H3 Podcast #34 - VideoGameDunkey & Leah

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Varinder Bhandal : Dunkey is my favourite black YouTuber.

axoplax : Video was too long. Halfway through it, I got hungry so I left it playing and went to the kitchen to fix my self a sandwich. But then I found out that I'm out of mayonnaise so I went to a store. There, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. But I'm really a shy person so I took up a three-year personality development course so I can introduce my self. She was very friendly and all, but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. So I said, all good, I'm a mature person. I want the best for her and I harbor no illusion that I am the best person for her and she seems happy with her boyfriend, so I did not bother her anymore. But we kept in touch and we became friends and I got over my crush on her. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some alcohol because of it, I told her she'll be fine and I wished her well. I still think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but like I said, I am over my crush on her. It was like five years already when I first saw her. Besides, I am quiet happy with the friendship I developed with her. It was more important than a crush. So we kept hanging out, drinking, having coffee, and all. I had a girlfriend, she started dating other guys. My girlfriend wants to live some other life without me in it, so I said, okay, I want the best for you and I want you to pursue your happiness. My lady friend and I drank alcohol about it, and she gave me the same advice I gave her when she was in that position and I became okay with the breakup immediately. But we were really drunk, so she spent the night in my apartment. I only have one bed, so you know what that means: She took the bed and I slept on the couch. But on the couch, I really can't sleep. Something was bothering me. So I tossed and turned for about three hours, then I finally can't take it anymore, I stood up and went straight to my room where she's sleeping. I approached the bed, gently sat on it and I reached for her shoulder to pull her closer to me. She stirred and woke up. She asked what's up. I told her, you know, the first time I saw you, I was watching a video and left it playing to get my self a sandwich then went to the store to get some mayo then I got distracted by life that I forgot to finish the video. She said, you know what, I've been wondering about a weird noise in your night drawer. So we opened that drawer, and lo and behold, there's my phone and this video still has two minutes of play time on it.

Beres David : Dunkey's so awkward and it's the cutest thing ever

Hugh Jafro : I kinda feel like Leah is a caretaker too.

Dexter Cobra : This impersonator is good, but we all know that the real dunkey is knack.

EXCEPT : Dunkey's voice is that of an angel.

Qc : As a black guy, he’s a black guy. He’s an honorary black guy.

Bandar Fahad : Ethan the lighting in the studio is too bright, it even made Dunkey look white.

Chicken Little : I can't watch Dunkey in real life, it freaks me out.

Short for Change : I love the girlfriend being there giving the real answers. Ethan::*asks question* Jason:*subtle answer* Leah:*The Truth*

StringStorm ‌ : I am not watching your podcasts anymore because you invited someone over to your podcast who is black.

Youconix : Man, Dunkeys white actor really did his research about Dunkey.

Softw4re : People may not understand this but people are people, and when they make videos you get to see what's in their minds versus the things you see outside. Dunkey is a YouTube channel, a library of dunkey's brain and creativity, a place of his ideal comfort where he can express his full mind. Jason is a person, a human just like you and me. He's black and has his stunt double come out for these.

Faisal Khan : I love the way Dunkey says "What the fuck." It's always just said so perfectly.


iFiTHopS ItsHobBes : This reminds me of the time Dunkey beat Sky in smash.

HOOD RICH : I love how quite and shy Dunkey is in this video. But behind an ambiguous microphone on his rants, he is a spicy ball of influential seepage.

Lily Raznick : Dunk and Leah are kinda Hila and Ethan in a parallel universe but on the same timeline??? This TRULY proves our dimension is broken probably. Is this the darkest timeline or is there simply a glitch in the matrix... please lmk

Kreamations : A little awkward but i’m proud of him for obviously going out of his comfort zone. Respect.

FunkyDemonCat : He doesn't sound black, wtf yall talkin bout

Kyotosomo : Wow he is so timid and quiet, frankly it's pretty surprising after watching his videos.

gmd : I can't describe the insurmountable amount of happiness I felt when Leah said they'd be getting married

Derek Callahan : yo dunkey looking DUMMY THICC

TriggeredGaming : Why is Dunknio just the cutest lil fella out there

WTFridays HD : He’s so quiet in real life 😂

Beefy Smash Doods : Keep it up dunkey! You inspired us to do youtube and I value your opinion over any game critic's!

TheModedEzio : VideoGameDunkey is actually a very interesting person. I would love more of an insight into who he is. I would like to change about songs as when listening to them you hear what could be better instead. His views on games can be spot on and what makes it even better is that he’s a really funny person !

Austin Schollaert : I thought dunkey was black for so long. It feels weird hearing him when I see his face because I always imagined him looking completely different.

Schmidteren : Leah should do some ASMR, or some relaxing reading of stuff. Her voice and personality is so nice and relaxing. Jesus christ. :)

SuperSuppo : Leah seems like Dunkeys manager or something. She pretty much talks for him meanwhile Dunkey talks really short senteces.

MrManiak : I think Ethan has a clone. The eyebrows were way too calm throughout the video, so I'm calling fake on this.

Artur Müller : This girls voice is just music in my ears.

Sheperino Gaming : "Dunkey, are there any races you're against?" "oh yeah, Tons." -Dunkey

Bhumi Rushing : He's so shy..so different than his videos.

KKK Krazy Kool Kid : VideogameDunkey is actualy...PSYCHO MANTIS?!

HappiestSadGuy : Dunkey seems pretty chill. Leah is a such a sweetheart. I wish I had more Pancakes

IamtheSun100 : Dunkey is way more soft spoken than I expected and that’s pretty chill

Owen stroud : KNACK 2 BABY

wyatt : Dunkey was born black but caught a bad case of Michael Jackson disease

IM a SNACKER : Please bring Dunkey and Leah back on! One of my favorite H3 broadcasts. Plus Leah needs an excuse to get out of the basement after all those shirt orders.

Varinder Bhandal : The H3 podcast really makes the listener feel like batman.

BringBack JojiVlogs : I thought Leah was black?

Elmunus Angelo : Only Dunkey can make you laugh at Robin Williams Death.

Ace Hardware : Non of the voices match the person WTF

Kobe Rowland : The two best couples on YouTube and both look like brother and sister, weird.

Colton Dempsey : Wow, I definitely thought he was doing a fake voice in his videos but that shit is AUTHENTIC

Le Lenny : The voice of god himself

DeliciousBooger : Watching this just makes me appreciate dunkey even more

ChenyBoy : Jesus christ Ethan can't stop playing with his eyebrows

Lamy Huntspiinkt : Man IS a false men Dunkey IS BLACKKKKKKKKKKKK