Passed by Free Solo Climber - Dark Shadows, Red Rocks, Neveda

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Logan Seacrest : My palms are sweating just watching this.

Dejion Jon : I wouldn't want to be climbing below him...

jack krichillski : True Story: Was top roping a couple 5.11s at a local spot in NC, i get down from a route and hear rustling in the woods behind me. A man about mid 60s early 70s walks out of the wood wearing hiking boots and some jeans. He walks up to the route i sent (a hard 11) and solos it in under 2 minutes... rip ego

Top 10 Archive : Nuckin' Futs.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : The definition of "balls of steel"

Michael Westermann : Yeah one of these days he's gonna pass you on the way down too.

GhostLaughingMan : He may have been fast but you'll get to climb more rocks then him

OGRaven Wolf2 : His secret is that his balls are so damn huge they have their own gravitational pull making the cliff suction to him.

Samus Marin : How can he carry the weight of his massive balls!?

Joe Masello : Where's his parachute?

ig2d : Not even a "Good Afternoon"

beys- : came here from 3 skinny black dudes stealing meat from 15 lions... i see no difference between videos

Flinch : Very sporting. Free climbers should not be made to hang about - let them pass. [Did you pack a helmet, though?]

Parabellum : All fun and games until you miss step or slip, then you're dead.

Jo Daddy's Garage :

Terrance Adrian : I don't get it to be perfectly honest. Why risk your life and the lives of anybody climbing below you like that? Why choose not to use safety equipment? Do they think the law of averages do not apply to them because sooner or later it WILL go wrong. One crumbly ledge or damp hand hold is all it takes and there's no coming back from it.

Alex : I love it when someone finger fucks the mic on their overrated GoPro. Turns me on.

Norman Zain : I've never climbed in my life. This seems very irresponsible. Not only endangering his life but the lives of the other climbers. Also, how selfish, no thought of his family or friends with the effect his death would have? Then again, I've never climbed and i don't know the guy. Maybe he wants to die and maybe the other climbers like him risking his life and maybe his family doesn't care about him so maybe this is all JUST PERFECT. ..yall realise he's not harnessed in right? Lol

z1522 : There are all sorts of displays of poor etiquette; soloing past others, when he probably knew they were already on the route is not only arrogant and disrespectful, but dangerous. He could be struck by a dropped water bottle or hardware; he in turn could even fall and take one of them out. In Vegas where there are scores of comparable routes, you just pick another. Jerk.

Hinniga : sooner or later he gets natural selected.

Tyler Campbell : Super irresponsible.....

captain pancho : I hope that's a parachute he's wearing

Gregory Hart : Yeah as polite as he may have been this is just seriously rude behaviour by the soloist! Someone climbing at that level should REALLY know that what he was doing is completely wrong. He is placing both your belayer and yourself at serious and completely unnecessary risk. I would have shat all over this guy from a dizzy height!!! This is the equivalent of someone firing a gun at a range while you are downrange inspecting targets! Dont be in awe, he is a complete idiot!

Ricardo Cortez Douglas : Not Alex Honnold

RU AwakeYet : ****Ezio Auditore da Firenze.****

Johnny Chen : When you’re fixing up your mic and it makes that cracking sound, it gives me a heart attack, as though something has slipped!! And you’re about to fall!!!!!!

harold johnson : I would say you were passed by an idiot but that's just my opinion. seems to me not only does he put his own life at risk but also the people below him. what if he falls? the poor sap below is going to get smacked with a body falling at about 50 mph, total disregard for saftey if ya ask me...

ste bostock : All the people saying he was wrong to do that, he asked them and they agreed he could, it happens all the time! On another note, I'd rather watch your ascent than him passing you!

Fatwomanfarting : True rockstar.

Hey I know you : I find it utterly amazing that a path actually exists for someone to climb that particular mountain ⛰

KillUKrue : humans R fukd

DannyRogers1993 : Fucking madman

lickitysplit roberts : wtf

The Velo In The Vale : No no no no no no .... no no no .... me no like

Sushi Uchiha : Are people dumb. The guy has obviously climed the mountain before he knows where to grasp. Hes probably climbed up there a bunch of times. Enough to remember the layout

Dumitru Benes : he forgot to signal.

Merchant Ivory : Why why why why?!?!?!?!

hawk face : How does he climb with balls that big

CH #11 : seems kind of dangerous for someone to free climb around other people but w/e I don't climb

Ice Poseidon : WTF?

chris perez : Surprised the massive balls on that dude didn't make it harder for him to climb.

Lars U : Got sweatty hands from watching this. Seriously.

Backpack PePelon : All balls, no brain.

Derek Read : Can't fool me. This is filmed sideways. These guys are crawling along the floor.😁😁😁

Bubbles : Jayzus Chroist, look et theyt wan theya! He's a moity croc, ain't ee??

Tom For : 0:44 that sound made me poop my pants.

ceedaddy : I don't know why but that just doesn't look fun to me...I think I'll stay on the ground....!!!!

Supergrover : His last name is Parker.

Ice Poseidon : How does he get back down?

Official Rain : *Why?*