Dear Elon Musk...

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HyperChange TV : amazing video Ben. echoes so many of the feelings i have about the recent twitter drama. i hope Elon sees this and takes your advice. execution will silence the haters ... name calling on twitter won't. sending ❤️ to everyone in the Tesla community fighting for a better future :)

jehugarcia : Screw the haters, Elon does more in a day than most of these critics in a lifetime. I think all this is necessary, you can't have the ups without the downs, and I think the next success will be the more sweeter coming off all this recent criticism. GO Elon!!!

Marshall Barrington : Never disagreed with a video more than this his Twitter is the best thing on the site (now with that said I do think he over stepped with the pedo comment)

Merv Johnson : I wonder if Elon is so over-stressed that he's coming apart a bit. After the Model 3 production is fixed, he should take a 3-month long vacation.

Derek Semmence : ELON MUSK FOR A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Who will second it?

Raamiz Abbasi : Ben Sullins you are a very nice man and I really hope Elon Musk sees this

raine2005 : I'm one of those people who look to Elon as one of the last hopes for humanity. Great video

Merv Johnson : Ben, you're a good guy. I'm very mad at Muskwatch for throwing Elon under the bus for going through a rough patch.

MeijinSensei : I don't think Elon should stop working or stop tweeting, he just needs to find better strategies for dealing with a lot of the hate he gets there on twitter and in the media. Most of his tweets are awesome, fun and entertaining for both his audience and himself.

Wesley Sigrist : Amen! I wish you had 15 million followers so he would see this.

Raymond : I can’t speak for Elon, but I find it really patronizing when people keep telling Elon (or others in general) what to do. Can we just stop pretending to be the moral police and realize he was just joking around and accidentally crossed some lines?

blableka : dear elon musk, thanks for that free roadster !!

Jeremy Harris : Well said Ben, you echo my sentiments exactly. I'm a huge Tesla/SpaceX/Elon fanboy, but it's obvious he really needs some time out to relax and unwind. I hope he gets to see this and heed the advice.

DevotionsVisage : Personally I find Elon's twitter hilarious. Let the man defend himself against the media and the pedo guy.

Reaganbites : Um. I agree with most of this, minus the worship.

David Pazdan : I disagree, I'd rather he be who he really is, on twitter. It gives us access to more minds. You're saying keep a muzzle on a thought leader, for your own investment's safety. I'm a tsla holder too but I'd rather not tell him to stop talking.

Antoine Thisdale : Thank you Ben. Thank you M. Musk.

EVPaddy : Good video. I'm just uploading a similar, albeit even a little more critical one in German right now. Elon has to calm down urgently…

Luke Bowering : Boo hoo, let Elon be Elon. Seems to be working. People just like to feel smug like they are in some way better then Elon Musk because he said some off color things on twitter. Lots of people have said things online that they regret, not everyone has a microscope on them.

Thug Life : Ben ,you are a great man like Elon

Jeff Bommarito : Disagree Ben. Telling him / using the word "stop" ... doing xyz. Disagree with you on this one

Rick Deckard : Bad timing even for Elon to call someone who just helped saved 12 children a pedofile for not liking his fancy invention. Why even engage, that was childish and egocentric. I mean if you're going to help out of the kindness of your heart you shouldn't be looking for affirmation, just put it out there and let it go, heart is in the right place.

Pikminiman : Strong disagree from me. Elon was way out of line with his "pedo" comment and subsequent doubling down, but it strikes me as hubris for anyone to tell Elon Musk, of all people, that they know better than he does what is best for his companies and his own well being.

Mike Beard : I thought this was well thought out and well spoken until you got to the part asking Elon to quit tweeting about media bias, etc...I don't agree that Elon should stay silent on these issues, especially when they are directed at him, his employees, and everyone and everything connected with him. The average person does not actually understand that the media is biased, and can blatantly report false information. Everyone should be held accountable and I think it is great that Elon Musk refuses to be bullied. The latest personal attack is beyond any acceptable behavior and Elon rightfully blew a gasket. The time and expense so many put into helping out and expecting little to nothing in return, all to have it trashed by some media outlet looking for viewers, and a person who sees the opportunity to finally be in the spotlight. i tell my son to stand up for himself, and I hope everyone else will too. Vernon Unsworth didn't think ahead when he was basking in the glory of the spotlight. His personal activities in Chang Rai will now be scrutinized for a long time to come. Now that will be karma.

Assante Freeman : I was waiting for this

Miz izHere : Also i find the post/blog quite arrogant, even if some of what hes said is true, asking him to step down temporarily as CEO? sorry who are you, to give advice on that. I'm sure you meant well, but that's not advice you should be giving, unless you're directly involved with Elon and know him well.

This IS my name : Why don't you just marry him?

