1990s McDonald's Didn't Know What the Internet Was (My Very Own Company)

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Lava Taco : Who do we contact to become an employee of Big Wangers?

NumberOne#1 : Someone bought all BIG WANGERS INC website domains? That's some dedicating fan trolling right there.

Henry Ambrose : BIG WANGERS INC. is owned by a guy called Smallwood. Now that's what I call irony.

Sam : I first got internet access in the 1980s on Prodegy. It was so useless we cancelled our subscription. It had a few text based games and an encyclopedia that was hard to use. I got it again in 1995, when Windows 95 came out with AOL included as a free trial. That was when the internet exploded.

TennelleFlowers : Speaking of Domain Names, the company my partner used to work for is an Amish Printing Catalog called People's Exchange (which already sounds like some weird human trafficking thing, but I guess naive country bumpkins thought it sound nice and communal). When they bought their domain name, they were really afraid they were going to have to buy the domain peoplesexchange and people would misread it as "People Sex Change" so instead they bought the domain peoples(dot)exchange.

Sean Goldfeder : So you know how Youtubers give their fanbases silly names? We can all be Employees of BIG WANGERS INC.

Issun McGoodmage : Do we have to address you as Karl Smallwood, CEO now?

UltraPrimal : Honestly, I'm surprised the Big Wangers domain names weren't already taken. This is the internet we're talking about here.

Piero Figueroa Araya : I want to work for BIG WANGERS INC. Just to have big wangers in my resume XD

Mysterysoup Productions : Maybe if McDonald’s learnt the ways of the internet earlier, they wouldn’t be getting roasted by Wendy’s so much.

Jack Morris : Mate, i only found this channel like a week ago and have since found all of these videos massively entertaining and have watched quite a lot. I really enjoy all of your videos and love your sense of humour. Good luck in future and hope to see you guys get further along, have fun pinning the cunty comments!

Drakkenmensch Silverflare : Karl is slowly tattoing himself with green skin to become a LIVING GREEN SCREEN MAN. He will be INVISIBLE TO SPECIAL EFFECTS VIDEOS!

Jordan Biehl : So when I was 4 and my grandfather was showing me around an Atari Computer, introducing me to the internet, and teaching me MS-DOS, (in 1994) I knew more about tech than a fortune 500 company? God I love the world we live in.

SketchAndEtch : Everyone knows that the internet is a series of tubes.

Michael Sander : I'd like to work for Big Wangers. Can I apply? I would love to put this on my CV (or resume).

OuttaGoodNamesDangit : Imagine being the rival company to Big Wangers Inc. "I just saw the quarterly report: we're really getting pounded by Big Wangers!"

ana123apple : “This is the sound of our childhood” more like the sound of disappointment for the next 20 minutes and that only if one of your parents didn’t decide to pick up the phone

wariodude128 : This reminds me of something I read once. Apparently someone had bought the domain xboxone.com, before the XBox One was a thing. When it was, Microsoft had to pay the guy who owned the domain name some money so they could own a site containing the name of their new system. Don't know how much money was involved, but it's still pretty funny.

Pete Brown : "Old man" lol I used the Internet in college, before it was open to the public. And it was text-only. Get the hell off my lawn. :)

Tzisorey Tigerwuf : 24 years is basically quarter of a century - think of th...... oh shit... I'm a half century old.... DAMMIT KARL

The Horse-leaf's Cabbage : So technically, I've been alive slightly longer than the time McD has owned their own domain name (I be born in 1994)

Michelle Anya : Weird. It's like the universe waited until I was free for this video to appear on my feed. Thank you unknown technical issues. Wait does this mean Brad has to put VFX editor for Big Wangers, INC on his resume?

UltraPrimal : Too be fair, £50 sounds like about how much it would cost to register all those domain names. So I think it's only fair if you wanted the domain names, they get reimbursed for registering them.

Kintler11 : Everyone knows what the "internet noise" is as it was a meme.

arino donichi : omg your green tatoo is messing with the green screen!! THIS IS THE BEST!! (this is why I love this channel. how friggin' chill and laid back it is)

Flynn's Arcadia : On the topic of dodgy marketing slogans. Does anyone remember the cringy burger King advert for King Kong in 2005... Kong my whopper!! And even better for their milkshake... Go large, suck it and see! 😂

Gloria Vicis : We should all strive to be like Quittner.

name bn : It would of been so funny if someone bought McDonald's.com and put up a ad saying now with 20% more rat. Then include a gif of Sylvester Stallone from Demolition Man eating a rat burger, finding out it's a rat burger then continue to eat it anyway.

Safebox Gaming : "1990s McDonald's didn't know what the internet" Didn't know what the internet what? I need to know, thumbnail!

TwiggyHetfield27 : I still remember waiting like 15 minutes to get on the internet only to be booted off 5 minutes later because someone was trying to call the house. Nothing pissed me off more then that. Then having to ask how long someone would be on the phone for because you wanted to go online. Kids nowadays will never know the struggle 😂🤣

LeGrimReaper : Karl, how can I become an employee of Big Wangers Inc.

Simple Simon Speaks : Anytime i need a good laugh i watch this channel. Thanks guys

Alex my little Budgie : Do you need any employees for big wanngers INC? Can I apply for an apprenticeship? Thanks.

donashcroft93 : I wish I'd bought big wangers, I'd have extorted you for something way better than money. If you had wanted it back from me you would have had to do a months worth of videos in one of those green full body suits X'D I suppose that less extortion and more giving you an excuse though now I think about it. Can you give me a 0 hour contract for your company just so I can add it to my CV?

Lillian Finegold-Sachs : Okay, you have Big Wangers, but why not Wig Bangers?

DarceyNE : I like your t-shirt

NoLife Anime : You know what..... Somebody please make the dufensmirths (from ph&f) (the mad scientist) song into BIG WANGERS Incorporated. .

Ricardo Rodriguez : The owner and director of Big Wangers Inc. is called Mr. Smallwood

Restive Leech : No thumbnail or notification

Denise Nova : Omg I just noticed your "Laika Boss" shirt. That's awesome :D

Khaosgamez : Ahh the dial up noise, formerly known as loading a game on my Spectrum for 45 minutes only for it to fail at the last 2nd and I have to rewind the tape and start again.....

Rena Ami Akai : I think kids these days should have to use dialup internet for at least a week, just to learn how privileged they are, and how easy they have it now.

quadro beam : https://bigwangers.co.uk/sorry.html

MIKE D : The one disliked is that guy who bought the website XD

skaia ! : being like , born from 2000-2004ish is frustrating cos its like..."only 90s kids!!" yeah..i was born in 2001 so i remember of course, i had dialup until i was 9 and im only 17 now but because its in the 2000s im seen as like a 10 year old who had an iphone from birth or something

darkashtar : I remember having dial up and America Online. My god I'm old. I'll be 40 in 3 years, but at least I have long curly hair and a sick ass goatee. Even if there is some grey showing up. Even in my goatee one side is white the other is reddish brown.

Danny Dankmeme : Dial up is his childhood. The old windows startup noise is mine.

gleaming999 : I remember WebTV.

livid sphincter : About time you sold out.

Cy Johnson : 7:52 Jesus Christ we're reached dunked on levels that shouldnt be possible!