Last video head massage video of legendary baba Sen the cosmic barber.

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RIP to baba Sen our legendary 'The Cosmic Barber' is no more now and this traffic noise and baba's shssss shssss sound with funny moves will be not display in the ytb screen anymore. I was not able to talk any thing about on my live session, from when I get to know about baba's loss, only his old memories and the time we spent together are recalling in ma mind. We were planning for baba's new video with reiki master and master cracker and both the barbers were so exited to meet the legend of their barbering professional and they don't have any idea that their dreams got end with baba's last breath. He was great man, we also sometimes, make joke of baba, when we were in Manali with massimo, I was the room partner of baba and we both share lot of thing of family and life those days. He always smile and keep god name on his words. I'm baba sorry baba, if I hurted you somewhere. I uploaded this video uncut for two reasons first, I don't have the guds to see baba's face for thirteen minutes while editing and second you will better to see some real moments beyond the scenes and you can see and listen that baba taking my god name before and after the video. He was full of positive energy and reflect positive wibes. You know guys before shooting this video, we all had tea together and baba sang a beautiful song for us, he was great singer too. Lot of people asked me how much baba Sen charge for a massage and today I'm reaviling it, first of all it's depends on the person to whom he massaging . But from us he only took 8 to 10$ and the great thing is that if someone is not having money, he gave them free massage or take less money, I remember last time, when I was in Pushkar , one Australian guy came to him for a massage and at last, he said that he don't have any money with him and he left his money purse in his hotel but baba very politely said to him, don't worry my you liked my massage that's more than money for me and about money whenever you come to the market, you can give and 3-4 days passed , I asked , did that guy came to you to give your fees , baba said to me every day 1or 2 people came to with the same reason that he lost or left his money somewhere. Money doesn't matter Tez, after giving massage the blessing i earned that's what make baba happy. Thats what baba make legendary guys. There are lot of such examples of baba ii remember . The whole will get less to write about baba. With the small request I'm ending the discription that baba's relax the whole world , now it's time to return him, please support baba Sen with your tiny support, on his PayPal or in my doesn't matter , I'm going to support him with the salary and the whole revenue of this video will be donated to his family. Byee byee Baba Sen . Please do not stop sending your cosmic energy to yours lovers. Love you from the depth of my heart . Freinds I'm crying . Love you , love you alot baba yours sweet memories always keep place in our heart. hats off and salute to your do's. #ripbaba#headmassage #cosmicbaba you can support on my PayPal or in baba's PayPal too. my PayPal link and if u want to donate baba directly go to baba's channel and donate their baba Sen channel name.

Comments from Youtube

Karuna Satori ASMR : I am still in shock from this. What an amazing human. My heart goes to his family and those suffering his loss.

Unearthly Wonder : Baba didn't die, he became one with the cosmos. He fulfilled his purpose in driving the passion of positivity into the hearts of thousands. Rest in peace, Legend.

Jonathan : Only now when it rains I can see baba giving the Earth a nice head massage.

Violate : *Relax In Peace 🕊💔*

Ebin Ecks Dee : As long as his name and videos are not forgotten he shall live on.

ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ : Isnt this the guy who started ASMR unintentionally? This man’s a legend.

Lostgears : Man some of these hate comments are ridiculous. He was not a scammer. Dude worked for dirt cheap and free sometimes. Yall need to take your self loathing elsewhere. People are just here to pay respects to a dead man. If you can't do that just don't comment at all. smh.

Mau365PP : Me: Baba, I'm sad that you are gone... Baba: 6:00 Me: what do you feel now? Baba: 6:51

GhettoASMR : He was the best , Rest In Peace legend !!

ironfistscientist : I suffer from depression and anxiety. During the evenings my mind races and in suffered from insomnia because I couldn't sleep till I found Baba. He meant a lot to me and my mental health. I donated 20dollars which isn't much. But I will continue to donate something every month. To show how much he meant for me and my mental health. I cried at knowing Baba passed. I loved and respected him as I'm sure others have even if only through youtube. I'm sure he helped many lives. GOD BLESS BABA SEN......he is now one with the cosmos. Goodbye my friend.

grahamyodude : For some reason, I just can't watch this anymore knowing he's dead... because in the back of my mind whenever I would watch Baba videos I would think "I can get this massage one day if I want" and now thats not a possibility... don't know what you have before its gone... RIP the legend

ColinNH : Baba you are a legend. Now you can relaaax with Bob Ross by your side. I wish the best of luck to his family.

