human. In fact, he was sent here to Earth by his father Jor-El from the planet Krypton as a beacon of hope for all humanity... WOOOOOOWWWW! #Top5DeadOrAlive

NIMMHATV Rap Beats : Thought, i always KNEW you are is was and will be one of the best ever to bless the mic and bless hip-hop! He doesnt only have the SKILLS he also brings up the 5th element while spitting, spitting pure WISDOM/KNOWLEDGE while dropping bars that make you friggle up youre face or be like WHAAAT or just laugh. If y'all people EVER get to go to a ROOTS show, DO IT! I heard they are one of the best live bands that hip-hop has.

chris melendez : Flex needs to bronze that mic and donate it to the Smithsonian.

michael vieira : Nobody should go up to 97 after that vicious lyrical display! If you think you a rapper you gotta go to the black thought Harvard university school of flow!!!!! You come up there come correct.

SNK Traducciones : "I am a walking affirmation, that imagination And focus and patience gets you closer to your aspiration" -Black Thought

A.R. Orr : july 2018 anyone?

gotf : Hip hop is one of the greatest art forms to ever exist. You don’t believe me, watch this?

Luke James : That breath control though GOD DAMN! And look at Flex - his life is flashing before his eyes lol @5:28

Fla boy 954 : I see ppl freestyle all the time but I never see this type so basically I have been lied to for years so next time somebody say yoo you hear such-and-such snap on that track I'm going to say no have you watched on YouTube Black Thought on Funk Flex so next time you try to let me hear garbage I would just redirect you to YouTube and watch black thought thank you for saving me black thought this will be on my playlist

Gideon Ohene : How come the veterans in the game still got bars and these new rappers ain't got none?

Jahmal Drummond : "Yours truly, the celestial being/ You stay seein' me pullin' up in a fresh European/ Hot steppin' out of it, dressed to a "T" and/ Not another got more Soul/Seoul unless you Korean.... He went IIINNNNNN'!!

Geoffrey Taylor : Breath 🌬️ control God like, not to mention he spitting nothing but 🌍🌫️🔥

Anthony McLean : I have lost all respect for Black Thought. How could the man do that to an innocent microphone? What did that microphone ever do to him!? And what about all the other rappers that wanted a chance to shine? He ruined it for everyone. Who wants to step to the mic after what he just did!? Funk Flex is gonna have a lot of rappers calling in sick after that one.

Darrin Boone : Black Thought pulled the sword out of the stone with this one.

tayvaun miller : Omg 😵💪 his breathing technique is unbelievable

Harlem IntheBuildn : 5 Million views in 6 months on June 15th, 2018 Friday. This Is Truly Impressive. Hip Hop Still Lives Here -- Ain't Going Nowhere. Shout Out To Black Thought for Elevating The Bar for the past half year. I truly enjoy listening to this Freestyle Each Day & I never got tired of it.

Jiezhang Jzmobee : Is this Tariq from the Roots?

RealRecognizeRealMusic : This is what the rap culture needs to see/hear

Thomas Campbell : "Go through the veins, to the brain fabulous and strange my journalistic range is a catalyst for change" DAMN!

marcus henry : He kills eminem

millenialbroadcast : LEGENDARY!

Andre Summers : 5:29 Is when things stopped being funny for's when flex realized he might be witnessing history....