Last video head massage video of legendary baba Sen the cosmic barber.

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anoASMR : Rest in peace, legend.

Karuna Satori ASMR : I am still in shock from this. What an amazing human. My heart goes to his family and those suffering his loss.

Ebin Ecks Dee : As long as his name and videos are not forgotten he shall live on.

ᗪEᗰOᑎIᑕ : Isnt this the guy who started ASMR unintentionally? This man’s a legend.

Lostgears : Man some of these hate comments are ridiculous. He was not a scammer. Dude worked for dirt cheap and free sometimes. Yall need to take your self loathing elsewhere. People are just here to pay respects to a dead man. If you can't do that just don't comment at all. smh.

Jonathan : Only now when it rains I can see baba giving the Earth a nice head massage.

Unearthly Wonder : Baba didn't die, he became one with the cosmos. He fulfilled his purpose in driving the passion of positivity into the hearts of thousands. Rest in peace, Legend.

ironfistscientist : I suffer from depression and anxiety. During the evenings my mind races and in suffered from insomnia because I couldn't sleep till I found Baba. He meant a lot to me and my mental health. I donated 20dollars which isn't much. But I will continue to donate something every month. To show how much he meant for me and my mental health. I cried at knowing Baba passed. I loved and respected him as I'm sure others have even if only through youtube. I'm sure he helped many lives. GOD BLESS BABA SEN......he is now one with the cosmos. Goodbye my friend.

Violate : *Relax In Peace 🕊💔*

GhettoASMR : He was the best , Rest In Peace legend !!

grahamyodude : For some reason, I just can't watch this anymore knowing he's dead... because in the back of my mind whenever I would watch Baba videos I would think "I can get this massage one day if I want" and now thats not a possibility... don't know what you have before its gone... RIP the legend

Mau365PP : Me: Baba, I'm sad that you are gone... Baba: 6:00 Me: what do you feel now? Baba: 6:51

Qskar : Sniff the Air like its cocaine ~ Baba 2018

ColinNH : Baba you are a legend. Now you can relaaax with Bob Ross by your side. I wish the best of luck to his family.

Mister Popoff : RIP Baba.. What a beautiful background..

Ogg 1893 : I swear I planned since 2 years to fly 2019 all the way from Germany to Pushkar just to meet this incredible guy!! That is so sad and wrong..

Sue Masefield : When Baba reached the pearly Gates, God asked him what is your Name, what is your Mothers Name, Baba you have Made so many people Happy, enter and bring that Cosmic Energy with you. Rip Baba you will be missed.

StikayTK : *_He'll for ever be massaging people and moving his arms eraticly in what ever after life there is._* *Rip The Big Boi*

Dan Kornfeld : I got chills just watching this. You made a difference - you will be missed, but not forgotten. Peace be the journey..

Darkness : Baba Sen's Law Cosmic energy is never destroyed, it is only converted from one form to another I guess all that cosmic energy he was grabbing were his past reincarnations

oscar gustavo arcos ruiz : Reeeelaaaaaaxxxx!!! We miss you master Baba

Pablo V. : I thought this was a hostage video before I clicked.

Koya : DON'T ADD the Ads. If you really respect him.

Brad James : Baba now IS the cosmos....The Universe can finally...relaxxxxx.

Hey My Dude : I will never see the world the same way again. The rain will remember me of him spraying his bottle on the worlds head. The breeze of the mountains and the oceans will remember me of him sniffing all the cosmic energy in the air. And the night sky will remember me of him telling the world to Relaaaaxxxxxx. Relax in Peace, legend.

Rodas ASMR : Descanse em Paz, Amigo que nos proporcionou tanta paz e relaxamento R.I.P. Baba we don't forget You

Javi-97 : Been here with Baba for years since the beginning man I remember seeing his first videos on the side of the street in that small closet sized room giving people haircuts and “cosmic head massages”... this is actually heartbreaking

sonny_dray : Get this man a statue

DaFuq : I was born in Pakistan, and brainwashed to hate people like baba because of their religion.I got rid of that sickness a long time ago. Baba proves that love, compassion and generosity defeats all the hate spread in the name of religion and race. RIP

Sun Shower : Those who are in Heaven will now truly feel like they are in Heaven, thanks to Baba Sen!

Harold Fernandez : A man that has reached millions with something so basic it’s fucking brilliant R.I.P Baba

Javi K : May this legend of a human being Rest In Peace.

Diamante Dea : Rest In Peace ❤️😢

Marmota Digitala : :( Basically Baba was the first barber who triggered this asmr phenomenon back in 2008, with a random video from a tourist. All ASMR youtubers should pay a tribute to him. He started something that helped millions of people sleep. And he didnt even knew that. R.I.P

Jamie Kelyuh : My sincere condolences to Baba Sen and the family. I pray that he died knowing Christ, and that he is in peace with the Lord. Jesus Christ alone is the only way to heaven - no other way.

Doc G : Baba is in all of us. The power is all around. We just have to take it in our hearts and do good. RIP friend.

ohio mcdonald : Rest in peace Baba.. im your fan from Indonesia.. the world need a such positive man like you 😭

branden8045 theultramangofighter : BABA DIED !?!?!?!

YouCrack : Rest easy Baba

Hayden Dizon : baba is now massaging angels in heaven

ScarlettDuchess : Bright Grey ASMR has great cosmic barber sounds/hand movements. That's how I found out about Baba from her videos. RIP Baba.

Cheko : He’s in Heaven giving head massages 💆🏽‍♂️ 🕊❤️

C.J. C.J. : Someone must make a page of Baba in Wikipedia. This man has to be remembered forever!

Hedley Kerr : RIP Baba, I'm a M.T. and would start and end my day by watching work at something he loved! I hope that I could capture a fraction of his dedication into my routine! Will continue to live and work by his motto and pay it forward! Again thanks for the privilege of being able to watch and learn!

Mighty huygi2 : The white ball never became fully black....... ):

Tanvir Ahammed : A true legend..he was a great human

TheGamingChannel : Noooo omg today I just saw him

Azurym xd : I was about to go to india and i wanted to get one of his massage. But now I know its no longer a possibility 😭. Can someone tell me the cause of his death.

Aiden G. R. : What a hard working guy. RIP. I hope his family is doing good.

crazybird : Oh my god are you serious? Rest in peace, bro! 😭