StikayTK : *_He'll for ever be massaging people and moving his arms eraticly in what ever after life there is._* *Rip The Big Boi*

Brad James : Baba now IS the cosmos....The Universe can finally...relaxxxxx.

Ogg 1893 : I swear I planned since 2 years to fly 2019 all the way from Germany to Pushkar just to meet this incredible guy!! That is so sad and wrong..

Rodas ASMR : Descanse em Paz, Amigo que nos proporcionou tanta paz e relaxamento R.I.P. Baba we don't forget You

sonny_dray : Get this man a statue

Hayden Dizon : baba is now massaging angels in heaven

Sue Masefield : When Baba reached the pearly Gates, God asked him what is your Name, what is your Mothers Name, Baba you have Made so many people Happy, enter and bring that Cosmic Energy with you. Rip Baba you will be missed.

GianoCarlo ROSSI : Great massage. He probably reeked of BO after doing one of these. RIP brother.

Javi-97 : Been here with Baba for years since the beginning man I remember seeing his first videos on the side of the street in that small closet sized room giving people haircuts and “cosmic head massages”... this is actually heartbreaking

- Viontech - : Son: Mum, Why do all the good people die so soon in this world? Mother: When you go into a garden, what flower do you pick? Son: The prettiest one of course!

Marmota Digitala : :( Basically Baba was the first barber who triggered this asmr phenomenon back in 2008, with a random video from a tourist. All ASMR youtubers should pay a tribute to him. He started something that helped millions of people sleep. And he didnt even knew that. R.I.P

apex_grind : It's a blessing for his loved ones to have video of this man

Hey My Dude : I will never see the world the same way again. The rain will remember me of him spraying his bottle on the worlds head. The breeze of the mountains and the oceans will remember me of him sniffing all the cosmic energy in the air. And the night sky will remember me of him telling the world to Relaaaaxxxxxx. Relax in Peace, legend.

Paul Pignati Zindel : His moves were great. I believe that he was pulling in energy and good will toward his customers.

Javi K : May this legend of a human being Rest In Peace.

Devinbroseph : I’ve been looking everywhere as to how a legend like this died. Anyone who knows how he did would be greatly appreciated if they could tell me.

Mike Nihan : I didn't know he passed. Rest easy, friend

Hedley Kerr : RIP Baba, I'm a M.T. and would start and end my day by watching work at something he loved! I hope that I could capture a fraction of his dedication into my routine! Will continue to live and work by his motto and pay it forward! Again thanks for the privilege of being able to watch and learn!

Rachael Dye : What?! Omg I had no idea until just now! RIP Legend. <3

Black Dog : The heaven has a beautiful place to him... Legendary Cosmic Man! Rest in peace .. 🌟🌌

Kevin : Legends Never Die 🙏🐐

Cheko : He’s in Heaven giving head massages 💆🏽‍♂️ 🕊❤️

julio natalucci : He was the great responsable for me to know the Asmr world

DaFuq : I was born in Pakistan, and brainwashed to hate people like baba because of their religion.I got rid of that sickness a long time ago. Baba proves that love, compassion and generosity defeats all the hate spread in the name of religion and race. RIP

ohio mcdonald : Rest in peace Baba.. im your fan from Indonesia.. the world need a such positive man like you 😭

Diamante Dea : Rest In Peace ❤️😢

Chazzy Matt : Baba is no longer the channeller of cosmic energy... he is now the provider. RIP to a true legend, a god among men 🙌

gamer Gucci kid : Relax in peace legend say he have caught the fly

Infinite Loop : Rest in peace you cosmic barber legend!❤️

RO DO : Miss you Baba Simply the best. Te extraño Baba Simplemente el mejor.

Vitus Y. Batubara : Rest in Peace Legend, from indonesian

Pre Scott : Legends never die

Central Coast Climber : Damn.. my dream of going to India to get a massage from Baba will never be achieved...

TheCozmikTruth1 : I'm here CRYING! Baba will FOREVER BE IN MY HEART!

Mohd Raymee : Sen Baba is well known world wide and he created history by being the first Indian massuer cum barber to hit the millions mark on YouTube and followed by others... we're gonna miss him and his massaging heartfelt condolences goes to his family and RIP Baba.

alvin aditya : Thanks baba, you often relax my mind with your hissing sound, R.I.P🌷

Vee Vee : Rip, man, u a good guy. Do the right thing to people to relax. Peace!