A River Raft Adventure

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Clay Tall Stories : I came here because I am building a small Contiki raft for fishing, to film for my own youtube channel. However, I can not compete with this. This is just sensational. Well done. LIKED!

george madis : Beautiful! When I was about 10 years old my Dad gave me the books Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Since then I always wanted to run away from home, go to Missouri, build a raft and float down the Mississippi river! Im 50 now and still want to do it! When I was a kid I built a raft (about 5"x8") in our catfish pond at home in east Texas and spent many happy summer days on it for several years.

HelmetsMotoClub : I found this video by chance, I find it unfair that it has not received hundred like, in just 4 minutes the sense of peace and beauty of nature. bless

Natur, Bushcraft und Kochen : Wow, what a great adventure!

John Smith : Here in the Chicago we would get fined or thrown in jail and all associated belongings confiscated for not having the "water craft" registered, and lack of a hull number.

A little bit of everything 97 : Man they relly know how to survive in the willed

Percy Barbarossa : Beautifull countryside & you all did a great job creating the raft large enough to put a shelter on top of. Great job filming it as well. Admittedly I got really hungry when I watched that delicious dinner you guys cooked. TYVM for sharing the experience & I hope you all will get to do it again many times

Gene Neill : Anyone who gives this a thumbs down has a severe mental problem. What a beautiful wilderness, and what a great way to see it! Beautiful video.

Wm Cottrell : I thought it was a Coors Light commercial.

David Webb : Every now and then you come across a video of such beauty, tranquility and peace that you save it and watch it again and again. This is one of those. Absolutely brilliant.

Zoltoks : My dad when he was a kid made a raft out of barrels and went down the Mississippi river all the way to the ocean

abhijat shrivastava : Its a dream, well done

MeldThe Steel : I just wish that they had a video on how to make that raft

secert youtube person : i like the music its peacful

Hexad Gamebyra : Someday, you must tell in front camera what is the name of the river, what do you do, and go fishing, how days to make that raft, etc. The filming is cinematic, i like it. Create more..

FirstStarTrend : Красиво

Kennerth Allen : This is why the hordes of Jihadists will lose. They have no sense of nature and living in peace with the world.

Davidx : This is like something out of Huckleberry Finn

atelat6 : This looks like the most awesome experience. The raft puts anything we ever built in a rafting activity in Scouts to shame! How long was the trip for? Did any of the lashing come loose at all?

mixed LOL : Its klarälven i have been there

Element of Kindness : Great introduction. Now let's see the two hour documentary!

stormthrush37 : Perfect.

mwillblade : If this was in the United States the rich would have built million dollar homes on the banks of the river and try to keep out everybody.

Jeremy Banham : how does this not even have 500K views yet, absolutely stunning footage and the concept is a dream for me. More than earned my like and subscribe and I definitely shall be sharing too. This is simply a gorgeous film. Thank you for making it! I would love to know more details about the trip and also about what you used to make the film if you'd be willing to share that too!?

Sjoholm13 : I live right by Klarälven and I have to say; your video is one of the most beautiful expressions of what the river can be I have ever seen. Great work and I hope you had a wonderful time floating by!

OutdoorsNW : This is awesome! We live for adventures like this!

Longswordx9 : sexy camera

The_Hate_Inside : -1 for bathing in underwear in the outdoors in Sweden.

Peter Gavin : Would just love to spend a week doing that. Great video.

Just a Normal scout : Thats a very calm vid : )

Javier Cuevas : Awesome and original adventure! I'm sure you enjoyed it so much. Congratulations :)

JP Stone : Meat eaters.... I like it.

dinesh : Wow this is the real life to live. Enjoy the nature. Live with earth. Earth is beautiful

James Lane : 👍🇺🇸🇬🇧 I really enjoyed your video it was probably quite an adventure James Kansas City Missouri

Idk Nicknames : Beautiful

Cosmic Consciousness with Jonas : life can be like this

Just a Normal scout : This vid should have 9000 likes : |

Robert Larsson : Did the same thing some years ago.. It was AMAZING!

Спасение доллара -ВОЙНА : Охеренно, молодцы . Тоже так хочу

Joseph Allert : Sweden is worth saving. Fight for it.

Rasmus Vestergaard : I have tried it and absolute loved it but you will discover how inconvenient it is to travel like this. A canoe is much faster but is not charming in the same way.

Idk Nicknames : I subbed and liked

Douglas Scott : What a beautiful video. There's nothing better than this.

Phantomshttersucksatlife : That was inspiring

Blu : how much money to do this? looks fun

Chance Beard : Thank you

LePhobix_ : Nice!

mike c : THANKS!

MelvinTegner : Sverige?

jack ban : wow..i like this..