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Molly Baz : Ok party people: grab some friends, grab a Brad, and get rollin’ with the homies.

RakkasanMedic : Molly is so pretty.

stormbob : Unpopular opinion: if you come into these videos with Molly, Carla, Claire, etc. and your comment is about how you wish the video was a Brad video, you're a jerk. Molly worked hard on this video (and did an amazing job) and she deserves a lot of credit.

M Ouija : Technically speaking, as a specific collector of mid-20th-century spray paints, seafoam green varies but tends to be a pastel tone of blue toned teal. That sauce is more of a pea soup earth green from the late 60's and into the 1970's. I love those colors dearly.

J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen : Ate too much of these. Now I falafel.... 🤢

wesh asawi : Egyptian falafel (Taamiyah) made with beans instead of chickpeas is the Arab world’s best kept secret!! Way lighter, fluffier and more delicious in my opinion!

Joshua Branum : "I don't really support baking falafel. So, I'm not going to show you how to bake them." - Molly Badass

Johnnyseattle : Can't say I've ever seen a jalapeno in a falafel, but it sounds damned good.

Shayan Givehchian : What a delight Molly is...

Science with Katie : That looks amazing! I’ve always wanted to make falafel from scratch!

scott 3000 : Molly is wifey material.

Austin Thompson : I'm a simple man. I see Brad and I click

Andrew Tran : These are the best food videos on YouTube

Jeff Ward : The updated YouTube Red app has Smell-O-Vision™ for $2.99/mo

Justin Aviles : Molly : "A couple of falafel balls" *proceeds to put 3 balls in pita* Me : *throws self off cliff*

rofl0rblades : B R A D

Aggad : Why do non-Arabs always make them like balls? They’re not meant to look like balls. They’re more like cylinders. Plus when making them into a sandwich use a fork to mash them once. I know I’m nit picking but you know how people are when it’s a food from their country

TheodorZE : I love falafel wraps! I usually eat it with a very simple but perfect dressing. just mix some tahin with joghurt, lemon juice, salt and pepper and add it to your sandwich/ wrap. I can guarantee that you will love it!

Bibble McSquablebury : There are only 27 seconds of Brad in this video(6% Brad), which is woefully insufficient. I need at least 20% Brad levels to keep my dopamine sufficiently high to enjoy these videos. That being said, the falafels look quite tasty, but not as tasty as Brad.

Tosh T : Love falafel. Makes no difference if the recipe is from Isreal, Egypt, Lebanon...all delicious.

SingingMyBlue : This does look good, and no I'm not gonna say this is not "real" falafel but it's definitely not made the authentic way, it's actually pretty far from it. I'm Syrian and falafel were actually created in the Levant, means Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Jordan, so I know how falafel must be made, and I'll tell you. But first, see it has always been referred to Falafel as "the food of the poor", this is why it contains pretty simple ingredients. Quit that chickpea flour and cardamon, those are never used in authentic recipes, same goes for cilantro and jalapenos. You'll need chickpeas, half an onion, a clove of garlic, one boiled potato (that's like the glue), and falafel spices which can be found at any store. Parsley? It's optional, and it's added JUST FOR COLOR. And usually it's served aside the falafel, so, no need for if. Cilantro is never used in Falafel. Frankly, it's hardly ever used in any of our dishes. Jalapenos? Darling if you want your Falafel to be spicy, you ought to add a hot sauce onto your sandwich, not into the Falafel stuff. Falafel's hot sauce is called "shatta", and it's easily made and tastes AMAZING! Now for the Tahini sauce: no cilantro again, and y'all know it's not green so adding parsley is just for coloring it too. So basically, it's all about, salt and cumin, garlic, lemon juice, tahini, and GREEK YOGHURT. Adding water is a no-no. It should've been plain Greek yoghurt instead. And that's pretty much it! It's quite simple and cheap, and healthy too! Can be made baked instead of fried, too. Serve it with fresh sliced/shredded veggies: cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, lettuce, parsley, radishes.. as well as pickles. Oh and it'd be magical if you add what's called "pomegranate debs" which is like a sweet and sour traditional "dressing" that goes perfect with Falafel. Trust a Syrian foodie!

Justin Y. : See you guys on trending!

Stevie T : And remeber: Damp hands make smooth balls.

A T : didn’t expect americans to make such good levantine falafels my mouth is watering

iNfx1 : Pretty close to an Egyptian style falafel called Ta'ameya, but a standard chickpea style thing. The Egyptian style replaces chickpeas with Fava beans and sesame seeds as the bulk, with the same herbs, the addition of much more garlic and much more cumin (probably about 6x for this amount). Notably the Egyptian falafel is very herbaceous like this recipe, so stick with the parsley and coriander and also add mint, dill and microplaned lemon zest. Generally served smashed inside a wrap on top of a bed of houmous and spicy sauce, with shredded lettuce and tomato, grilled halloumi, grilled aubergine and pickles of spring vegetables and carrots. Then drizzle with the sauce which is thinned down yoghurt blended with the same herbs, extra mint, the juice of the zested lemon and a good pinch of salt. It's nowhere near as simple but there's a reason Ta'ameya is considered one of the best. You probably triggered every single falafel vendor from germany to arabia by not smashing them inside the wrap though, that is the essential falafel move, nobody wants to eat perfect falafel balls. That's messed up instagram photo nonsense, please nobody try to eat these in ball form, break them up, it's the only way.

