Black Powder vs Smokeless Powder Chapter 2: more education on the Old West!

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hickok45 : Our video on why you might want to load five instead of six:

Brian Streufert : Two types of people in life. Those that love to watch Hickok blackpowder videos and those that are wrong.

Eric L : "1887" the year Hickok was born.

Aleksandar Tadic : Hahaha the muffler sarcasm. I hate those people too lol

Gage Lawrence : Hickok can smoke pots with smokeless powder.

worstusernameever : FULL AUTO BLACK POWDER GUNS

Ass Burgers : Nothing like the smell of gunpowder on a Friday night.

Walter 1408 : So when is the PC crowd going to label "black" powder racist?

Per Erik Wennberg : it is easy to forget the man behind the camera. Fantastic work, you always know where to aim the lens so we can get the best view of the action! Great work!!

BOOTPOG- 21 : Just in from CNN, black powder now racist

Dave 1 : One goes BANG the other goes BOOM.

Brian 8chison : We do what we do Hickok ! 😆 I am retired, so I go to the range when all the younger guys are at work. 😎LIFE IS GOOD 👍🔫

Brian Streufert : .....I think we need a Trapdoor Chapter 2!!!!!

Bob Wright : I wonder if like Detroit, they put out the 87's in like the fall of 86? So Dude buys in say November 86, sticks a quarter in it. Probably thinking, some schoolteacher will end up with this and I'll mess his mind good!

The Magnum Channel : Got to love those classic SAA revolvers!! 😍

Frog Anon : Don’t forget Buds! Thanks to Federal! Death to all commie 2 liters! 😂

highlandrab19 : Aint nothing like coming home stinking of rotten eggs and covered in soot

gmd : This makes me want to play Red Dead Redemption 2

Lil Wes : I'm from Brazil, I found it very interesting, your channel has great content. One more subscriber!!!

RedNasty7 : Can I bring my Ex-wife to your gun range?

CCSconnor : The way he single fires that gun is mesmerizing.

Ben : Are there any smokeless powders that have the same pressure curves as black powder? Meaning smokeless that could be safely fired in an old gun, or a reproduction not rated for regular smokeless.

Stavros Nicolaides : 'I'mma get me a loud muffler in my next life, i'm going to ride around and i'm gunna impress the girls' - The finest Hickok45 quote of all time

Paul Senne : I smiled at the muffler comment

Josh Andreapolous : You know how much I LIIIIIIIIIIIIKE IT.

Fake Alias : I love all of your videos with old guns, particularly revolvers. Shooting single action and black powder is just too much fun.

GunsHarleysUSA : I just love your Colt single actions Hickok, to me they're just about the most beautiful handguns ever made. And as always, enjoyed the video. Thank You........

wetcanoedogs : i'm always amazed that this guy can pick up any gun and shoot and hit at just about %100.stuff that he has not seen before because it's a "try out" or in his back load or a gift,and over iron sights.

Navardo Cartwright : Is this the new gun in GTA?

SouthPaw : Best gun channel on the net, period.

FreakinPeanuts : I understand loading 5 if you're carrying it. but if at the range you are literally loading then shooting. why load only 5?

J Riley : Merriam-Webster "Black powder" first known use 1793.

dixler mudflap mudflap : All that carbon smoke contributing to global warming, Algore must be having a heart attack. Please shoot more, maybe he will have the big one and put us out of his misery. Another great video and Merry Christmas.

Disposable_Teen : 5:19 « Should be called white powder » « white powder » sometimes one letter makes the difference

Werbert Ricardo : top de mais

Larry Jay : With SPG lube on your bullets and Wonder Wads on top of your powder you can shoot many more rounds without accuracy deterioration. Much easier clean up also.  Works well!

cathie spain : love your videos yours are the best honest and straight forward. can you tell me the dementions of your shooting range? thanks and keep making those videos.

Rob Wilkes : Roland of Gilead knows that you need to break the machine and clean the machine constantly. Break the machine and clean the machine.

Dominic Peterburs : I love you

Stewart Hunt : Love the old single action revlovers

smudgerbug : *Damn, the kickback looks painfull! 😂😂😂*

Flying Bob : Hey let’s smoke some pot.

avlisk : I've decided to remain in the NRA for at least 2 more years so that I'll be eligible to vote.

Raging Realist : Black powder should be called "cloud powder" ☁️

이동연 : Smokeless powder is the best!

JRock : Kudos to the first two cowboy headshots 👍🏻 and the muffler comment had me dying 🤣😂


Your Pal : love single action revolvers!

Deep Bass : The factory record could be wrong, especially if it was made around Christmas.

Charles May : single action revolvers are like driving a stick shift