why one cop carries 145 rounds

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Donut Operator : BORK BORK NOM NOM BINGO TONIGHT! Merch: http://donutoperator.com Pledge to me on patreon: https://patreon.com/donutoperator

Drew142 : Did he get the star wars game for his son?

_Riot : Some people say cocaine is a strong drug. But adrenalin is on another level.

Tregeta : 0:49 just to let everyone know, that was a re-enactment, not video of the actual event. Just so you're aware.

The Roman Empire : *when you take 3 painkillers in pubg before going into the final circle*

Silly Little Thot : liberals be like: why didn't he just tase him?

Jambr0 : Wtf? Suspect was definitely hacking. HIt reg sucks now. God pls fix

PsychicF : Liberals would call this cop racist for shooting him that many times.

TMoD7007 : Probably: He dindu nuffin. He was good boy, went to church... ;)

charlie Dilltardē : gun control is a joke

Libertus Primus : "Whyd the cop have to shoot him so many times" I hope that doctor saw bodycam or CCTV footage of that incident. And I'm utterly flabbergasted by the fact that a doctor wouldnt understand the effects of adrenaline, or PCP, or Cocaine or any number of other things have on the body. Was the docs last name Riviera?

TAOFLEDERMAUS : Not using the SKS was definitely fortunate for Gramins.

TTC Blaze : the officers hit box was very tiny

asherael : The anatomy model... is a woman... right? yeah... Uterus... that's... that's lady stuff had an "almost shot him in the......uterus?" moment there

Randy Marsh : Must of been so intense, glad he won the duel.

Keen Colios : If we look to Germany... A 17 year old Boy in Winnenden was able to shoot over 180 bullets while he had multiple firefights with the police. He scored lots of good hits and even killed 2 secret police officers when they drove by. He killed Civilians that refused to give him a car. Police made some loses and only scored two hits on him. one for each leg. He then fled and shot himself.

jerry lim : that cop stumbled upon a boss battle without his OP gear... and then he had to finish the side quest of getting his son a game.

Sealteam 6guy : Cop going straight gangster with those two 33 round mags for his Glock

Blaine Wells : Hey, Donut. Love the channel. Really helped me calm down around police officers and I think you're spreading a pretty neutral message about police officers in general. Also this version of the episode was animated in a really cheesy but easy to understand way. Does this version of you're content get demonatised? or is the animation style helping with that. Because I enjoyed todays episode.

Kasteel Arcen Wachter : Why the officer had to shoot the suspect so many times? why did the suspect open up fire on the cop, why did he have a assault rifle in his car. why was he hell bent on killing a cop? Mister Doctor. the fact that you made it through medical school at all i find absolutely disgusting.

Aaron Rice : Man, the hit detection on that game is shit! 🤣🤣

DesolatorMagic : This should win a special effects emmy or whatever.

Mr.Techaky : 2:48 Actually, the criminal should have lead with the SKS rather than the pistol... It'd have jammed after two rounds and stopped working. That way, officer Gramins could have taken it and beat the suspect to death with it.

Kirk T : Seems to me a long weapon would have been a better option for the cop. Shotgun, AR, Tavor, mini-14 with a folding stock...all viable options.

Mr.Meanor : Lmfao just noticed Donut used a picture of the FEMALE anatomy

maurice meerts : did the surgeon get all the bullets out and did he survive and sentenced to jail the cullprit?

Wolf GT : Thats some quality drawing right there

Calvin : Nice animation there buddy. No seriously it made the video funny idkwhy

Salty Silvers : Why not just run the guy over? The guy was right in front of his car

RICHARD MILFORD : That ought to put a end to the .45 ACP stopping power myth. Stories like this give me comfort in having switched to the 9mm, I just wish my department would do the same. Shot placement and magazine capacity is more important than "stopping power".

Dale Haile : Only 55 seconds? that's like a life time in a situation like this most are over in 5-8 seconds

Ryan Tendieson : Must’ve been lagging. Hit him 17 times before he actually registered the hits

Adam Diaz : This is one of those holy s*** stories.

Sirisaiah S. : Did he ever get his son that game

H20 HUSKY : 5 min god mode ran out

Vortexx : The robber was Rasputin

ContagiousRepublic : NOW this is a heroic cop. A rolemodel to the others out there. Also he's SMART as he got out of sight of the suspect, LOL

Derek MacKeen : He put 13 rounds through 3 holes in his own windshield? Even at that distance, that is one hell of a grouping, especially when you consider that he was under considerable pressure.

TheMatthew72 : My brother is a police officer. He carries a Glock 22 with 2 extra mags. All 3 mags have 2 round extensions. I carry the same setup. I also keep a 15 round standard mag and a 31 round mag under my car seat. I believe you can never have too much ammo.

Not Really with Stuff : Grams got nerfed -25 less speed -10 less bullet penetration -He kept his magazine size and fire rate though

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose : Why couldn’t he just tazer him on his foot?

Lo Hi : *Immortal*

Wudang Academy : according to the picture in 2:16 the suspect was transsexual.

yesca jasta : outstanding ! you mr. operator your at the top of your game here concise precise one of the best video's on this site . someone who know'a what he is talking about . to that so called bleeding heart dr. that was running his mouth ! i think i would have walked over to his stall and told him ! the last round i fired stop him and that was the one i put in his brain ! now untell you have walked in my shoes why don't you keep your mouth shut about things you know nothing about ! for incompetent dr.'s have killed more people then all the police ever will or can.

izphuzzy : And that's why handguns aren't good enough for home defense when you can get a rifle.

MyShowBro : The dude must of Popped some pain meds..

Owl Dev : If I was the surgeon, I would yell that too. That makes my job harder!

Jeppe Nielsen : 10/10 editing

Groove Crusader : Loved the image of them in the hospital still holding eachother at gunpoint

FBI FIDELITY BRAVERY INTEGRITY : Must've made for some very intense dashcam footage.