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JustThaor : OH MY GOD. I didn't know this was even possible. This is fucking amazing. Dude is a god

pyro : Fast & Furious should hire u if they making a new movie

Spaceghost fpv : flying a drift event in Sacramento n a couple weeks. any suggestions to not get my quad ran over?!

Глад Валакас ФЭК : Ъ

Sojtin : Why this not have like 1 bilion views :O

irfuel : Could you keep a safe distance from our $30.000 DJI drone next time? We are professionals. :D

dplachy : AmazeBallz!!!😳

Tyler P : Caleb Quanbeck!! This was awesome to watch!!

Danger Davefpv : mr. Steele can I get a editor that will separate drone noise from car noise so therefore I will not have the sound of a drone in my video footage instead it would actually be just the car?I am planning on chasing dirt track cars so I would like to be able to let the drivers hear their car load up and see if there's anything they would like to hear instead of a drone whirling around

Gilmar M. de Oliveira : Pilota muito bem

Rotor Ryan : Only getting better my dude. You a gamer or martial artist before this?

Kenneth Hansen : Look at the way he's controlling that drone. I can't even control my urine in the morning! :(

MackyFury : hell fkn yes

Daniels Family : Wow! Just wow! I hope one day im half that good...

Matteo Pezzoni : One of the coolest videos b I've ever seen

TheDirtyBomb : Ladies and Gentlemen, the future of sports cameramen!

Aldo Soeprayogi : even the landing at the end is really cool 😅

ImEasyAs : You need to get a station so you can get longer range on your FPV. I'd love to see longer clips. This is probably the best flying I've seen.

Q한 : best pilot!!!!

BootsInShoes : That landing 0.o Full commit!!

Dave Lockwood : I don't know how you manage to continually raise the bar. World class footage.

Cody : this honestly could turn into something big.... Show this to the right people you might get a contract.

Marcel Krizka : omg :-D very nice I need dron :-D

Missuray László : Yeeeeeeee 🤘

dan langston : I noticed that the cars have GoPros mounted on them, have you ever gotten in good footage, from the cars perspective, of you chasing them? It would be cool to cut in between yours and theirs if possible.

David Martin : Always nice to see Raw footage... thanks for sharing Steele :) Did you get a chance to get out in a racecar for a lap of Road Atlanta? Looks like a fun track to drive.

eavdr. FPV : cool video but, am I the only who thinks you are flying way too close to them? you could actually cause an accident... just saying... But cant deny this raw video is completely insane, keep it up!

tripster888 : Awesome footage! That was fun

Epic-Elite Dynamics : Steel ive been waiting for his footage for 3 years!! Hella epic yo

RockCity FPV : In the future I see this being done in movies.... using racing drones to get those insane shots.

Aaron Roig : Haha jhonny was on your jock he just posted his drift diss. You killed it.

Galveston Co. R/C Enthusiast : mind blown. awesome pilot.

Padraig : That is so fucking awesome on sooooo many levels!

Nic Cunningham : You need to do a ride-along with a drifter while piloting the chase! The g-forces might make the fpv really difficult!

Mike V : Your best drift video flying I've seen yet. And that lap dance you gave to the drift car was epic 😂😂😂

Ian Douglas : Fuckin awesome very nicely done 💪

Isaac Skinner : That's some freakin Savage footage... No Phantom or Mavic could ever capture this stuff!

Jason Chodakowski : Just really love this shoot

Lupus Dante : Super cool idea 👍 amazing footage

Jack Hartwig : I have not flown in over a month. Send help.

Magic KimGuNi : tuyệt lắm anh hehe

HoverState : Supa fresh Let’s see a video or videos of your subie 😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏

Teklust5401 : fyi lost a couple of lugs nutz watching the mayhem good stuff

HomeGrownCanadianFPV : #GETSOME

Grandmaster UV : Omg this is so awesome

Snacks_fpv : STRAIGHT FIRE!🤤🔥🔥

Jason : holy crap awesome batman

Aaron Roig : I can fly too can i have your job at the track when you leave to bigger things. Lol

anthluci : We are not worthy

David Owens : Steele You have phenomenal stick control! The drift car footage was awesome! Love your work!