Amazing LEIOMY - Vogue Femme solo STREETSTAR 2013

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Larry Williams : the announcer is giving me 3 extra years of life though lol

Justin Pascual : she dance her heart out like she know the lord didn't promise a tomorrow

Roobz Z : "this isn't dancing" you're right, it's falling with style. more style than you'll ever have, haters

Yolis Bortin : But did it IN HEELS, though.

Solyn Cassia : I want to name my firstborn Leiomy, and have the announcer DJ my childbirth.

Sounds From Saturn : leiomy? don't you mean SLAYOMY

Whitty C. : So like an update on Leiomy's ankles after this please?

YazmanianDevil : Oh she killed it. And in those heels!

Jeniffer Ferreira : lelelelei lelelelelelelei 🎶

DarlingKills : Those legs are EVERYTHING darling.

rkgk1517 : Mother of God!! How does anyone move in heels like that??? 0:44

powerofalto : Leiomy Prodigy is a legend and an ambassador for the NYC ballroom community. It's so nice to see her getting the respect she deserves in an international setting.


rkgk1517 : I don't understand how this is humanly possible...

frizzled : How does she fall like that and stand up?

Dunder Mifflin : at 0:52 i always can't believe she's doing that move in heels!!!!

Ninetails2000 : 0:52-Well I've seen pleanty of Death Drops, but that is the FIRST Life Rise I've ever seen...

artsygirlify : then this bytch "skips to my loo my darlin" off the stage!!! fierce!

crystal Bepsi : I am SHOOK and Miss Leoimy just came for my edges and literally scalped me BAWLD

Beatrix Bodó : I can't even walk in heels.

Diamond Nebula : "SHE CAME TO PLAY-PLAY-PLAAY" 👠

Jaqen H'ghar : Most of the crowd is wondering, "What is life?" I love it.

Daniel Torres : This video is amazing, I keep watching it over and over, by far Leiomy is the best vogue performer in history to me...I think I've watched all of her videos on youtube, and no one cant do what she does in heels.. Give her respect people, do your research on what transgender is. Save yourself from sounding ignorant! Small minded people will always take shots bc they cant even accomplish one goal of their own...


yootuubinatwerk : she defies gravity and w/ glam

Saint Gogo : OMG I just discovered this type of dancing and I have no words to describe how fascinated I feel watching it. 

johnosahon : OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Leomy is on another LEVEL.  She is the Beyonce of the ballroom, NO QUESTIONS!!!!

Helen Preis : I love the smile on her face <3

vanchan5151 : I'm so mad at the people in the audience who are just calmly watching this. I'm bout to freaking throw my phone down every time she drops because I'm too damn buck.

fiyerstorm : SLAYOMI


WESTFREE2 : I remember when she vogued so hard, her nuts popped out. She kept going without missing a beat!

MakeItExtraJuicy : 0:50 Kick up, spin, and dip... IN HEELS! Truly one of the greatest. I love her.

mybless4 : She did this? In heels....thats what everyone missed.

kraXoom : This is the woman that was doing the death drops in Willow Smiths first MV "Whip my Hair". She was wearing heels in that video too lol. Also interesting fact, Leiomy is a transgender.

kat heck : 1:03 im obsessed with how on beat her spin was with his "kat kat kat kat kat" 😭

omfg2crunk : yes daeshawn for that chant SHE DEFIES GRAVITY!!!! that is a well known fact. the matrix dip against kassandra. her 360 dip against meeka. oh yeah and her dip off of the stage against daeshawn.

Uptowner : Awesome! Vogue femme has reached Europe. I had no idea especially since it came from the black gay underground clubs of NYC.

Sharell J : I' m sooo scared someone is going to bust their ankle wide open in these vogue battles. OMG! She went in!

Stefan Brooks : I need this mf beat....HEEEEELP!

⊹⊱ْ العُـنقود ْ⊰⊹ : this continues to give me lyfe

Aaron Martinez : Aw, her smile is so beautiful!

Bickering Mind : You gotta be out your DAMN mind to not say this women is not a legend

Guinnevere’s Chronicles : 0:32 it looks like she’s possessed but it looked cool and at 1:00 the cutest

NogginMan556 : IN HEELS!!!! 


Fay : Cryingggg this is just too perfect 😂

Hayden K. : She could be a ninja and it wouldn''t even surprise me.

joey : me walking out of school on the last day