Three Cheetahs Vs Ostrich | Life | BBC Earth

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ElementalMaker : That was one cold blooded ostrich husband! He was like "sorry babe, you needed to do more cardio anyways".

Roxen Danish : Then suddenly there are three !

Kai Do : Cheetahs are cute😀😀😶😶😶😄😄

Dropout's Production : She was thick. Rest in piece poor bird.

Jabaarᴴᴰ : We truly going to miss David one day, what a legend

Raul Diaz : The guy's voice is amazig.. it feels like he was born for this

Bishop FP : Why am i watching ostriches and cheetahs, i should be studying for my exam tommorow!

hachi roku : Wait, cheetah can hunts in packs??? I thought they were always solitary cats

Steve l : Fastest 2 legged animal against fastest 4 legged animal.

Tiago Goncalves : I don't have to outrun these cats, just need to run past her !

The Illuminati : Migos Vs XXXtentacion

The Cool Persian : This was an unfair fight, 3v2, the male had to get away to call in a Tyrannosaurs Rex as reinforcements, that part they didn't show.

Tehui1974 : Cheetahs' motto: "Bros over Hos"

Joaco uwu : At 3:43, the cheetah is like: "I'm sorry for this, I'm so so sorry."

Arti Intel : 2:13 THIS FACE

HS32153 : Male ostrich hit another gear at 2:55 lol

Dirty Bird : "We're having chicken sandwiches tonight boys!"

Mr Tower : Giraffe was like, i better get going !


Charlton Thompson : Female ostrich is like "what the hell morty you left me"

Martin Ma : 1:04 when you and your gang of friends walk together

Daddy Tachanka : *Cheetahs are actually so dope.*

Sagar Behera : 3 on 1, it's not fair on the bird. Then again they are cheat-ahs!!

4u25out : Giraffe: What are these clowns up to now 1:15

Adrian Abundes : This is some pretty rare footage. Cheetas working together??? Crazy

Leon King : 1:15 Giraffe like, "What the what?"

Zoniell Caro : 3 brothers?!?!? Thats cheeting

Michele Baptie : RIP ostrich 1953 2008

Alison Rahamefy : I love cheetahs it's my favorite animal ❤❤

Mondoblasto0 : 2:42 "Then suddenly, there are three!" SURPRISE, MOTHERFU@%ER!

Kenneth Satria : I wonder if this tactic will become more common in Cheetahs

Crossed O : 03:47 he looks like he's feeling guilty

Black Panther : was majestic

Jerry Gregor : Drumsticks for dinner!

Rhea Clarke : Cheetahs is my favourite animal CHEETAHS ROCK 🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆

nexelg : Female ostrich saw her guy already running for his life and she still doing some "catwalk".

ANTI HERO : "The three cheetos"

Henock Constant : its funny how the male ran slow until he got to the wife then took off and waited for her to die

Grade : Those cheetahs are stunning

Music& Workout : Supreme hunters 🥊😅💪🏽

Kam More : Omg, poor birdy :'(

Wahyudi Ilham : Worst chicken guy ever, he let cheetah aim the female chicken

NevadaFederalBites : That male ostrich wasn’t worth it...he didn’t even help her. Bastitch! Aww 😫

edgar carranza : Saw the title and instantly clicked

Duskam Vonathsat : You never have to be faster then the beast you just have to be faster then your partner

tavishi bansal : This was so mesmerizing to watch. These animals are truly amazing.

Jonny T : Man its gotta suck to know you're being eaten alive..

Ahmed Waheed : Relationship goals 😂

Taine Kingi : Black one was hauling ass when he saw the three of them.

Jays The Best : You can tell their brothers coz they look the same