Gesture controlled touchscreen calculator watch - guess the year?

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Casio AT-552 Janus, touch screen and gesture control from a lot earlier than most people would think. More info here:


Ryan Carder : "You're going to have to guess the year." Literally in title.

Stephen Sharples : Such a cool watch. That gesture based interface was way ahead of it times. Seems so intuitive! Surely Casio could make use of this in today's watches ? Great find thanks for sharing.

ashvienis : I thought he was going to touch hours to apply numbers. Oh boy i was wrong...

Captain Black : Now that's a good video. He knows his subject well and gets right to the point.. Many YouTubers could take a lesson from him.

Michael Byléhn : Should have done a calculation that results in 1984! :D

Rebuild Brothers : I am always surprised by Tech from the past. Did you guys know the 1960's Buick had a black and white reverse camera? and to think ford did not make that standard until 2015!

KL : "I'm not gonna say what year it's from until the end" The end of what?? The video title?

Maga Man : Is it from 1984?

mgarc79 : 1984 did I guess right? You’ll have to wait until the end

Sid B : Before I finish the video I'm gonna guess the watch is from 2013? Darnit, you got me! Watch is from 1984. Never would have guessed.

Dusty Belew : "I'm not gonna say what year it's from until the end, you're going to have to try and guess." Title says "from 1984"

Restless Sheep : So how does the touch screen work in this ? It's so old

peter11612 : Gesture controlled touchscreen calculator watch from 1984 thats my guess

Austin Robinson : Hey Reddit.

2GeezTV : U know the drug dealers had this

D W : That's epic!!!!

Peter Verwey : I have one of these in working condition. Didn't realise they were so rare. :)

LMNOP : When a British person says "treasure"

Bmw Forlife : The most interesting thing about this watch is that this gesture control is still way ahead of the modern touch screen watches where this is not used!

Not Satan : Im going to take a wild guess and say 1984

Sampsonator83 : What year? I’m racking my brains 🤔

Merc Ury : Try and guess doesn’t help if the year is in the title.

sexy korean girl : Mind blown

Classical Music11 : I am going to take a guess that OP changed the title since he uploaded this. It probably did not contain the date when first uploaded.

Runed0S : I'm at 0:15 and **IS IT FROM 1984? HMMMMM**

Tymon Wilson : Damn this is crazy. I was born a year later and I don't even have a touchscreen

Капитан : revalution

ji joi : Made in Japan Tissot t touch in the beningging

Rex Longfellow : Wtf this is better than some watches today

Frank G : What watch did he say this is like? IQ 230?

MidNiteR32 : Apple fanboys are probably thinking to themselves why Casio is copying Apple.

BokuPower : Not doing the survey, not watching the video.

Patrick Jane : 1984

Luke Light : Wow is there a cheap modern one, and how much are these

arpita rawat : That is so cooooool!

Adrià Mañes : It's fake

Brandon Reda : 2001?

Adlin Ling : Before wrist watches, you had to inconveniently pull something out of your pocket to tell the time. Now wrist watches are becoming obsolete and we went back to having to pull things out of our pockets to tell the time

dhgate replica reviews : How much is it worth?

CabrioDriving : See how close they were to the big inventions :)

BeBe G : What's the point in trying guess the year when its in the title of the video?

sahiel5 : wow

Steeve Rioux : wow im amaze more accurate than some chinesium knock off android tablet!

Andres Gomez : A tad confused, he says 1994 in the video, the title says 1984. I suppose we really do have to guess which one is right after all!

jelaninoel : Think he’s being cheeky by not saying the year its from but puts it in the title video lol

Manoel Folgueira : 1994 not 1984

Gregg Eshelman : Casio made another version that had a full face LCD and used a virtual keyboard so you just tapped the numbers. I got one of those for 50 cents at a thrift store and sold it on eBay for 50 dollars. These are watches to save for fancy events or for office workers. Mechanics, construction workers, people who often smack a watch into a doorjamb, or anyone else who does things that abuse a wristwatch shouldn't wear one of these. They'll end up scratching the face and killing the digitizer.

Brick Tamland : How did Apple invent this in 1984? Do they also have a time machine?

Jon Donnis : Dont but the date in the title and description and then tell the viewer to guess