H3 Podcast #34 - VideoGameDunkey & Leah

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Skill Up : Dunkey is one of the few youtubers who, I'm certain, we'll be looking back on in 100 year's time so we can both appreciate it, and study how it influenced what came after.

GuitarParts101 : Wow he's so awkward

Itsyoungdoz : Ethan, put dunkey's channel in the description! papa bless.

El_jamez Corn : Too bad hila and Leah can never actually bond because if they left Jason and Ethan alone they would burn down the house

Alon Tako : Dunkey is a young lewis black.

Jin Jan : Where dunkey all i see is some white guys.

Finnie : get my boi Cr1tikal on here

Qwerty Bastard : Is that his GF in the Thumbnail? Is he dating his sister, they look alike.

Brent Giantsbane : two hobbits that married up

Sploob.tv : Premiere is my LIFE Ethan stop being rude to her.

Metamonkey : HA, I KNEW Leah was his carer!

Mega Ludovic : I love what you do !! Keep going :)

Kawika Avilla : lol that's my city he was dancing in. it's because all the people who watch him in madison all prolly in the libraries studying

Cade White : yo, dunky your awesome and I love you and your videos. Keep it up you beautiful Nintendo goober.

FeelMyPuddle : Can't believe Kripp died before he could do the show

MacHavok84 : Fuck yeah EverQuest. It's still running and it's still good.

Ian Burzynski : I don't even know who these people are, I just enjoy listening to Ethan and Hila's soothing voices as background noise while I'm working lol

Silent Toad : So what’s the deal with Hideo Kojima?

Kzero : I always assumed dunkey was a black dude lol

Scrib : kill but, the movie.

meme : Dunkey and Leah are the alternative version of Ethan hila

Vinny Menchaca : Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? He's not BLACK?!!!!!

Smokey the Bear : Damn feelsbadman, Dunkey was so shy, it actually hurt to watch.

loonman555 : "Notice how I zoom in on 'dead'" Probably the best part of the whole video, luv u dunk<3

Jordan Ordonez : Love what all you guys do. Keep doing you.

Spike : Damn, that Dunkey guy is like the wrost guest of the podcast's history. Nothing against him personally, but not cut for the live format.

Antonio Sanchez-ayala : once i saw this in my recommendations i lowkey splooged in my pantaloons

Darklink1926 : This video reminds me of the time Dunkey beat Sky in smash!

frank collins : Click like to get RiceGum on the podcast.

dream : Dunkey is so nervous it's very funny

Jabroney : this is the greatest podcast of all time

Cairdeas Films : What microphone arms are they using?

Brit's Has Massive Circles XD : 1,353,944 views 55K 1K SHARE just wanted to copy

Pikamon - Roblox & More! : falling asleep to this ;)

Vulkan The Primarch : Dunkey and leah look like alt skins for ethan and hila

Nope Nope : I love the editing... love the editing... just the loops, and the... I love the editing!

Greeper Gred : can you guys have Jerma985 on the podcast?

Xyo LikesDinosaurs : This reminds me of the time that Dunkey beat Sky at smash.

__spencer__ : huh that's how he look

Senic Tha Hedgehug : This reminded my that one time Dunkey beat sky at smash


LewieLew : Dunky is way more shy then I thought he would be

kyle mart : To be fair you have to have a high IQ to watch videogamedunkey

ÃiÐen_ : You gotta put James Rolfe into this podcast

XxCHRISchaosxX : God Dunkey is such a G. I literally cant help laughing at like anything he says, goofy ass dude but still so humble

pretzelstick12 : Dunkey and Leah are the most normal and regular couple I have seen. They are not sell outs, compared to the interviewers. Keep being yourselves Dunkey and Leah! Love you guys!

Kawaiisun 1 : H3h3 should start doing gaming vids! I would love to see him chilling playing cs go and playing co op games with Hila

Jaycee : Loved every minute of this, been a huge fan of dunko for the last 7 years his probably the only YouTuber I've watched consistently over the years

Hey-Man : Did he call critical Johnny?!

Robert Jiang : god dunkey is truly a genius, getting engaged near her birthday so that he'll only need to give her one gift a year.