Samurai Cop - He speaks fluent Japanese
Samurai Cop He Speaks Fluent Japanese

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SAMURAI COP demonstrates his fluency in the Japanese language. He did train with the masters in Japan, after all. DVD release at AMAZON: and Digital Streaming release at ITUNES: **************************************** Order the Special Edition DVD! Remastered from the newly discovered 35mm negatives and featuring new interviews with stars Robert Z'Dar, Gerald Okamura, and cinematographer Peter Palian.


Lucas Callison : what does cheeseburger mean? it means American sandwich

Blake Siefken : Yep, fluent Japanese.

Kuckoo : They call him Samurai. He speaks fluent Japanese. "R u Foooooge... Fooge yama?"

Nikoniko : Speaks better japanese than most weebs

SchuSchi Film : it means japanese sword LOL

Grand Mousse : What does sushi mean ? It mean japanese food XDDD

PermanentHigh : What does Yakuza mean? It means Japanese gang

Ufuk Yıldırım : I learned how to japanesse in 17secs

Amine Latrache : What does Anime means ? It means japanese cartoon "Samurai Cop Theme"

Jefferies : He looks like an Argentinian football player from the early 80s

Samniss Arandeen : What's his name, Omaha, Yamaha, whatever his name is.

Scissorman 1985 : -"What does bukkake mean?" -"It means Japanese facial..."

fluffybunny937 : Katana means Japanese Sword. We must change the wikipedia page on Katanas.

James Carmichael : "What does fluent mean?" "It means something I am not."

Clembo : Black guy: What does Sudoku mean? Samurai Cop: It means Japanese puzzle *theme*

Diego Morales : What does Goku means? It means Superman japanese

samurai cop : what the hell was that

XxLeperchaunxXD : This is why aliens don't visit us.

Sha-Nay-Nay 101 : "He speaks fluent Japanese." Man I'd really depend on this guy to translate things for me. 😂

SoulStorms : i lose my shit at "What Does Katana mean? It means Japanese Sword" xDDDDD

40088922 : -what does Tokyo mean? -it means japanese capital *TUM TU DOO*

Ultra Instincts : Mr "Fooj-Foojiyama's" mullet is amazing!!! I want his head on my piano

ThatOneGuyWhoWatchesHentai : Watched this, now I'm very good at Japanese

Sedat Tanyer : I'm watching this like 20-25 times per day.

DupaoLucas96 : we need him on Broforce ASAP

Scott Spencer : He's definitely a weeaboo

SuperPussyFinger : You can tell he has respect for the Chinese people.

Adam Ska : the funniest part is that katana apparently means Japanese sword

Stig : The most notorious crime boss in Los Angeles, Fudge Fujiyama.

Somali pirate who's actually somali : The confidence as he answers that question will go down in history as the greatest quote in movie history.

Mr. Onion : The legend says if you watch this video every day you'll soon speak fluent Japanese.

Fossil Draws : Thanks Youtube recommended... Does samurai mean japanese cop?

Afshar : what does 'fooj fujiyama' mean?

ninjast4r : What does wasabi mean? It means Japanese pain sauce.

WAYWARD SON. : this is what being a weeb is like, isn't it?

Tec-9 holder : What does hamburger mean? It means american food

Jordan : Wow he speaks better japanese than japanese people. 

Frank Sánchez : -What does pro wrestling mean? -It means redneck anime.

Bryce Johnson : For the longest time I was confused why everyone was going nuts over how he said katana means japanese sword. But then I realized katana IS a japanese sword and it doesn't MEAN japanese sword 😂

Richard Bright : What does Wasabi mean ? It means Japanese Hot Sauce

Schrammer : Proud to say I own a copy of this movie

Lethal High : -What does Toyota means? -It means Japanese sedan.

Mick Taylor : What does machete means? It's a mexican sword!

Dimas Fahmiansyah : Whoa Japanese so fluent, I can't even tell him apart from Japanese natives

grumpy god : oh my god,why i just can't stop laughing?????

ejl1000 : "What does Katana mean?" "It means Boss Amplifier."

MIckey Mick : Wow Idk Pulp Fiction had a sequel

yurushii : Watching this video and reading these comments are making my eyes overflow with tears of laughter! I got one: what does Takata mean? -Airbags that will freaking kill you! 😆

Zilowa : guys this sounds so * regular show * retro feelss