Jar Head : I've watched a lot of this guy's videos. But this is the one that made me subscribe.

James Locke : Couldn't disagree more Ben. He should not stop doing what drives him. He should be who he is. If he wants to push back and defend himself and his companies that's his right however given that he should be careful on comments that are in anger towards an individual like this so called expert diver attacking his ideas. We cannot keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Elon is someone who is able to analyze many different angles and offer educated and informed opinions that we should continue to hear, discuss and debate. We need to remember we are all human, we all make mistakes but we learn from them and move on. To ask Elon to retreat and not keeping pushing forward is the wrong approach.

Gleb : expecting to see Elon comment in here.

Joey Varacalli : Honestly I don't think it's a big deal that he made a joke just like the diver did so idk we should all just chill

Rykahnz : Well said Ben I think you've really shared what a lot of us have felt the last few days who care deeply about what Musk is doing I certainly feel that way and this has made me a little relieved for you to put this out there. I think Musk came to the same realization ever since that tweet he's tweeted nothing except a few tweets of articles pertaining to Tesla. I'm really starting to watch your channel more and more it's great content.

Blue Red Yellow Green : He accused a dude of being a pedophile, just because he's thin skin was bruised.

Djarms67 : As crossing the line with "pedo guy" comment it wasn't that bad and not even worth getting to butthurt over. We should have thicker skull skin petty comment on that. However, I do think Elon deserves a bit flack for what he said to the guy. Elon, First, What were you thinking, in calling Vern Unsworth "Pedo guy". I mean where did it come from because it just seems random and petite calling a British rescuer A Pedo Guy. Seriously Elon, You're the founder of SpaceX. Your not trump. My criticism for Vern, You don't need to sue over a stupid comment like pedo guy. Have a bit of thicker skin beside you do not need to fuel the stupid.

Roland Ascarrunz : Ben, this is a beautiful message, delicately crafted from one intelligent man to another. I really do hope Elon sees it and acts positively on it. Thank you Ben for this letter to Elon.

sam guapo : I sympathize with Elon. He's trying to do good and then he's blamed for doing a "PR STUNT"? I don't blame him for calling the jabroni a PXXo guy. I've been in similar situations where I'm trying to do something positive and constructive for other people at no benefit to myself only to have some people view it negatively. I wish them all bad, and the good that I do, my revenge on these negative people. I agree that this twitter rant is a little off but not so much. I support Elon and I hope when he's a multi trillionaire, these naysayers will be poverty stricken.

Nicolai Scott : Google Elon musks father, not saying it's an excuse but can totally see how it triggered him.

Phil Hibbs : I disagree, that "pedo guy" mistake was too big to walk away from and hide. Elon needs to man up and face it, in more than just a money-and-sorry way. I don't know what it would take to fully restore his image, maybe that's unachievable, but he needs to try something.

Martin K : *Slow clap* intensifies. Couldn't agree more!

Rick Martinez : Ben. Make your own electric car and put Elon out of business. I trust you not to insult others.

Lisa : It's one thing to suggest standing down on Troll feeding and to temper himself (which Gene Munster did beautifully & pristinely with 'respect!' IMO). It's another to suggest quitting Twitter entirely, suggesting JB, etc. take over, take time away from running the companies, etc. Really? What about suggesting he check himself in to a psych institution or sequester himself on an island. Because he just got pissed off. Gene RESPECTED Elon. This is condescending (big time), aggrandizing the situation, patronizing, and lacks respectfulness to the man.

Robin Harrison : Well said. Elon has certainly made mistakes along the way but it's worth remembering the person who never made a mistake never made anything.

Skylar Parks : Isn't Elon an immigrant?

GlaucusBlue : Some of his rants on twitter are totally unacceptable, it's like he just can't help get into school boy arguments. His drug use? or on the spectrum? or just a twat in his personal life. Doesn't detract from what he has accomplished and will continue to, but it's not on calling someone a pedo.

Thomas Gotthold : Wtf, even the sun have spots! Give the guy a break.

Phillip Mai : The overarching problem is that Elon Musk is incapable of taking criticism, especially when it concerns whatever it is his pride is intrinsically tied to, even when he's wrong. You also see evidence of it throughout Vance's biography of him.

Jeff Lowey : I usually like your videos but this one was condescending. Elon is a big boy who can say whatever he likes. You’re not his dad or his ‘preacher’. Report on what he does, no need to mansplain your thoughts on Twitter etiquette.

Tesla di Murbox : Write to Elon sending the message that to reach a goal the shortest route is the straight line. As long as he deviates from his goal or "magnetizes" charge that does not belong to him, he will greatly delay actions for his intended and initially attained goals. I also hope he see this video.

Roman Y : *I hope its the end for Tesla and electric car foolishness.*

Wood Hughes : When you keep your eyes on your toes, you lose track of the horizon.