H3 Podcast #34 - VideoGameDunkey & Leah

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StringStorm ‌ : I am not watching your podcasts anymore because you invited someone over to your podcast who is black.

lich_boss : I knew he was black but I didnt know he was that black

Grant Campbell : Dunkey is the most genuine guy on this platform. You can see how humble he is, and how much he genuinely loves creating content just by looking at him.

Paul Zinormay : I honestly thought they were already married. They seem like they are

Hannah Lucy : That stuff you guys said about adobe was so true oml. Every studio I've ever used fucks up all the time and I'm constantly going on forums and never getting the right results still! Right now I'm back to iMovie because adobe won't even reinstall on my new hardrive? It's beyond confusing

MMA On Point : Right-click on the keyframes and select spatial interpolation, then linear. Premiere is auto adding a bezier to your key frames, linear makes it a straight line.

SHAX516 : Dunkey and Leah are announcing their engagement!! *sky screaming in the distance*

clutch3000 : I love how soft spoken dunkey is. Reminds me of myself. Makes me feel normal

Lul hehe xd : This reminds me of the time dunkey beat sky in smash

gogotrololo 619 : I love Hila’s shirt

Maxx Thomas : Dunkey should have voiced doomfist

Flaming Gorilla : Dunkey and Leah each have such unique voices they are PERFECT for YouTube

Matthew MacLean : Leah is a babe.

brod2man : Wow this is the first time I've cared about someone getting engaged. My sister got engaged 3 months ago and I was like "Ah, right, cool" When I heard Dunkey and Leah were engaged I felt so happy with mouth open in glee lol Never seen these H3 people before but cool group and everyone really suits each other.

stratmoss : Flipping video game dunkeyyy. YEAAAA boi

Moretreats : Anyone else notice the reflection of the girl on the bottom of the "3" in H3 behind Ethan?

Emmett O'Regan : ralphthemoviemaker ?

XMrChicagoX : This woman loves this man like, she can support him without overbearing him. Spousal support like this is hard to find.

TheMcfatto : Leah voice sounds so adorable

Shady Corner : My two fav youtube couples in one podcast <3 it doesnt get any better!!!!

Dry4Haz : I need Leah to read me bedtime stories.

Banjo Fries : Dunkey's voice just straight up does not match up with his face

Lucky Ace : dinkey is the reason i keep breathing

Göröst paljo : I can tell he’s very shy. He shouldn’t be though he has nothing to be ashamed of.

Be. Busta : Mastapeece!

6 Hundred Seconds : I was really depressed this week, big identity crisis after selling off a company I started out of my garage over the past ten years. This is the first thing that made me feel like things are going to be ok.

Sergio Carranza : Bring Mia Khalifa to the podcast

Michael Dingo : Spaghetti and Meatballs

DRONE419 : After watching a few of these podcasts I just want to say: Ethan you are an excellent interviewer. You really keep it flowing, no awkward silences, great questions. It seems like it would be the hardest thing ever and you make it seem easy.

Great Random Music : Not even close babyyyyyyyy

Max Walker : “Why does everyone think you’re black?” “Uh...I am”

Nightshade : Finally a black person on the show

nikko validor : I want a dunkey fanfic where Leah holds this cute thiccboi down and whispers into his ear that hes been a very bad boi and his library card fees are due

Cade Glenn : Guys he's not black. He's Knack.

lord bawnchie : When he made The Shining movie review I was so impressed! Thank u for that.

Isaac Contreras : Dunkey looks like a skate 3 create-a-skater

Weketeke5678 : gimme yo pants now gimme yo odda pants

Cozelis : I can’t believe just a year ago there were people fucking complaining about Leah’s fake voice that she uses in her videos. Honestly she’s such a devoted person to Jason and his career, just her voice shouldn’t detract from anything she does whether it’s with Jason or without.

Wayland C : Hey Ethan, I think it is fair to block and delete YouTube certain comments because they're more like graffiti rather than something of substance.

Grample Gust : What an outstanding group of people! I'm so glad you guys had the opportunity to bring Dunkey and Leah on the show. And did I hear that Kripp was next to join the podcast? That's insane! Thank you guys for giving us something truly special to look forward to every week!

Henry Hooper : What the hell, did they really do digital blackface on dunkey to make him white?!?! SUPER dissappointed ethan!

MarkEz DEZ : I thought dunkey was black, like I swear someone told me he was black?? 😓

Jeff Butler : I'd never seen Dunkey's videos until I seen this. Thanks for introducing me to him. His videos have made me laugh more in 3 days than I've laughed in the past month.


Shade338 : I never clicked so fast in my life, My Denky on a H3H3 podcast? Is this heaven?

thatsawesomelol : holy shit its like ethan and hila talking to the teenage versions of themselves

Merzy : Bubberducky

Kamil_boy : 2 hours of akwardness and i love it

Cameron Lodor : Dunkeys album is absolute fucking flame

John Spade : That's it Ethan, I've lost ALL respect for you. You didn't get Kim-Jong Un. Also, Abzu is pretty fuckin' good. Kinda boring, but good.