Passed by Free Solo Climber - Dark Shadows, Red Rocks, Neveda

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Logan Seacrest : My palms are sweating just watching this.

Michael Westermann : Yeah one of these days he's gonna pass you on the way down too.

MuhammadAli_GOAT : This what happens when you have a bank balance of 0.00 and in debt

Derek Read : Can't fool me. This is filmed sideways. These guys are crawling along the floor.😁😁😁

Top 10 Archive : Nuckin' Futs.

Max Maker : Looks like a fairly easy route but this is still batshit crazy.

Alex : I love it when someone finger fucks the mic on their overrated GoPro. Turns me on.

beys- : came here from 3 skinny black dudes stealing meat from 15 lions... i see no difference between videos

Terrance Adrian : I don't get it to be perfectly honest. Why risk your life and the lives of anybody climbing below you like that? Why choose not to use safety equipment? Do they think the law of averages do not apply to them because sooner or later it WILL go wrong. One crumbly ledge or damp hand hold is all it takes and there's no coming back from it.

cv600rr : He doesn't even say hello. I guess there's snobs in every hobby.

Finlay Martins : Wonder why you never see any retired free climbers

Nug OfGold : ****Ezio Auditore da Firenze.****

Bobby Mcgee : free climbers sometime passes you going down,,except a lot faster

04dram04 : I think this guy reached enlightenment

Dejion Jon : I wouldn't want to be climbing below him...

Brandon Johnson : Yeah... that’s a big ol’ bottle of nope-sauce for me.

chris77777777ify : He probably climbed it so many times. The idea he just climbs any cliff first time without a rope is gullible & dumb

Johnny Chen : When you’re fixing up your mic and it makes that cracking sound, it gives me a heart attack, as though something has slipped!! And you’re about to fall!!!!!!

Lazy Wizard : Peter Parker? Not even a hello...

A. Willman : Amazing how he climbs so gracefully considering the weight of his giant balls.

Grumpy : Wait, so he’s just climbing that mountain knowing that he’ll die if he falls?

Oliver Smith : Walks up a vertical wall...

Victor Gandumba : IMO the guy should pick a different route... What if he falls? Take down the other climbers is more than likely in that route... Not cool at all

Jin Phachit : Whats his name? I want to buy him life insurance and put myself as the beneficiary!

Joe Masello : Where's his parachute?

Ricardo Cortez Douglas : Not Alex Honnold

Trev Barlow : Is it common for climbers to be a bit autistic? Cuz they didn't even greet each other or make eye contact.

Hot Liner : Uhhhm if he falls he could kill both of you as well.. I would call this not cool, putting others at risk for your own rush, surely there are other lines...

POC Skellington : This should be in the dictionary under - BIG COJONES

CesiumSalami : Whenever I get passed by someone free soloing - I basically freeze. I'm petrified that I'll sneeze, slip, cough, or breathe too hard and make them fall. Then ... blood on my hands, yanno : /

Szab S. : I don't know about the exact rules of climbing, but I think it to be quite stupid and unfair to free solo a route, where others are already climbing. It's one thing he risks his own life, but risking others' lives is a whole another story.

Ricardo L. : This guy values his life so little that he decides to risk it over meaningless things.

Ashmad Olayadiha : One mistake and you gone. It's not worth it

Greg Petliski : Why is he passing you and making you wait in an uncomfortable looking stance instead of waiting for you to get to the next belay? Passing a follower while they are climbing is fine but a leader is a different story. Coming from someone who also free solos.

gobgrobglobgrod : it's seriously like watching a rare animal in the wild, just how gracefully and quietly he goes about it. also the video is so clear and it's nice

Gaurav Gupta : Aliens are here! 🤫🤫

1959xerox 1959xerox : He didn't say "hello" :-(

Tom For : 0:44 that sound made me poop my pants.

Fake Thumbnail : I find it utterly amazing that a path actually exists for someone to climb that particular mountain ⛰

Jo Daddy's Garage :

Dev Eagle : That was awesome. You were very respectful of him, knowing one wrong move would be his last. I could tell when he was above you, that you were hesitant to start climbing, knowing he could either fall on you, or your rope swinging above you could cause him to fall.

Ian Freeman : This guy can clearly climb but he has just lost so much respect here. Genuinely so rude and ignorant to climb a route that others are on and clearly done more to to 'pose' in front of others rather than chose another route which he so easily could have done. Not saying hello is also unbelievably rude and conceited. Also he is putting others in danger - not so much from falling on them (probably very unlikely!) but from dislodging a stone when high above them. Also unlikely but simply not necessary and if you've ever seen the mess a small stone can make of a helmet or flesh then you'd understand. If he'd asked to pass me then I'd have declined - if he's that good he can easily reverse and find another route. Alternatively if he passed I'd make sure I spoke to him - something like 'Hi - great isn't it? Do you also walk onto the tennis court when someone else is playing?'

CH #11 : seems kind of dangerous for someone to free climb around other people but w/e I don't climb

zigZagz TwitchTV : *all the sudden, what you are doing looks safe* compared to what he's doing *geesh*

ron l : *NOPE*

captain pancho : I hope that's a parachute he's wearing

ceedaddy : I don't know why but that just doesn't look fun to me...I think I'll stay on the ground....!!!!

Lekok : Falling must feel like those dream where you fall from a building or something.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : The definition of "balls of steel"

Max Lee : Damn why didn't he help you climb by setting the rope higher for you guys. What a rude free climber. Besides he could use your ropes when he fell.