Rowan Atkinson Live - Headmaster kills student

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Matthew Tolentino : "brright green" Cracked up on that one XD

Beta Ray : "Mr. Perkins, I find this morbid fascination of yours with your son's death quite disturbing. ..."

Reishou : "If he wasn't dead, i'd have him expelled" followed up with "Yes, EXPELLED" is probably the most powerful punchline i've ever seen in my entire life

Stroopwafel : "I wouldn't cancel afternoon school to bury that little shit!" XD

OrionoftheStar : "We could have all been killed! Or worse, _expelled_." Hermione Granger, how we love thee.

melese litt : "Mr. Perkins, I find this morbid fascination of yours with your son's death quite disturbing."

volante8657 : "One moment he's flying around like a paper kite, and the next moment he is completely immovable....and beginning to SMELL"

krudmonger : It's a bit spoilery to title this "Headmaster kills student."

Gabriel Sanchez : Rowan Atkinson: FATAL BEATINGS Headmaster: Well now, Mr. Perkins. It was good of you to come in. I realise that you're a busy man, but I didn't think this matter could be discussed over the electric telephone. (Mr Perkins: No. No, absolutely, Headmaster, I mean, if Tommy is in some sort of trouble, then I'd like to nip it in the bud.) Headmaster: Well, quite frankly, Tommy is in trouble. Recently his behaviour has left a great deal to be desired. (Mr Perkins: Dear.) Headmaster: He seems to take no interest in school life whatsoever. He refuses to muck in at the sports field. And it's weeks since any master has received any written work from him. (Mr Perkins: Oh, dear me.) Headmaster: Quite frankly, Mr Perkins, if he wasn't dead, I'd have him expelled. (Mr Perkins: I beg your pardon?) Headmaster: Yes, EXPELLED! If I wasn't making allowances for the fact that your son is dead, he'd be out on his ear! (Mr Perkins: You mean he's dead?) Headmaster: Yes... He's lying up there in sick bay now, stiff as a board and bright green, and this is, I fear, typical of his current attitude. You see, the boy has no sense of moderation: one moment he's flying around like a paper kite, and the next moment he's completely immovable. And beginning to smell. (Mr Perkins: Well, how did he die?!) Headmaster: Well, is that important? (Mr Perkins: Why, yes, I think so!) Headmaster: Well... Well... Well, it's all got to do with the library, you see. We've had a lot of trouble recently with boys taking out library books without library cards. Your son was caught, and I administered a beating, during which he died. But you'll be glad to know... You'll be glad to know that the ringleader was caught, so I don't think we'll be having any trouble with library discipline. You see, the library card system... (Mr Perkins: I'm sorry…) Headmaster: ...was... (Mr Perkins: You beat my son to death?) Headmaster: Yes, yes, so it would seem. Please, I'm not used to being interrupted. You see, the library card system was introduced... (Mr Perkins: Well, exactly what happened?) Headmaster: Well, apparently, boys were just slipping into the library and taking the books! (Mr Perkins: No, during the beating!) Headmaster: Oh, that? Well...well, one moment he was bending over, the next moment he was lying down, I mean, er... (Mr Perkins: Dead?) Headmaster: Mmm... deadish! ... Mr.Perkins, I find this morbid fascination with your son's death quite disturbing. What I'm talking about is his attitude! And quite frankly, I can see where he gets it from. (Mr Perkins: Well, it wasn't me that beat my son to death!) Headmaster: Well, that was perfectly obvious to me from the first day he arrived here. I wondered then, as I wonder now, if he might not have turned out a very different boy indeed if you had administered a few fatal beatings earlier. *Mr Perkins: Are you mad!?) Headmaster: I'm FURIOUS! In order to accommodate the funeral, I had to cancel afternoon school on Wednesday! (Mr Perkins: This is preposterous!) Headmaster: Yes, it is. Or at least, it would be...if it were true. (Mr Perkins: ...What?) Headmaster: I've been joking, Mr Perkins. Pardon me, it's my strange academic sense of humour. I've been pulling your leg. (Mr Perkins: Oh, thank God!) Headmaster: I wouldn't cancel afternoon school to bury that little shit!

JakeTV : "Dead?" "Dead-ish."

Joe Lim : the end of the video could destroy half of the sun.

absurdious : "yes, expelled!" Hermione Granger likes this element!

I am Jase : I rather do enjoy how the British communicate xD

Hoàng Kim Việt : Dislikes are the students.

Tribot 968 : "Are you MAD?!""I'm FURIOUS!"

Shravn Reddy : At the end.. He nailed it.. Laughed so hard...

alelooooooya : I adore the way he emphasises on some words. I love the end haha

Wojciech Woźniak : ... strange academic sense of humour .. :)

stephen l : so hysterical that even rowan had a little difficulty keeping it together. XD

eagle : I wondered then as I wonder now, if he'd might have not turned out a very different boy, indeed, if you had administered a few fatal beatings earlier on.

Uday Bhaskar : "I find this morbid fascination of yours with your son's death quite disturbing!" epic. :D :D

Raptor Jesus : Replace a few words here and there and all of a sudden, it's United Airlines.

Austin Shane : Does anyone else see the resemblance between Rowan and professor Mcgonagall?

mert balbal : "I administred the beating myself" this line gets me everytime :D

Naomi LG : I grew up watching Mr. Bean, so I remember how much of a shock it was when I first heard the guy speak. x)

Sofia Dolk : "Are you mad?!" I am furious!" So damn clever XD

redidre : Now I know who was the inspiration for Sheldon Cooper!

barryboxing : Rowan is such a troll

LIFE YO : dammm thats a twist

Romulan2469 : Even though this is satirical comedy, I wonder how many headmasters out there really do think in that crazy way.

Berly Tannyono Putra : What a climax ending...this is TRULY legendary 4 minutes stand up performance..

Bassel KH : "I wouldn't cancel afternoon school to bury that little shit" lol

Frederick Sywak : Did he just pour milk before the tea?! outrage

FlySpyGuy : Probably my favorite skit I've seen of his.

Debangsu Sarkar : British humour, is the best humour. coming from a non Briton

Adithya Pradeep : waiting for the day Rowan Atkinson is finally knighted...

El Pibe de Oro : "I administered a beating during which he died" When he emphasises beatiNG and says he died like it's nothing. 🤣🤣🤣

Condottier : By the ending he reminds me a lot of Sheldon Cooper, I wonder if Jim Parsons got some inspiration from here.

Heart snatchers : I love you mr bean very very very much and your face expressions also

Duncan Gerrard : Rowan is a comedy genius but in this sketch his voice keeps going back and forth between Scottish and English Accents.

Adham Abdo : Imagine him administration a beating

Mrabaddon616 : Anyone else notice the handles of the desk drawers?

Malleswara Rao Jetti : Your sense of humour is just awesome. Hats off, Legend!

Yippikokoxiao : it's been so long since i had a good laugh. omg this is gold!

Captain Blue : The ending - I wouldn't cancel afternoon school to bury that little shit! XD

souparno majumder : two true englishman arguing

Pool God : Absolutely legendary.

SporeTres : You would imagine someone working for Mr Atkinson wouldn't spoil the punchlin in the title...

sarnee pinkque : Honestly, the African in me can't get all the ' new words' right away. I will catch up a dictionary . Can't wait to burst.

David Henderson : "Are you mad??" "I'm furious!!"