why one cop carries 145 rounds

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This is the story of Sgt. Timothy Gramins Hear him tell his story: http://proarmspodcast.com/090-officer-tim-gramins-skokie-police-dept/ other sources: https://americanhandgunner.com/the-lessons-of-tim-gramins/ https://www.policeone.com/police-heroes/articles/6199620-Why-one-cop-carries-145-rounds-of-ammo-on-the-job/ https://www.carrytrainer.com/training-for-the-worst-day-shoot-out-with-a-bank-robber-higher-line-podcast-7/ Merch: http://donutoperator.com Pledge to me on patreon: https://patreon.com/donutoperator Check out the Discord: https://discord.gg/ct8sfGz Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Donutoperator Donate to me on paypal: https://goo.gl/nNqcIE Follow me on Twitch: https://twitch.tv/donutoperator Follow me on Facebook: https://Facebook.com/donutoperator Follow me on Instagram: https://instagram.com/donutoperator My PO Box: 3300 N. Main St. D PMB 282 Anderson, SC 29621 *Gear* Main Camera: http://amzn.to/2Hhkput Vlog Camera: http://amzn.to/2D8v34e PC: Processor: http://amzn.to/2D8xEeu Motherboard: http://amzn.to/2G6TTEU Memory: http://amzn.to/2oVAXBJ Video card: http://amzn.to/2G2Kgab Hard drive: http://amzn.to/2D9LOvN Cooling: http://amzn.to/2oP30lU


Big Fat Juicy Wang : Black dude got 1000 hp

atmawpn89 : I'm surprised the headshot took him down, not like it hit anything vital!

If you subscribe to me you get absolutely nothing : "willing to kill any cop who tried to stop him. WELL GUESS WHO STOPPED HIM edit: i love that animation another edit: that cop should be lugging around a 50. cal

Richard Jones : The doctor just needed to keep his mouth shut and do his job like the Officer did

Tom Giovanni : But the .45ACP is the end all, be all one-shot-stopping-power king of all rounds! Said every 1911 fanboy ever.

Drew142 : Did he get the star wars game for his son?

gillecroisd 92 : "WhY dID ThE CoP HaVE tO ShoOt Him So MAnY TiMEs?" Gramins: He did shoot at me first...

Christian Romaine : I really wish you would have put i graphic video warning i wasn't expecting too see such violent footage. That video made my adrenaline spike

ATF : That cop grameis is so lucky the perp was stupid enough to use two handguns instead of going for the SKS.

Matt Xon : As a person that works with a firearm on his hip this kinda struck me as a horror story.

galindo stephen : 10/10 for scene animation

Judicious Aim : I read about this officer, and the stupid doctor, last year in a NRA magazine (could have been another gun mag - I read it last year after all). The crap cops go through - and keep going through - just to keep the wolves at bay. God Bless our LEOs.

snipingshadow : And this is why I’ll never let anyone take my firearms or magazines that hold more than 6 rounds. They can go f themselves.

Mikail Yilmaz : Do we ignore how a person TAKES 14 ROUNDS AND HE STILL WALKS AROUND like what is this

Phoenix RQ : Surgeon: why’d he have to shoot him so much Officer: WhYd He HaVe To ShOoT hIm So MuCh

jerry lim : that cop stumbled upon a boss battle without his OP gear... and then he had to finish the side quest of getting his son a game.

Lans B : Is this guy from Skokie? That's where I'm from lol

Chris : Meanwhile politicians say there is no need for high capacity magazines. I would say they need to watch this video, but that assumes they actually care.

Jake Christensen : Hey I have two challenge coins (Army Ranger and JIEDDO) plus two patches I would send to you but cannot right now.

TitanTube Ultimate : "WHY DID THE COP HAVE TO SHOOT HIM DO MANY TIMES" well the dude wasn't going down

Tregeta : 0:49 just to let everyone know, that was a re-enactment, not video of the actual event. Just so you're aware.

Mr Bleach : The most severe case of wanting dash cam footage...

Rallinth : "Why did he have to shoot them so many times?" Timothy Gramins looks into the camera like he's on The Office.

ThreeGhost : real life version of "Tom Clancys The Division" stupid bulletsponges... glad to see the officier wasnt hit that badly

Ostego Lectric : Uh oh, the X-Men are going to be pissed. They killed bullet resistant man.

FDNY101202 : but muh .45 is a man stopper...

Alehgory Regic : Wow. But seriously that's some COD stuff 14 hits. most people fall after, y'know. ONE

Viper King Mc : Sir, all i have to say is thank you. Your videos have helped me through some rough times. I love your videos and keep up the good work

Za ch : I used to carry a basic combat load of 210.

Scarfilier : Police: **shoots him several times** Suspect: **doesnt die or give up** Police: *Why do i hear boss music?*

Crazy Cuban : "why did the cop have to shoot him so many times" lmao

Mr.Techaky : 2:48 Actually, the criminal should have lead with the SKS rather than the pistol... It'd have jammed after two rounds and stopped working. That way, officer Gramins could have taken it and beat the suspect to death with it. (Edit;) The SKS is an incredibly well built gun that is extremely reliable. The problem stems from the mother fuckin' aftermarket 30rnd mags.... They're nothing but pain and misery and I've yet to get one to feed past 5-10 rounds without a jam.

Philip Schaefer : Second true example why limiting mags to 10 rounds for law abiding citizens is wrong.

Liberal Midget : He looks like Jeff Bezos


papa stalin : this is the best anime ever

Rich D : Am i missing something? I counted he carries 135 rounds. 18+17+17+17+33+33=135

GoofyBoots1000 : Officer gets into gunfight with a .45 - immediately switches to 9mm.

Isaiah Grandon : Wow august 25th my birthday ! 😂

lanes : I feel like i go against this guy every time i play any shooter game.

Dax C : Guns were linked to four homicides in Chicago. Im calling B.S. on that. Everyone knows guns are illegal in Chi Town.

Liberty Music : .45 is too slow to deal any real damage. If he had a 5.7 he could have had 30 rounds in the magazine and not had to reload. Also the rounds would have tumbled and done more tissue damage

Regulus Forrester : Fast 9mm makes a big difference. I love .45, but damn. I think cops should carry .50ae as a backup. The "AE" works wonders on Gangster Disciples. You know what I mean. Yeah, you do. Yeah.

Spartan Guy Gambit : Well guess who stopped him? Officer, “I have enough ammo to fight a army with.”

Thomas Wery : Head shot only way to take down zombies

Comrade Vadim : That editing tho, actually felt like I was there

Disney Fanatic : 3:09 why are they... nvm

Caleb King : Where are the "I only need one well placed shot" .45 guys at?

ContagiousRepublic : NOW this is a heroic cop. A rolemodel to the others out there. Also he's SMART as he got out of sight of the suspect, LOL