Countdown - The Most Extraordinary Numbers Game Ever?
Thats numberwang

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From 1997 - James Martin's Numbers Game - This has got to be the most amazing numbers game answer ever - This video was originally hosted on another account. However, after his account was closed I thought I would upload this video. - All copyright remains with Yorkshire Television and ITV Productions - PLEASE COMMENT!


hobofuture : Rachel Riley could have done 318 x 75

klasing : All I got was tnetennba.

Sturgeon : What's the point of having a game show that makes you use your actual brain?  - A Concerned American

Knap- dalf : The Australian version of Countdown is called 'Letters and Numbers' I think, who here thinks it should be called Count-Down Under? 


nocalsteve : I was happy with my 950.

Walter Kingstone : I can see how he did it without knowing what 318 * 75 was. What he essentially did was ((318 * 75) - 50)/25 which, simplified, is the same as 318 * (75/25) - (50/25) which is 318 * 3 - 2. which is 952. Very clever.

John Cooper - Art of Social : Rumour has it, he's still getting noshed off by all the grannies in the audience that day

Jamonga100 : Yeah but can he do it on a cold tuesday night in Stoke?!

Moonspell67 : the american version of this game was cancelled in 17 minutes due to mass inability to think.

PaddyMac : Gerald’s delivery of his 953 answer was just so funny after all of that

crackedoutclown : This is how uk men in the 90's stated their dominance, 4 from the top is just madness hahaha.

Matt-O : I just love how much Carol is laughing and enjoying this

Mike Fuller : There is always someone out there cleverer than yourself.

Holy Ravioli : While watching this as a kid i always wondered why they bothered having an entire clock if they only used half of it.

1980redkremlin : that's how you get Vorderman into bed

Craig Brainimpact : funny seeing people posting easier solutions, they had all the time needed to come up with their solution, on the show you get 30 seconds.

Benjamin Miles : I got: fourfty + eleventy = twelvety-ten

Nuno Soares : So this is how the show looked before the current host and Rachel Riley. Interesting. By the way. WTF was up with that calculation?? Geez! Anyway. He got it...

Tracie Irene : Obviously he mastered those manipulations of the big numbers, that's why he asks for all of them. So there are 3 variables instead of 7. It's a great strategy. I wish my brain could wrap around that logic more intuitively. It was clear he made an equation so he didn't have to do all the multiplication and division, but I would have no idea how to do that.

Ryan super : Nice work James, Carol is now damp!

CountryHouseGent : Anyone notice, no whooping from the audience. Ah, those were the days.

AbsoluteZero : 318 * 3 is the same as 318 * (75/25) which gives 954. He just needed to get rid of 2 in the division by using that 50. That's why he didn't know the answer to the multiplication.

That Guy : I'm an intellectual because this was in my recommended. *updates CV

hillashfarm : Carol's laugh is more funny than the outrageous sum, she has a good sense of humour.

John von Horn : Carol was pushed beyond her design specs and started to break up.

97channel : "Yes, same way Richard. Yup.". [eats evidence to the contrary]

Forcing Google+ Makes Me Feel Better About the Spying : That's Numbawang!!

Simon0 : pretty good. Im quite good myself i can multiply any two numbers. for example.. 3 multiplied by 4 is 12. And i can do that in real life pretty quick. not quite as good as this guy.. but still good.

BrettMKW : While this is impressive there's actually another way to get it without venturing into such big numbers. This is how I got it, I can't imagine I'm the only one. 75 x 6 = 450 450 / 50 = 9 100 + 3 = 103 103 x 9 = 927 927 + 25 = 952 To me this was easier to see than the way he got it.

Shane Taylor : Sheldon later went to star in the sitcom 'the Big Bang theory'

Ravinder2220 : Do you think that Carol was told in her earpiece 23,850?

Luke McLellan : Numberwang!

JYC422 : add all the numbers together and reverse the order

Dave Blomfield : I dunno whether you are allowed to square numbers, but i would have done... 75/25=3, 3^2 = 9, 9*100 = 900, 6/3=2, then 900+50+2 = 952.

ALANSHEARERISGOD : Would have been great if the other guy had got a bucket of custard dunked on his head. That would have been a bit more in keeping with the spirit of of TV gameshows.

nirvanafan7895 : Am I the only one thinks if there's no 100 up there, it's too hard to bother with hahaha

Numera : To be honest it’s not hard to see what he’s done without actually having to know the value of 318 x 75: He saw that 318 x 3 = 954. What he needed was a way to multiply by 3 and subtract 2. 75/25 = 3. He has no way of getting a 2 to work with at this stage so he had the ingenious idea of subtracting 50 first, and since 50/25 = 2, it would have the overall effect of taking 2 from the final answer to get 952. Like this: (3-8 x 75 - 50)1/25 = (318 x 3 - 2) = 952. Not so bad. Beautiful though.

ZMangames : 75 * 6 = 450 450 / 50 = 9 100 + 3 = 103 103 * 9 = 927 927 + 25 = 952 easier

Guilherme C. : A TV host that can do math? Good on you, Brits

ChanGonZu : i was sent here by a father and son who raced atop dominoes

Coldheart322 : Carol: That is 318 James: Now multiply that by 75 Carol: and then you're going to divide that right? James: Yes, but not right away Carol: ... Carol: What will you divide it by? James: 25, but before that I want to subtract 50 Carol: You mean we have to actually work out this value? Pretty epic answer.

logical fruit : This passes as a game show in Britain what an odd amazing bunch

Jake R : The clip kind of looks older than 1997. Didn't realise Susie Dent has been on the show for so long. She has aged quite well and her demeanor seems unchanged.

Eskimo Joe : Been avoiding this video on my recommended for weeks, Finally decided to click on it and I'm not disappointed!! 😮

Millsyboy84 : Carol "you want to multiply by 75?" Maths genius" yes, that's exactly what we're doing" Carol: *throffing intensifies*

dk6024 : That's numberwang!

fivemissiles : I WAS SENT HER *SQUISH*

Shannon Gerry : Ah Karen Venderman, I'll never forget her.