TP4056 Charger Module - DIY 18650 Charger
DIY 18650 Battery Charger for Beginners

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tp4056chargermodule #diy18650charger #18650battery An easy DIY 18650 battery charger + LED torch using the TP4056 charger module. This is an easy project that takes less than 5min to make. Also includes a led torch function provided by a cheap 5v USB LED module - link below This DIY lithium cell charger will charge an 18650 battery at 5v 1a via the TP4056 charging module. USB power is only 3-4V - Not 5v. This WILL NOT charge most mobile phones. See my video on salvaging Free 18650 batteries from old laptop batteries here: I am not affiliated, nor do I gain financial benefit from any of the following products. 18650 Battery Holder: USB 2.0 Female Connector: TP4056 5V 1A Charge Module: USB LED Module: Hit that "Subscribe" button and turn on the notification bell to see my latest uploads! Subscribe Link: Any questions? Add them to the comments below Have you tried TubeBuddy FREE for your own YouTube Channel? Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: My Repair Business: Mail in repairs accepted