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MC's Creations : DUDE!... I'm speechless. 😐

dan langston : I noticed that the cars have GoPros mounted on them, have you ever gotten in good footage, from the cars perspective, of you chasing them? It would be cool to cut in between yours and theirs if possible.

BootsInShoes : That landing 0.o Full commit!!

trev robinson : Mindblowing , best drift - Quad vid period

War Chest : *HOT DAMN* I can't get enough of this drift footage. And that torn bumper must have been terrifying to get close to! 🔥

Guybrush Threepwood : *Achievement Unlocked:* Rubber bits on camera

irfuel : Could you keep a safe distance from our $30.000 DJI drone next time? We are professionals. :D

Flying Buzzard : SPECTACULAR.....can not get shots and vids like that, any other way.....

Gi Point : thats why i wear my MR.STEELE Cap every Day.... Absolut insane..... Greets from Hannover

Rotor Ryan : Only getting better my dude. You a gamer or martial artist before this?

Jack Hartwig : I have not flown in over a month. Send help.

Mike V : Your best drift video flying I've seen yet. And that lap dance you gave to the drift car was epic 😂😂😂

TheDirtyBomb : Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of sports cameramen!

paul wolven : Bro, you captured some incredible footage. That was hella cool.

MGKfpv : Wow, that was some close proximity flying! how was your adrenaline level?

KRONOSFPV : 🙌 of my favorite FPV videos ever..This is like Jimi Hendrix playing woodstock..i had chills.....bowing

Edwin Santos : Omg you always surprise me with these great vids lol

David Owens : Steele You have phenomenal stick control! The drift car footage was awesome! Love your work!

That One Stormtrooper : Had my butt hole clenched for five minutes straight

Sim : Hello from Ireland now let's get drinking:)

Grandmaster UV : Omg this is so awesome

pyro : Fast & Furious should hire u if they making a new movie

Jason : holy crap awesome batman

JustThaor : OH MY GOD. I didn't know this was even possible. This is fucking amazing. Dude is a god

RockCity FPV : In the future I see this being done in movies.... using racing drones to get those insane shots.

DROHNEN.DANIEL : Awesome. All these near misses 😅 Or is it just the point of view?

trinco : KISSSSSSS ITTTTT BRuuHHHhh!!!!!!!!!!

J.Swift FPV : More raw clips please 😊

Claudio Pozo Veloso : Excelentes tomas! felicitaciones

Dufour- FPV : Loving it! Now your flying time line is, everything prior to 6S and #RIPPINGMUTHAFAWKINBALLZZZ...... RIP 4S

Francesco Concini : Omg i watched 1 million videos on youtube and i think this is the best one! OMG

Boost Goose : i'm shook.

J.FINESSE FLIGHTS : ???🤔If you were "TRYING" to land....You wouldn't be allowed to fly on the track!!!

Matthew Hampshire : fucking Dope

Mad Marc : That was so sick and satisfying to watch ! When racing drones became a thing we all thought what a great idea we could Chase around moving vehicles for money. But then you actually went out and did it and you're sick at it. Super inspired man. 😁❤ I could watch this at least 40 times. Lol Marc 😊

Eric-Jan van den Bogaard : Awesome ! even some more great edit and unseen footage ! nice ! did any of the "drift pilots" heve seen their actions? any positive reaction from them ? they must like this !

Mantas Ubartas : Awesome, from the actual edit i thought you can't go under the bridge for some reason :D

MarsMachine : Awesome! You were steel-in’ da show bro! Shame you had to hold back with them cars driving so slow! Lol Greetz from Switzerland 🇨🇭

TheRoCHeMusic : Golly gosh dang you sure know how to show a quad a good time. I want a quad so bad!

Longin Albu : I think you did try looping one of them wings while the car is in motion :)

Dav : That’s insane how close you’re getting to those cars, that was some of the sickest quad footage I’ve seen!

Epic-Elite Dynamics : Steel ive been waiting for his footage for 3 years!! Hella epic yo

Silv3r Pl4y3r : Sickkkk af :)

Jason Hull : Dam rubbers !! 🤷‍♂️ #crushingit

2stroke Me : The best channel in all of FPVdom, keep up the killer content 🤘

RC Rebel UK : That’s insane !!!!! Amazing flying dude

taylor drone footage : Ya I could watch this all day .. just saying

Daniels Family : Wow! Just wow! I hope one day im half that good...

MsMotron : this videogame trailer has awsome graphics!

Kirk Mayberry : damn biggin 🤘🏽😃