why one cop carries 145 rounds

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Donut Operator : BORK BORK NOM NOM BINGO TONIGHT! Merch: http://donutoperator.com Pledge to me on patreon: https://patreon.com/donutoperator

Drew142 : Did he get the star wars game for his son?

Ryan Tendieson : Must’ve been lagging. Hit him 17 times before he actually registered the hits

_Riot : Some people say cocaine is a strong drug. But adrenalin is on another level.

Jack Mer : Patch Notes 1011.18 - Fixed an exploit which allowed the Mercenary players to exceed buff caps -Fixed a bug where sometimes players can't equip SKS Rifle's - Fixed a bug where security guard NPC's sometimes would not spawn in banks - Slightly buffed Glock .45 damage - Improved Surgeon dialogue options - Police players now spawn with 2 extra mags

The Eagle : That editing tho, actually felt like I was there

Jambr0 : Wtf? Suspect was definitely hacking. HIt reg sucks now. God pls fix

Chris Miller : 17 hits from a .45(including a shot to the brain)and made it to the hospital.thats not even human

Tregeta : 0:49 just to let everyone know, that was a re-enactment, not video of the actual event. Just so you're aware.

james harris : This is all a lie according to the government bad guys don’t have guns

Joe : His gun was nerfed in the previous update.

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Not using the SKS was definitely fortunate for Gramins.

The Divine Beaver : The police officer upgraded dexterity instead of attack

TMoD7007 : Probably: He dindu nuffin. He was good boy, went to church... ;)

Brian Cordero : Body Armor in BO4 be like

PsychicF : Liberals would call this cop racist for shooting him that many times.

jerry lim : that cop stumbled upon a boss battle without his OP gear... and then he had to finish the side quest of getting his son a game.

Eyeslo 420 : And we're supposed to be good with ten round mags?

Mark Lisanby : You will never hear anyone who has been in a gun fight wish they had fewer rounds...

Gainey Gainey : Even a zombie couldn’t had taken 3 head shots and have vital signs, must of been one of those damn cyborgs

Phill Huddleston : Who would grab a .380 over a SKS or a 9mm for that matter, that was just plain stupid but I'm glad the thug wasn't a smart one.

DesolatorMagic : This should win a special effects emmy or whatever.

Silly Little Thot : liberals be like: why didn't he just tase him?

Heroninja112 : his glock only does 9 hp of damege on a bodyshot and 13 hp of damege on a headshot thats why it took so long

Viral Dictionary : I would deffenetly carry a RPG after this

Argus 01 : So this guy is basically the real life Raylan Givens...

Wolf GT : Thats some quality drawing right there

Fernando Garcia : Think of this guy running at you with a Foocking 33rnd mag sticking out of that wee Pistol😂😶

nbhIsHere : The son got a way interesting story instead the star wars game

Randy Marsh : Must of been so intense, glad he won the duel.

Kasteel Arcen Wachter : Why the officer had to shoot the suspect so many times? why did the suspect open up fire on the cop, why did he have a assault rifle in his car. why was he hell bent on killing a cop? Mister Doctor. the fact that you made it through medical school at all i find absolutely disgusting.

Viral Dictionary : Poor guns must have been exhausted Read more

ShinE : Bringing guns in hospital Seems legit

TTC Blaze : the officers hit box was very tiny

Ulukai Azgard : I'd love to see forensic materials like this used in court cases and coroner hearings!

MyShowBro : The dude must of Popped some pain meds..

charlie Dilltardē : gun control is a joke

Heli-Crew HGS : Disney Pixar should snap you up, for your world-class animation skills!

Kick Saunders : Chicken dinner for the Cop.

Todd Cross : Cop got out of his car. BIG mistake. Car running over the guy would have ended this faster.

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose : Why couldn’t he just tazer him on his foot?

Stewie Griffin : why he had to shoot him so many times ?

The Pepeknd : That was a final boss..

The Roman Empire : *when you take 3 painkillers in pubg before going into the final circle*

Adam Diaz : This is one of those holy s*** stories.

Graeme Guerrilla : Ban bullet proof assault dudes

Keen Colios : If we look to Germany... A 17 year old Boy in Winnenden was able to shoot over 180 bullets while he had multiple firefights with the police. He scored lots of good hits and even killed 2 secret police officers when they drove by. He killed Civilians that refused to give him a car. Police made some loses and only scored two hits on him. one for each leg. He then fled and shot himself.

Mr Gunslinger : Don't you worry. The news are biased, so you won't hear the truth there only, headline: Brutal cop shoots suspect 3 times in the head, than 14 times more out of fury! Now carries 145 rounds! Black lives matter! Stop police brutality!...welcome to 2018.

. : I don’t have any sound on but from what I understand a black jewish gang member went cookoo bananas, anatomically getting shot in the face several times, then ambulance personal came with one rifle and two handguns and mowed them both down. Later in the hospital, the cop and the gang member became friends and lived happily ever after.

Cory H : That's the "stopping power" of the .45 we always hear about........