H3 Podcast #34 - VideoGameDunkey & Leah

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Heavenly Controller : RIP Leah she's never leaving the basement after today from all of the shirt sales she's about to get lol


Hugh Jafro : I kinda feel like Leah is a caretaker too.


Beres David : Dunkey's so awkward and it's the cutest thing ever

Be. Busta : Mastapeece!

ImSpartacus : I can't watch Dunkey speak. It's like they dubbed over his voice over some random white guy. Dunkey should be proud of his black heritage.

Max Maidment : Dunkey & Leah are like Ethan & Hila from an alternate universe

WhyHelloThere : the voice over on the stunt double is amazing

randomps3stuff : This isn't actually Dunkey, this is a paid actor by the name of Timothy Brentworth

Jim Grant : I think I almost cried when i saw dunkey's smile after Leah said they were engaged

One5e : “Just try” -VideoGameDunkey 2017

The Viewer : So yu tellin me i get to watch 1 hour and 50mins of dunkey? YES BABY

Beholder : Leah perfectly embodies the nerdy college girl look. It's actually quite nostalgic and pleasing to know gentle souls like her still exist

Great Random Music : Not even close babyyyyyyyy

Harley Mohr : I fell in love with that woman personality. She is so nice and cares so much about dunk, it's warming just to hear she talking

Someone Thirsty : Do ralphthemoviemaker next.

Zoso The Outrider : Learning about dunkeys ethnicity is like learning the truth about Santa, don't worry you'll always be a black person in my heart.

S M : Leah really saved this podcast.

The Ace Of Spades : If they don't play Knack 2 on stream, I'm done with papa johns

SunStar : People may not understand this but people are people, and when they make videos you get to see what's in their minds versus the things you see outside. Dunkey is a YouTube channel, a library of dunkey's brain and creativity, a place of his ideal comfort where he can express his full mind. Jason is a person, a human just like you and me. He's black and has his stunt double come out for these.

FunkyDemonCat : He doesn't sound black, wtf yall talkin bout

Faisal Khan : I love the way Dunkey says "What the fuck." It's always just said so perfectly.

Revelator Eyes : Background Guy "We crashed your website" Dunkey "Can only have three people on at a time"

VonHousin : this was a pretty good podcast but the graphics, thats what this was really all about

Johnny Torpedo : Weird how introverted and shy Dunkey is. His persona in his videos is like the _exact_ opposite of this. Nothing wrong with it, it's just kinda funny how you can portray yourself in a video. Shows how even though we think we know these people (and to an extent, we do I suppose) we really don't. Also I think it should be law that no media can be reviewed until a month after release date. Dunkey's got a point. They're forced to rush through the games, so they never really absorb the experience and they comment on shallow skin deep elements of them. Last thing, Dunkey is really wrong about pop artists just singing the chorus once and looping it. The top artists will track the whole song like 20-30 times (individually for the choruses and stuff too) and take the best bits. Like even split words into their syllables and make the perfect version of it. That shit takes a lot of time and is extremely taxing for singers. But that's the level of production that goes into pop music. Because that's what people have come to expect, an inhuman level of perfection that still has to sound human. Everybody thinks they just get some shit singer with nice tits and autotune them until their perfect. But why on earth would they do that when fantastic singers are everywhere? They just take the best looking ones or if the ones with an interesting voice. Give them a team of songwriters (like 10-20 people in some cases) and spend hundreds of thousands on the album and videos. There is a lot of work that goes into it, they invest a lot of money in promotion and production. They wouldn't just get some shit singer of the street. At the very least, the singing you hear is real (as real as the chopped up Frankenstein vocal tracks can be anyway). Whether the person you see singing live is the one on the record is a different story however.

Dexter Cobra : This impersonator is good, but we all know that the real dunkey is knack.

Oof Man : There are three men in this world I would die for Dunky, Danny Devito, David Hasselholf

TriggeredGaming : Why is Dunknio just the cutest lil fella out there

Nathaniel Bandy : MASTAPIECE

Lily Raznick : Dunk and Leah are kinda Hila and Ethan in a parallel universe but on the same timeline??? This TRULY proves our dimension is broken probably. Is this the darkest timeline or is there simply a glitch in the matrix... please lmk

That One Orange Guy : Dunkey is the reason I quit League.

Short for Change : I love the girlfriend being there giving the real answers. Ethan::*asks question* Jason:*subtle answer* Leah:*The Truth*

gmd : I can't describe the insurmountable amount of happiness I felt when Leah said they'd be getting married

MK : This podcast was A MASTAPEECE BABY

Fernando Perez : Leah is so hot, dunkey is lucky

Schmidteren : Leah should do some ASMR, or some relaxing reading of stuff. Her voice and personality is so nice and relaxing. Jesus christ. :)

Chief Wiggum : Soo... Rip Again Dumbass

Brady Fritz : PELICAN!!!

iFiTHopS ItsHobBes : This reminds me of the time Dunkey beat Sky in smash.

ThunderxMan : I swear he was some skinny Italian guy

Chris Richardson Movie Reviews : I thought dunkey was black for so long. It feels weird hearing him when I see his face because I always imagined him looking completely different.

Roselyn Sanchez : i saw them at target the other day

HOOD RICH : I love how quite and shy Dunkey is in this video. But behind an ambiguous microphone on his rants, he is a spicy ball of influential seepage.

LVC85costa : Dunks serious game reviews are awesome....

ChenyBoy : Jesus christ Ethan can't stop playing with his eyebrows

Derek Callahan : yo dunkey looking DUMMY THICC

Steven Rondina : I thought Leah was black?

Max Eber : Dunkey is the most genuine guy. I love it.

CezaMVO : They are literally a parallel universe version of each other