A T : everything is fun with brad

Brillobreaks : One garlic clove? ONE?!

Alon Tako : Awesome to see Falafel is getting a proper representation abroad! Great recipe BA! For the home cooks, there's no shame in shallow frying falafels in a flat shape (like half an inch thick)! They cook perfectly well and turn out just as delicious, without the mess of deep frying (and arguably less oil in them). I also recommend skipping the herbs and some spices if you're going to eat it in a pita, meaning not a "herb falafel" but just a purist version with chickpeas, onion, garlic, salt and pepper. Maybe Cumin. That way, the falafel balls themselves are very deliberate in their flavor and everything else in the pita goes to complement them. Dill pickles, saurkraut, tahini, fenugreek sauce, Amba, they all go incredibly well in Falafel. But if you flavor the balls themselves with herbs and spices, the whole thing can become overpowering. Falafel like this is usually eaten as finger food, since you pack so much flavor into each ball, they really are the star of the show and need no pita. You pick up a ball and dip it in a sauce like Tahini, Hummus, Amba, other Fenugreek products... even yoghurt. Whatever you fancy really. And it's great. I'm sure these turned out amazing.

SHOOT : Here's how you make actual Tahini (It's Called Tahina in Egypt, and Tahini sounds really soft btw, I shrug when I hear it): -You mix a garlic clove with a tablespoon of Vinegar (or a small lemon), let it sit for 10 mins. or so -mix the Tahina in with the vinegar (or lemon) and garlic mix -add salt, pepper and cumin to taste -lighten with water until smooth (whip creamy sort of) (The Middle East likes to keep the vinegar, pepper and lemon off, and add chickpeas and olive oil instead, they also keep it heavy with less water) But the falafel were spot on (In Egypt we like to add some beans and Call it Tamia, but this excatly how the middle east makes it)

Eromasin : "If you're going to make 24 falafel balls you might as well bring over some friend" - We're going to make them and eat them all to ourselves don't lie.

Mohammed # : In Egypt, we make it with beans instead of chickpeas.

T B : Is that a wedding ring?! 😭

Chewyyyyyyyyyyyyness : I think this is the first time I've watched a video where the chef actually adds more salt to taste, rather than saying 'it's perfect!' after adding the first pinch. Thanks for the honesty!

YīN YANG Chef : So you using uncooked chickpeas that have been soaked overnight?

MikyAngel347 : I went to a restaurant and ordered green pea falafel. It sounded amazing on the menu. I was very dissappointed... They were the worst thing I have eaten in my whole life. The green peas were in big hard raw chunks and they were very dry and hard to swallow. I imagined they would be fluffy and tender... they were the opposite. I actually thought that that was how they were supposed to be like, but maybe, after watching this video, I will give falafel another chance in another place.

Flamur Alaj : Oh, hell yeah, Molly!

Matthew Majane : Why’s she always dress like a Mormon house wife?

Big Dipper : Great recipe! Arabian tips: Add yogurt to your Tahini sauce, and crush the flafels then put them first in the pita bread followed by Tahini and salad.

Masha Bitar : I'm from the middle East, and I approve this video, well done! 👍

Super Ferrery : Ohh yesss another molly video 😍

abo3n : Brad and molly under a tree , C O O K I N G

Alim Rahman : Fasting is hard when you're subscribed to Bon Appetit

Jock McBile : I've always wanted to try Falafel, but I was concerned I wouldn't like it. Now I'm CERTAIN I'd enjoy this.

PoiBoink : she's cute but she's not claire

A Garr : Thank you for this delicious vegan meal

josepharte : "I don't really endorse baking falafel" 1. How *dare* people do that?!?! 2. Another +1 to Molly I don't know if jalapenos are in the falafels I always had back home but it's a good way to add some spice. I generally would add a hot sauce like tabasco to my falafel sandwiches, and the veggies are on point. This is all very, very good. Great job! I am fasting and now am craving a sandwich!

OmNomNom Production : Looks perfect!)

Dan Green : Good technique, but I like way more garlic in my falafel. In addition to the cumin I add coriander, nutmeg, cinnamon and cayenne powder. I want falafel to explode with flavor, and I always make fresh hummus to go with it. One of the best dishes in the world.

Daniel : Brad increases viewership by how many %?

KappaKappaKappaKappa : Its Molly again! :) Shes too pretty. Really.