I ain't your Papi!!

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Abel : Don't call me papi again. -alright papi...

MOKADRI : "don't call me papi again" "alright papi" best part 😂😂😂😂

Sad Love Story : Where are you from? -i'm from at home...

10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos : Why is YouTube recommending this to me papi?

Mrs.Nickadeemus : You really need to point a gun at him for smoking a blunt?

grūmpy : telling lies? no papi

Helios : Is this an intro to a porno

Michael YT : In the Netherlands; officer: 'what are you smoking?' / smoker: 'weed bro' / officer: 'ok, enjoy the rest of your day papi'

Anders Dahl : Scarying a young man and making his life difficult for minding his own buisness...

Jon MacDonald : Damn Gun Pulled for a Joint/blunt if it were a bong he would have been shot!

Gordon Tendick : He had a GUN pulled on him for a suspected joint?!!?!?!? It would be funny if it wasn't so infuriating.

Candelario Garcia : Legend has it he still saying papi.

SCORP 1 : All over a little little weed. Thats like firemen bringing a fire ladder truck to put out a candle. Got damm!!

Gray fox : I think YouTube finally understand my sense of humor to recommend this for me

mario condello : I love it when you wear the police uniform and chase me down, Papi.

CatalyXt : Gun in his face over some weed.... GROSS

Juan Carlos : I was just smoking da Tabaco😂

Hoffmann waffen : 😂😂😂 we should call all cops Papi


Núm 4 : 😂😂😂😂🙌🏻this guy is totally fukn with the cop.. the cops ego is getting hurt😂😂

Stop it with the moth memes : ''I come from home''

Jacob Landrum : A gun for a joint... seems a little ridiculous unless the people who called the cops said he might be armed.

Satyam Kumar Mishra : POLICE : dont call me paapi again WEED : alright paapi, i mean officer! XD

Truth Exposed : Papi Chulo. Lmaooooo

320speed : Don't call me Papi! "Yes officer, Yes officer Papi" lol 😂😂

Zaland Comic : He's your son! Can't you see that papi

PurpleLightning6was9 : Thug with a badge. A gun in the back of the head for marijuana.

James Martini : Let’s hope this cop died.

mechaart : "Dont call me papi again" "Alright papi" 😂

Anantha Krishnan : Officer papi.....!

Alb Real : How tf this pop up on my YouTube feed 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Vinny Simonetti : "u were in the projects rn don't lie to me" yea bro ppl live there tf

Juan Carlos : Yes Papi No Papi😂Poor Thing😂

Mizhidor but i just lost my 69 subs frick you : -Papi -Hijo?

DerHalbeEuro : In Germany they would never pull out a gun and push it into your back for that little weed. I hate this racist cops!

jetski Dex : This makes American officers look worse than Gang Bangers.

Joey REY REY : Chill out Officer....guy can't control his emotions and he's wearing a badge? He could've shot the kid.... for smoking tobacco? Smh....he should be fired or at least reprimanded.

Leftfield Larrikin : Seems a bit drastic over some weed

Adan Gonzalez : The real gangsta was the cop pulling the gun out and pointing it sideways😎

Devesh Bahuguna : Plot twist:"That officer name was actually papi"

Hicham Djemai : officer papi

Jin kun : Papi: where do you come from? Papi's boy: I come from home

aztec warrior : Anybody with the gun in hand will be anybody's Papi!.. if you know what I mean everybody in the comment section below I am your PAPI!..

๖Rainforce : Eating sugar? No papi.


devin Espinoza : he is from Puerto Rico. they call anyone Papi

SLAV : Where you from ? From papi

t7shsh : YouTube recommending Thank you again you made my day .

yoyoma : This be my cousin getting harassed by the police... Just like our people always be gettin. Yall need to stop pickin on a mentally handicapped boy and leave my family alone!! Take this video down now please!

10,000 Subscribers For Commenting : telling lies? no papi!