Vivid Dreams (150 Videos Dance Mash-up DJ+Vj Mix)

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This mash-up is a fan-made movie that was made to accompany the DJ Set in this video. Music Link: Video is Featuring Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, Mario Bros, Jessica Rabbit, Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry, Dior, Real People, and many more surprises. The Video VIVID DREAMS is a VJ Mash-Up of 150 different videos to tell the story of people who live and dance in a dream within a dream. Chaotic and sexy, sometimes funny, but always captivating. The Music is a Dj set with music inspired by Ibiza summers from Fauna Music Story (Emmanuel Thibaudeau) : Story 09 – Poolside Flamingos// on SoundCloud. See my Soundcloud page and other mixes here : **see below for tracklist. Video Links and Credits : Because there is a limit of 500 characters description, you can find the list of the Video and Music tracks used here : Go check out your favorites and listen to the original videos of these talented artists ! I do not earn money from this video, the copyrighted materials in this mix are either public domain, royalty free, authorised under a copyright policy and are monetized by their original owner or copyrighted materials considered used under the Fair Use Copyright Licence agreement as the videos depicted here are presented under a new interpretation and intention to create a new message. I hope you will enjoy! If you liked this video, please Subscribe and share ! There might be more in the future. Subscribe to my Soundcloud Profile : Emmanuel Thibaudeau Music Tracklist: 00:00 Botoque - Fatnotronic & In Flagranti 01:36 Pressure - Jesse Rose & Avon Stringer 03:50 Dromedarios - Jason Rivas 04:30 La Mezcla (Paul Kalkbrenner Remix) - Michel Cleis 12:55 Cuba Libre - Mauri Fly 19:40 Memento - Federico Scavo 22:15 Strangers - David Tort, Markem, Yas Cepada, Ella Loponte 26:55 No me Puedo Controlar (Remix ) - The Cube Guys & Landmark 34:22 Cause it's Cool (Club Mix) - Alex Kenji 38:44 I Like That - Andor Gabriel 42:15 Touched The Sly - (George North Remix) - Dennis Ferrer ft. Mia Tuttavilla 48:40 Bassline (DJ Ryuk Latin Dub Remix) - GotSome, The Get Along Gang 51:45 Con Son - David Penn & House ft. Africa G 55:00 La Luna (feat. Totó La Momposina) [Zsak Extended Remix] - Jude & Frank

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