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Dan Hauer : My favorite part of Gus's videos is getting to learn about the culture of Wisconsin.

JC Alex : I was waiting for him to be like "Dad, you don't live here anymore. The divorce was three years ago"

Natalie Alfera : Assmeats

sine moderamine : Is your yard in God's country?

Gavin : Gus holding an office job feels so foreign and improbable.

DammitSinged : _Gosh._

Nerd City : The most heartbreaking thing about this is you've been locked out of your car's cassette deck too, so you can't even do your business in your briefcase, or your heckin work.

REEKentertainment : I'm so glad you were able to get a solid 9-5! Things are looking up!

Chilly Steve : I always grab the empty cup in my car first before my keys and phone. It's just priorities.

Bobby Duke Arts : I also own a small disembodied alligator head

Sunny_Ok : he really doesn't mind

Daniel Thrasher : Ya know Gus, if you had a milkshake, plenty of boys would go to said yard, and you could all have a picnic or something. Or they could help you break in. Your call.

abelina sabrina : I've had half of a power bar

JoeyMacThe1st : The music is priceless

I'm lost, please help. : Looking like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Matthewos Abebe : *Where'd you get this footage of my Uncle?* 😨

Dan Kov : Why is this so depressing

CrackerMilk : Easily one of my favourites. "Hey GRENADINE!"

Chris Kogos : Here in my yaaard just bought this new F-150

JoeyMacThe1st : OUR yard

Theonlywizardh3r3 : Your son is a L O N G B O I.

Veridian : Gus out there hunting for Yaardvarks

g z : It's like witnessing a quick descent into madness in every new Gus video

Abbreviated Reviews : I thought I could hold out but standing on that rocking chair killed me. Please come to my funeral Gus.

TechYoSelf : The cassette tapes falling out of the suitcase was great

Makuta Teridax : The Office reboot is looking pretty good.

Recluse Reginald : This reminds me of the legendary scene from the office when Kevin spills his famous chili.

Spiced Muffin : ahh, being one with nature... bliss. until you remember mosquitoes, those damn flying *assmeats*

Lucy Shafei Bachrach : is this the high budget sequel to gods country?

Brah Mcbrah : Grennedene

Abigail Overson : I'm most impressed by the mustache

CoolMoon : I got headphones on and that fly keeps making me check if there's one on me.

Dio Drando : Eighteen more naked cowboys out in the yard.

Ectibu : nice yard

Totoro : Gus looking real thicc in those khakis.

Vedalia : Don't ever stop doing vids... I'm able to come here and enjoy your humor when I'm down, and you make me laugh everytime... Thank you... just thank you 👍🏻

sam yim : This new hairstyle is disturbingly fitting Gus

lizards lips : They need to add “voice comments” so I can share my screams

Aidan ? : this is what central Wisconsin is like

Chr1z2 : That tie tells me that you are a successful businessman

BROKEN Matt Hardy : *He's a working man*

Garlic Bread : This is Gus's more responsible brother russ

LizTheQueer : I always come back to this one. It’s edited so perfectly, it’s really an example of supreme comedic timing for maximum effect.

Klymahnn : The guy playing your child at the end was so perfect for this role

Wiktor Ławniczak : Quality meme as usual Stew

GoldenTV3 : He plays a dad so perfectly

Dylan De voy : The transition between the thumbnail and video is so smooth.

Joe Joseph : Gotta love the casual acoustic guitar strumming in the background

lizards lips : Why not yet 1 mil subs