Angry lawyer goes off the deep end

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Courseality : When your dad destroys the teacher

Thumper 1611 : "Don't lecture me puppy. I was doing this when you were still chasing cheerleaders." LMAO!!!

ccali327 : It's amazing how many idiots here think this guy is actually an effective lawyer.

Expats In Thailand : This lawyer should be struck off! His behavior makes him appear to be an out-of-control megalomaniac.

G 6 : The amused face of the blonde kid makes this 110% more funny.

Max Gustafsson : 2:20 minutes in. I want this guy as my lawyer.

William Jenkins : I have witnessed an attorney punch another attorney in the face, in a courtroom. This was over 10 years ago but I will never forget that lol.

DiabolicNick : “Could you reconsider” *I’ve reconsidered and the answer is no* Lmao

The Burning Sensation : "Would you like fries with that?" "I object to the question. It has no foundation and calls for speculation. Argumentative."

Cabals Corner : The blonde kid is wishing he brought popcorn

Kris White : Everybody hates lawyers but everybody loves their lawyer

MrJayra210 : "I was doing this when you were still chasing cheerleaders, I'm Moe Green!" Hhaha

Clint Kelly : Terminate the deposition immediately when this happens. Disgracefully unprofessional.

Professionally Lay : lol the defendant is like, "I had no idea depositions were so hilarious."

Karmic Reballance : I'd hire that lawyer any day of the week.

Tyrone Shoelaces : "Would you like a glass of water?" "Objection! speculative and argumentative"

Marc Giles : Objection. No foundation. Calls for speculation, argumentative. Vague and ambiguous. Asked and answered. I instructed him not to answer. Same objection, same instruction. We’re done. Spoken like a true boss.

Brody Rockefeller : That's NOT how you protect your client. It's not allowed. So, for everyone who wants the crazy lawyer to defend them... 😂😂😂😂 You're going to lose your case.

shosty : In the video, the attorney asks "Why around this period did you want to damage Robin Sang?" (6:20). Wow...that is, by definition, a loaded question (i.e How long have you been beating your wife?) and is designed to trick the witness. Most lawyers unprofessionalism is more subtle and designed to trick a witness, not get at the truth. Doing this they simply appear more 'respectable' and 'professional'. It's all a dirty game and Joseph Kouri has no patience for it and calls them out on their nonsense. Maybe he went to far but I appreciate his intolerance for this type of behavior.

y2rock : Most Prosecutors are EVIL people with a chip on their shoulders. It’s nice to see them taste the same type of crap from the defense lawyers

EliteGeeks : Please tell me this lawyer was disbarred...

Raven Strange : That lawyer should lose his licence. Absolutely ridiculous

DagmarSLNY : That has to be one of the more incompetent discovery proceedings I've seen in the second half of the video. The objections were predictable and all the interrogatories served was to run the bill up on the questioning lawyer's client. If their client had half a brain they fired them afterwards

IT IZME_ : This lawyers is an idiot. He is definitely obstructing He objects to everything so why isn't there a judge there to sustain or over rule his objections.

Serenity Hazel : If there is a judge there this won’t happen..

worddunlap : I was subpoenaed over a matter of property destruction as an expert witness and was not an expert or a witness. At the time of the deposition I had just gotten out of the hospital because a high velocity projectile was in my foot and the doctor had tried all night to remove it to no avail. I called the court, told them what was up offered to provide anything they needed for proof of the injury which I was not supposed to walk (open wound) or get it wet, dirty etc and was told that if I did not show up I would be arrested. I went, still bleeding having to hop from the car up the courthouse steps, in the rain and gave my testimony to the fact that I had not been a witness and was not an expert on the case, subject (price of game chickens,,,No kidding) and went home. My foot got a horrific infection and I spent 9 months having surgeries, on crutches or in bed and almost lost my foot. I wish I had this guy. I did end up getting REVENGE but would have rather had a good attorney. Who would think I would have needed one?

opugilist : Did he ever quit chasing cheerleaders? Truly?

Andy Ballard : That lawyer went to Stonewall university

Alexander Hunley : Law school training tapes.

Boom Boom : Where was this lawyer when i needed him?! Holy SHIT what a b0SS!

res1492 : All the kid did was drop a piece of gum, got a ticket for littering and refused to pay it...this case got blown way out of proportion...way out!!

Chronas : "Because I'm being straight with the guy.... And your being NOT straight with the guy"

aansteker : Eminem has to keep his laugh in.

Savage Cabbage : The real Saul Goodman.


rams s : Same objection same instruction.

Lucius : The guy sounds like he would be great in the business world, but he has no place in a court room

ItBseCtioN8 : This kid got his money worth that's for sure !...LOL

Friedrich Schopenhauer : I think he's annoying.

Tyler Briel : What's the lawyers name. Need him NOW.

Dark Horse 3/5 : Caption under title is misleading. How is his lawyer being unprofessional by being honest and practicing correct law and being defensive. IT'S HIS JOB. Man questioning shouldn't be a snowflake sensitive nitwit. He's in the wrong line of business.

methlematic : Someine give me this lawyers number. I got court in 2 days

sultanofmultan2012 : This lawyer is legit

Fix InTime : You have a right to remain silent

moanyoldbaastaard : It is always good to hear a lawyer shut the gestapo up and leave them with nothing. If only there was a lot more lawyers willing to do that we might see a reduction in the number of miscarriages of justice.

milk mon : He knows his bird law

lambchopxoxo : Wouldnt you want an attorney to fight for you like this?


thankyou2532 : can someone please put links to the result of this case

trisram : "take your threats and put it em you know where ... see you wednesday"