Professional Pianist Reacts to Piano Scenes

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SarcasticCommentHere : Wow. Your assistant sounds very qualified. You should probably pay her more.

AJ Life Hacks : This is awesome! I loved that you did a video like this. I have always wondered if people in movies learn to play or not! So cool

Adriana Girdler : I've seen people doing reaction videos but never a piano one. I'm always curious in movies, whether the actors actually know how to play or if they're just faking it till they make it, LOL. I wouldn't have been able to pick up on this stuff - you have a great eye and ear for music! Cheers!

Michael Wong : Your Lie in April!

Nintenjoey : very intriguing hearing your responses and you have a fantastic ear!

LillyMayPianist : This is a great video, thanks for making this I really enjoyed it. Now I have to go learn that piece from La La Land! Thanks for sharing - Lilly

DuckMySick : If you haven't seen The Pianist yet then do yourself a favor and watch it. It's amazing.

Big-game Fisher : You should react to the duel scene in, "The Legend of 1900." Perhaps you might like it.

Priyantha Fernando : Great video. Just to warn you, "The Pianist" is a tough watch, as are most WWII movies that take place in Europe. Great music though...Chopin is my favorite.

Sax Station : Cool, interesting idea for a video Corey. I think I would have missed a few of those, maybe caught a couple though.

Megan Lennox : Bro- so good! One of my faves!

GhïzLãn KïM : 🌸✊I like it .. I'm going to watch all your videos ❤🎶 .. keep Going please...💕 Love from Morocco 🎶

Kelly Lehman : This is awesome! :)

King Lenny : Cartoon Logic; Presses 1 note. 10000 note can be heard

Louisa danczy : For the lalaland one i think that the begining is really ryan but when it started to do long shots they use a double.. because if you watch that part again the person never look to the camera direction but always facing left..

FatBoyDoug : Ryan Gosling in La La Land was pretty impressive. I know he did do a lot of studying for this movie, but I wonder if there was any movie magic to put in a pianist double for that last part.

Heather Gerhardt : This is so funny! So many times you can totally tell they are not actually playing, but some of these look great!

haibill : Loved your reaction 😂

PaTrick's Hub : great channel

Nashask Reactions : Your lie in april (?).

Entholcarurub : The legend of 1900 please.

GentleHeart001 : Awesome video!