Angry lawyer goes off the deep end
Angry lawyer goes off the deep end

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Joseph Kouri, attorney for Blueprint LSAT Prep, behaves unprofessionally at depositions.


Kris White : Everybody hates lawyers but everybody loves their lawyer

DiabolicNick : “Could you reconsider” *I’ve reconsidered and the answer is no* Lmao

The Right Ladder : When your dad destroys the teacher

Tyrone Shoelaces : "Would you like a glass of water?" "Objection! speculative and argumentative"

The Burning Sensation : "Would you like fries with that?" "I object to the question. It has no foundation and calls for speculation. Argumentative."

William Jenkins : I have witnessed an attorney punch another attorney in the face, in a courtroom. This was over 10 years ago but I will never forget that lol.

Jamaa L : 2:36 did he just call another man puppy? 😂

Cory Goodman : For those who don't know, this is from the Testmasters vs. Blueprint lawsuit, and Blueprint (being represented by Joseph Kouri) were sanctioned $1.6 million for this behavior.

Chronas : "Because I'm being straight with the guy.... And your being NOT straight with the guy"

Ayyy lmao : Is this bad for the client? Yes. Is this highly unprofessional and uncouth? Yes. Is it hilarious? ABSOLUTELY.

Tom Fuller : Joseph Kouri is, apparently, an arrogant, kinetic expulsion orifice, who imagines himself a great attorney. Garden variety. Common as pig pooky. Just my opinion.

T C : Thank you for combing your hair for todays proceedings

Bailey M : I have no idea how I ended up watching this. Time for break.

jdtorres510 : This is what a lawyer should be paid for!!

Heath Kitchen : “Objection. Same objection, same instruction.”

Alexander Hunley : Law school training tapes.

Francisco Rodriguez Jr. : Kouri should disbarred for his behavior

Sonny Crockett : Who knew Alec Baldwin was also a lawyer.

Vogel Account : For everyone that thinks the attorney defending the deposition is a good attorney, he's not. He was sanctioned by the bar for his performance in this and many other depositions. The general public doesn't understand what depositions are used for...very few objections are allowed (unless it's a special deposition called a trial deposition where the deposed is not going to be available for trial). The rule on depositions is that their use at trial is tightly controlled, but the taking of the deposition is very free form. You can ask virtually anything, even if it's irrelevant (since you don't know if it's irrelevant at this stage of the lawsuit).

FastZebra Zoom : "Don't give me procedure, don't give me professionalism", spoken like a true entitled d*** that feels he's above the law.

ItBseCtioN8 : This kid got his money worth that's for sure !...LOL

neil murphy : "This type of behavior is sanctionable. The only time your lawyer can instruct you not to answer a question during a deposition is when the question elicits private, confidential and/or privileged information."

Shoegum : I lost it ..."don't lecture me puppy"

Clint Kelly : Terminate the deposition immediately when this happens. Disgracefully unprofessional.

MrBilldodd : "It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous." - Jackie Chiles (Seinfeld)

G 6 : The amused face of the blonde kid makes this 110% more funny.

ThomasPaine : "Are you a male?" "Objection, argumentative."

Michael Quallet : " What is your name?" " Objection. Calls for speculation. Ambiguous. Argumentative. No foundation....instruct the witness not to answer."

David : His instructions to not answer were certainly inappropriate. But "don't lecture me puppy" is legendary.

highwind8124 : 4:08 - Lol at Edgar Allan Poe's hair change in the jump cut.

Collin Glover : "I've reconsidered, the answers no." LOL!!!

JacobsParry : FUCTtard loud mouth mental case lawyer. He should be brought up for sanctions

ccali327 : It's amazing how many idiots here think this guy is actually an effective lawyer.

Vince Marquez : My guy sittin there just chillin there wishin he had popcorn hahaha (The first guy)

Van Slam : Anyone who has ever sat through a deposition knows how unbearable it is.

aansteker : Eminem has to keep his laugh in.

David Anderson : Any way we can get the full depositions? Really need to hear more of this lawyer.

Eremon1 : the dark haired guy kinda looks like stephen king in the 80's. lol

Cary Anne T : Puppy? He called him a puppy?? lol

HB : I work in a court reporting firm. This is very very very common lol. And hilarious.

lily blu : This is one of the most entertaining depositions I've ever watched! 🍿

Hobo : “Instruct the witness not to answer”. LMAO. All of those instructions were unfounded and sanctionable. I suspect that those questions were answered later with the objecting lawyer paying for the deposition.

Tibialstone7 : Harvey Spector vibes

William Downey : "Are you finished.. Are you finished..?" -- Mr. Vernon "NOT.. EVEN... CLOSE... BUD..." -- John Bender

Thumper 1611 : "Don't lecture me puppy. I was doing this when you were still chasing cheerleaders." LMAO!!!

Chris Shevchuk : Don't lecture me puppy !! lol

no ho : The comments are crazy, objection, speculation and argumentative, take your threats and put them elsewhere!

Joel Mc : Objection. He asked a question.

Justbn free : Fight for your client but stay professional, doing the same thing intellectually is harder but shows allot more wit