Desert tortoise takes a Rattlesnake for a wild ride!

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EA 1017 : They were gonna morph into a snurtle if you hadn’t interrupted

James Moore : snake thought homie was a rock.. glad it didnt bite the poor tort.

The Comet : Rattlesnake sounds like he could do with a service and oil change.

cory m : the tortoise acquired a nice defense upgrade

TheKBDestiny : Accurate representation of when someone leaves a toxic relationship xD

C Taylor : "Slow down! I wanna get there alive"

AtarahDerek : The snake is justifiably freaked out by the sight of its mortal enemy, and the tortoise is like, "Dude, calm down! It's just a human. They're curious, but they're only dangerous when they're in their speed shells on the long black rock."

Fluminox5284 - : The snake probably thought the tortoise was a rock, and was basking on it, then, the tortoise starred moving

Ernie Upton : They're probably roommates

2wheeled Demon : The tortoise armed himself with a rattlesnake. The military has hummers with a 50cal on top and the tortoise has a rattlesnake.

noapology88 : Can't a brother ride his tortoise without a camera being stuck in his face?

Gio Adme : *Why did this look like a weapon of mass destruction*

Van WangYe : Rattlesnakes dont attack tortoise...especially its gopher as it need the tortoise to dig tunnel for the snake to stay. Its a mutual relationship.

Stephen Miller : *the turtle treccs* *a hissy boi proteccs*

Wesley McJunkin : The new Uber. Lol!! 9-16-2018

Ronald Coates : That's one old and cool ass turtle 🐢!!!💯😂

pickle rick : The turtle bus waits for nobody

cousin leigh : Sounds like an old tractor

jason orsak : Yo gimmie a ride homie

c b s : Walking tanker equipped with snake missile

George T : Very beneficial to have a rattlesnake as a best bud.

Tragoudistros.MPH : "Do NOT judge our love! You have no right!"💓

Texican 84 : It was a drive by, damn those reptiles are gangster

Brian Velez : Haha this little guy is actually trying to run for his life and the snake is just cruising on his back 😂

Johan2 Ofinlohigh : Me when I'm sneaking away from a one night stand.

Vw lover : They've been watching to many transformer movies!

Garaad Ahmed : I think the snake 🐍 needed a short ride and get off when he reached his destination with alert 🚨 😂

Ray Villarreal : Believe it or not those turtles get along with Rattlesnake s...Look up national geographic or Nat geo wild were there's a turtle and Rattlesnake that share a den together..And run in it to hide when there's danger or bad weather around..

Meghadoot coolD : Ninja 🐢 turtle with snake missile... :D

LCbabyxO : They're friends

yo momma : In today's news a man dies after losing sight of snake while filming a tortoise

Adyn Stone : Death shall come slowly very slowly

Leondrius : Turtle wasn't even freaked either. Just kept walking like mission complete.

Tank Wolf : The rattlesnake was just getting and Uber

linux750 : This is....weird. Like a dude riding in an Uber pointing a gun at YOU, the observer standing at a nearby bus stop.

Stephen Kennedy : Same tortoise used in Breaking Bad

TINKYSTEELE : They probably hang out all the time

Erwin Angel Voice Watkins : That's what I call a wild life security system. No predator would dare mess with this tortoise.

AK 01 : The adventures of tortty & snek

Marcos Garcia : Nomas de oír el cascabel se me enChina el cuero

k poppa : It's his designated driver ...

Sv 2016 : One thing you can never say about Western Diamondbacks is that they don’t make it perfectly clear where they are that they you are coming too close.

SolarDragon007 : The turtle is driving the vehicle while the rattlesnake is manning the turret.

Zenus Pridgen : The armor and the mobility of a heavy tank(tortoise) and the gun of a tank destroyer(rattler)

ibrahim demir : Volkswagen in nature :-)

markcovka : Tortoise upgraded to defense level 20

Tanner Hamilton : Patented Security Snek


Ricardo Cantoral : The tortoise is thinking: "Thank God, he's distracted ! I better run !".

nerfninja661 : Mobile landmine under development 1943 colorised