My Yard

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Gus Johnson : out here in my yard in there on my twitter @Gusbuckets

JedDraws : *_The Office: Deleted Scenes_*

Natalie Alfera : Assmeats

GioFilms : I could definetly see Gus being apart of the Office

abelina sabrina : I've had half of a power bar

Gavin : Gus holding an office job feels so foreign and improbable.

Car Ride Convos Podcast : I'm so glad you were able to get a solid 9-5! Things are looking up!

DammitSinged : _Gosh._

Bobby Duke Arts : I also own a small disembodied alligator head

sine moderamine : Is your yard in God's country?

Daniel Thrasher : Ya know Gus, if you had a milkshake, plenty of boys would go to said yard, and you could all have a picnic or something. Or they could help you break in. Your call.

Dan Hauer : My favorite part of Gus's videos is getting to learn about the culture of Wisconsin.

JoeyMacThe1st : OUR yard

Chris Kogos : Here in my yaaard just bought this new F-150

Dio Drando : Eighteen more naked cowboys out in the yard.

JoeyMacThe1st : The music is priceless

I'm lost, please help. : Looking like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite

Ectibu : nice yard

Kazerz : Gus looking more like a walking mid-life crisis with every video.

Veridian : Gus out there hunting for Yaardvarks

Sunny · Waifu : he really doesn't mind

Ms.Milkies : That is one sexy yard.

CoolMoon : I got headphones on and that fly keeps making me check if there's one on me.

erraticfuture : Who wants to see a comedy movie starring Gus.

Rob Varan : God's Yard

Recluse Reginald : This reminds me of the legendary scene from the office when Kevin spills his famous chili.

Brah Mcbrah : Grennedene

John Deer : They need to add “voice comments” so I can share my screams

RiceNstuff [GD] : oH

Chilly Steve : I always grab the empty cup in my car first before my keys and phone. It's just priorities.

Negi Tuna : Pillow Guy - The Prequel

Maztacular : Comedy gold

Vedalia : Don't ever stop doing vids... I'm able to come here and enjoy your humor when I'm down, and you make me laugh everytime... Thank you... just thank you 👍🏻

TheBlackHoleoftheInternet : *Where'd you get this footage of my Uncle?* 😨

S.C. Wood : He's missing out on Law & Order

Yani : Love all your vids man, but if I made this I would have it start with him looking stressed and the cameraman says something like "hey we're filming a documentary on the people in this neighbourhood" then your character has to save himself from embarrassment, which explains the rest of the sketch. Hey, this could be a fan theory instead of a shitty suggestion Gus won't see. It's head cannon for me now.

Theonlywizardh3r3 : Your son is a L O N G B O I.

John Deer : Why not yet 1 mil subs

That1Guy : Hey Gus, nice yard!

Wiktor Ławniczak : Quality meme as usual Stew

Spiced Muffin : ahh, being one with nature... bliss. until you remember mosquitoes, those damn flying *assmeats*

Chr1z2 : That tie tells me that you are a successful businessman

Pingas : is this working man 9?

Anti-Social : locking everything in car is me

juno : i dont know how im here i didn't even get a notification yet 😂

Lapjeskitty : Nice yard daddy

Abigail Overson : I'm most impressed by the mustache

Zaknafein DuUrden : Out here in gods country

Cupu : 14 Views 142 Likes

Mikka Mach5 : Luv you funny man! 🤣