Do NOT cum on your Macbook! ||| Donor boards are A-OK!!!

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Louis Rossmann : Want to watch these repairs as livestreams rather than edited down portions? Check out the live channel below for b-takes & repair videos before they are edited, and random livestreams, and as always, I hope you learned something! 👉 ✓ Cryptocurrency tip links: › Bitcoin: 1EaEv8DBeFfg6fE6BimEmvEFbYLkhpcvhj › Bitcoin Cash: qzwtptwa8h0wjjawr5fsm0ku8kf40amgqgm6lx4jxh › Dash: XwQpZuvMvU44JT7C7Uh6xHvkSadzJw9fMN › Dogecoin: DKetsoCvwa2hF29ssgUA4Wz4hxT4kj3KLU › Ethereum: 0x6f6870feb48f08388ee345cf0261e2f03d2fa310 › Ethereum classic: 0x671bfd61ba87edf6365c97cea33d66ba73645510 › Litecoin: LWnbTTAjojZQt68ihFJFgQq3cYHUsTcyd7 › Verge: DFumZ5sMhi3JktLQpsTVtV9xUt3zKDrcZV › Zcash: t1Ko3FkphQYoQroQc8k2DVk4WKMAbmNR8PH › Zcoin: a8QdvArHmdRYe1MjiqtP6jDNe6Z4JgnRKZ

zx8401ztv : Mac owners in NY seem like animals, i've never seen any computer mobo look as filthy as the ones you repair louis, disgusting people :-(

Hard Boiled : If I paid over 2k for a fapdevice, it better be cum resistant...

Joshua Norris : Agggghh i will have to convince myself that the crud on my boards is just food or something in order to clean them lol *Puts fingers in ears* LA LA LA LA I CANT HEAR YOUUU lol

Bradley Hove : Jackintosh

Some Phantom Boi : If only the title was "Tech Man scrapes little kids off of MacBook 2018"

Chalky : The Earth is at serious risk if someone gives birth to a Human/Macbook hybrid, although it would probably die after 2 years anyway.

Andre Gon : This video should be on Pornhub.

Jonas Páll Gudmundsson : Don’t you also just love it when a customer brings in a computer filled with cum and the wallpaper is a lightly dressed hot female?

The Dollar Guy : Just imagine what a few cents worth of conformal coating from the apple factory could do to increase reliability.

derp derp : Customers upgrading amplifiers and radios are different than those who ejaculate on their macbooks...... BAWHAHAHA

Stuff Overload : They said sperm can hold 37MB. He was trying to get more memories

Quickshot Gaming : Commenting prematurely, but it's good to see the motherboard get a happy ending.

Militus : Natural thermal paste

Machination Studio : If they knew the difference between a capacitor and a GPU, they wouldn't own a Mac.

The Defpom's Repair Channel : You could always refer to the donor parts as “Apple original” rather than 3rd party of dubious quality...

N Ferraro : Customer Option #3: you start giving them a bunch of techno-babble, using words like electrolytic, and they get suspicious and think you're feeding them BS. I had some very, VERY long conversations with customers until I learned my lesson.

MAJORxALTERcATiON : So did someone actually *NUT* on their mac or is this an inside joke.

DialatedPupils : Incel inside.....XD

Vik S : I swear at 00:14 I thought he was lubing up

Vol Tekka : Achievement mission, explosive diarrhea!

Rokzug : I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by these videos. I have a large distaste for Mac products, but it's incredibly interesting watching the repair, even if I've no idea what's really going on. Hell, most electronics I've messed with is an Arduino and soldering some small circuits for various sensors x) For some reason this is a job I'd actually love to do full time. Not sure where to start at getting it though.

Spencer Hansen : When I volunteered for a computer refurbishing and recycling company, I found some crazy things. One rig was probably 25 years old and hadn't been cleaned in 30 years, the owner of said machine moved it between multiple locations as shown by the 3 different colored layers of dust. I could've spun it up and woven a sweater. About halfway into the dust was this, thing. This thing was about the size of a golfball and green and mushy. My supervisor actually vomited and my dog didn't recognise me when I got home.

nassimishere : Dont tell me what to do Louis

Pax N : I would never fault apple for not touching that board....son you need a new computer....and you need to learn boundaries....where are the balls?

Allocated Brain : I might be moving to Montana soon. Gonna raise me up a crop of dental floss.

Isaac Clarke : Corrosive cum. Xenomorphs confirmed.

Naris R : Sperm donor board

MVVblog : In the next episode: Do NOT throw your diarrhea on a Macbook!

Brando Cabuto : NutBook

Anthony Lauder : If I had a lot of money, I would ejaculate massive loads on laptops every week and take them in for Louis to fix, sometimes I would bring the laptop in while my load is still warm

Xander Zoolander : I don't see why people would have an issue with parts from a donor board, or even used parts as long as the part will function like it came from the factory. I guess it's a lack of understanding of how things work? Which is a problem with literally any job that has interaction with the general public, they have a lack of understanding, and refuse to understand even when the situation is explained in a way that a fucking child could understand it. I wanted to get into pc repair awhile ago, but with companies fucking things up, and the general public being morons that think they know best, when in reality they know nothing at all, I just don't have the patience for that bullshit. I'm fine with doing the work, I'm fine dealing with people competent enough to have a basic understanding of what's going on, but the general public is a hell that I don't want to deal with.

ᏰĪᏝᏝ ՇÎρɧᏋƦ : Some people buy used underwear because that's the closest they can come to having actual sex.

frdrcklim : It came from those solder balls, of course :P.

giaccomusic : I thought Apple wanted your finger prints, but some customer decided to add dna free of charge.

Computer : I can't wait for the new Dirty Jobs episode on logic board repair!

RC-William : Well, that's what happens when a product "sucks"...

Anarchy Antz : First it's pubes on the board and now this. Do Mac's have some sort of additional "port" that owners think turns the expensive piece of gear into a high priced Flesh Light? Seriously Mac owners are weird as hell.

carlos morales : I have a MacBook Pro that was donated to me since it had shorted from vodka/iced tea. I was wondering if you wanted to use it for a video like this. Willing to pay.

Hawkinsm210 : Typing on a 7 year old Alienware. In my 7 years of owning it. It has gone through moving twice, 2 years in college. Back and forth from friends/girlfriends houses more times then I can count. I've replaced the screen, the GPU, and the speakers. The GPU was just a crib death. The speakers I blew while playing music. And the screen, just died, not shattered. Moral of the story. I have never came on my laptop, and 7 years later. It's still running just as happy as ever.

Christian Chapman : I'M A BLACKSTAR

dadiocoleman : 7:30 *U S E D J A C K E T* *J A C K E T* *J A C K I T*

Joshua Norris : Oh donar boards.... I was waiting a while for you to say what the other option was. (Aposed to looking up each part) Quite ingenious. Sorry im a noob and didnt know where you were going with it untill you finally said donar board lol (i almost thought you werent going to tell me)

Nexeption : rip the little kids on the board

Albion Nika : It was just a happy little accident

Insufficient Funds : Boner boards

killzone489 : Could you teach me how to build a headphone amp?

POTATO POTATO POTATO POTATO POTATO POTATO POTATO : this is why i dont want to buy used devices

Blargh McBlarghson : Talking about buying used underwear? They do that in Japan.

fangzea : But Louis, some people just get so excited with the great deals and professionalism that Apple provides! I may have gained a little cancer typing that.