A River Raft Adventure

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Clay Tall Stories : I came here because I am building a small Contiki raft for fishing, to film for my own youtube channel. However, I can not compete with this. This is just sensational. Well done. LIKED!

Bushcraft Natur und Kochen : Wow, what a great adventure!

HelmetsMotoClub : I found this video by chance, I find it unfair that it has not received hundred like, in just 4 minutes the sense of peace and beauty of nature. bless

Percy Barbarossa : Beautifull countryside & you all did a great job creating the raft large enough to put a shelter on top of. Great job filming it as well. Admittedly I got really hungry when I watched that delicious dinner you guys cooked. TYVM for sharing the experience & I hope you all will get to do it again many times

MeldThe Steel : I just wish that they had a video on how to make that raft

abhijat shrivastava : Its a dream, well done

secert youtube person : i like the music its peacful

Wm Cottrell : I thought it was a Coors Light commercial.

Gene Neill : Anyone who gives this a thumbs down has a severe mental problem. What a beautiful wilderness, and what a great way to see it! Beautiful video.

Speedy Ostrich : This vid should have 9000 likes : |

Speedy Ostrich : Thats a very calm vid : )

atelat6 : This looks like the most awesome experience. The raft puts anything we ever built in a rafting activity in Scouts to shame! How long was the trip for? Did any of the lashing come loose at all?

Idk Nicknames : Beautiful

David Webb : Every now and then you come across a video of such beauty, tranquility and peace that you save it and watch it again and again. This is one of those. Absolutely brilliant.

MelvinTegner : Sverige?

Javier Cuevas : Awesome and original adventure! I'm sure you enjoyed it so much. Congratulations :)

Idk Nicknames : I subbed and liked

The_Hate_Inside : -1 for bathing in underwear in the outdoors in Sweden.

Kobalt66 ! : Nice!

Jonas Rosen : life can be like this

george madis : Beautiful! When I was about 10 years old my Dad gave me the books Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Since then I always wanted to run away from home, go to Missouri, build a raft and float down the Mississippi river! Im 50 now and still want to do it! When I was a kid I built a raft (about 5"x8") in our catfish pond at home in east Texas and spent many happy summer days on it for several years.

Zoltoks : My dad when he was a kid made a raft out of barrels and went down the Mississippi river all the way to the ocean

Sjoholm13 : I live right by Klarälven and I have to say; your video is one of the most beautiful expressions of what the river can be I have ever seen. Great work and I hope you had a wonderful time floating by!

Max Jean Tallet : Superbe

OutdoorsNW : This is awesome! We live for adventures like this!

Chance Beard : Thank you

Douglas Scott : What a beautiful video. There's nothing better than this.

Rasmus Vestergaard : I have tried it and absolute loved it but you will discover how inconvenient it is to travel like this. A canoe is much faster but is not charming in the same way.

mike c : THANKS!

Ruth Cha : can i get like please and subscribe to mr slime

Davidx : This is like something out of Huckleberry Finn

Longswordx9 GT : sexy camera

A little bit of everything 97 : Man they relly know how to survive in the willed

Peter Gavin : Would just love to spend a week doing that. Great video.

JP Stone : Meat eaters.... I like it.

Edgar Plascencia : *_Thanks for the quick service, the plans arrived yesterday. I have just about finishing a boat when they came with an idea on how to finish up, and they gave me a few lessons in boat building! [Check Details Here==>_**_https://plus.google.com/100351090281822647456/posts/9DB7swbbBri_**_ ] Thanks to them!_*

John Smith : Here in the Chicago we would get fined or thrown in jail and all associated belongings confiscated for not having the "water craft" registered, and lack of a hull number.

5winder : That's better than hanging out with all the God-damned Muslims in the cities...

Blu : how much money to do this? looks fun

Abel Axen : Beautiful, relaxing, AMAZING. Thank you.

Jared Ambrose : This video is intoxicating.

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ l : kinda seems phony and boring with all the modern gear.

jonathan hurt : It's only a short moment in time. They all will return to their miserable fucking life's.

Marcus Hardigan : It really puzzles me as to whom disliked such a video.

Gabriela Iñiguez : Nou raft

หมูย่าง ตาต๋อง : Great Vedio

Slim Morden : Some Germans came to Canada, rented canoes in Whitehorse, launched and drifted to Dawson city. I surmise they seldom went ashore. I asked how they handled the Five Finger Rapids. They had no clue. I can only assume they were sleeping in the bottom of the canoes as they passed.

Bo Zhu : Without a word or any narrative, I still watched this to the last second....well done.

David River : Thinking, Mark Twain. 👍

Walkertongdee : I'm a boater haven't floated for years it has a lazy certian charm noce video you captured it beautifully.