Georgia Cops Force Dad To Cut Off Dog's Head

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RarelyAccurate : I hope the man in the video sue the shit out of that police department. also I encourage everyone to share this video and contact any media outlets about this video. it's totally insane.

horseygurl143 : If cops weren't armed, they wouldn't be able to stand up straight. What a bunch of chicken cops. God Damn idiot law enforcement. Chickens. Spineless. Disrespectful trash, too.

Victor Song : Cops are STILL pigs.

Black Spruce : Behead those cops.

Raptor94 : I am literally raging at the fact that this cop is a black man. Like I literally never would have expected that. I am a black man and I know people feel some type a way about our color, and yet we go off and do stuff like this?!! Sagging, the shooting, the violence and lack of education among our black male community is alarming. Our expectation is respect from the whites, but yet we treat them disrespectfully with acts of stupidity or just plain spite like this cop did In this video. Dont treat others the way you wouldnt want to be treated, plain and simple. Thought an officer of the law would have that instilled In him, guess not.

Laura Warren : The dog did bite someone but the person had been shooting him with a bb gun. This cop needs to be fired. Yes they do use the head for testing, but protocol calls for someone who is licensed to do it. If the dog did have rabies, they just exposed the man to it and possible his family. This county needs animal control ASAP and for this "officer" to be removed. Hes demonstrated that he doesnt have the publics safety in mind. Check out Crawford Co. Discussion page

songbird7777777 : This is outrageous! Something needs to be done about this! I am so sick of the Police Lives Matter when they treat everyone like trash! These pigs are narcisstic! They need to be locked up themselves!

Roberto Macias : Uh.....the dog was doing its job, which was to protect the family....they want the head? Id take the whole dog to them they can do that morbid shit themselves.

Amy : "I did nothing wrong to you"... Except murduring his dog...

Jamesrobert100 : Truly Outrageous.  My symphaties - Please lawyer up and go after this guy.

ABOUTFLIX : Tell me why I have to worry about terrorists again?

expatxile : These are not police officers, these are not even human beings, those "people" in uniform should be put down to protect the public.

cameron H : And cops wonder why

Stephen Underwood : First of all you can say whatever you want to the police as long as you're not threatening them physically. Just cuz you're a police officer doesn't mean that someone has to talk to you a certain way. As a police officer with over 21 years in a major Metropolitan City I've been called every name in the book. Not one time have i ever arrested somebody for calling me a name or talking to me a certain way. Secondly the officer shot the dog, I don't know Georgia law, but even if the dog's head has to be removed to be tested for rabies there's no way in hell you can force the owner to perform that procedure. And as far as laying your hands on somebody, you better make damn sure you have a legitimate reason to lock that guy up because you're in a world of s*** if they sue. Remember people there are bad officers but there are more good officers. I was an FTO for half of my career and one thing I always told my rookies you have to give respect to get respect. And if you treat people as if your mother was standing right there watching you , you will never go wrong. Too many officers have this god-like complex but just because they have a badge you should do everything they say and talk to them like a god. We have too many lunch money victims becoming police officers. Keep lowering standards and that's the quality of Officer you're going to get.. But I will tell you this I know you don't believe me but it's a very small percentage. It's just unfortunately of these are the idiots that I always get videotaped.

silo13 : Thumbs up for the vid. Thumbs down for this ASS!

Andres Moran : I would have went to jail

Clare Stefanek : They'd have to cut my head off before I would ever let them shoot my dog or decapitate it.. I would kill a cop to protect my family, and that includes my dog. They should think about that. I am not the only one that feels this way. And to top it off I know of entire groups of people who will protect each other if anyone including police attacks them or their loved ones. For example, if I was wrongfully arrested, hurt, detained, or mistreated physically by anyone at all.. or killed.. even if by police, they would all be dead before morning.. 40-50 people with guns would kill them all. This is how most of middle America lives. The government and police and criminals need to be aware that this is the truth.. America is run by men with guns, but its not the government, police, or military.. for if any one of those turned on the people of the USA, the truth will be written in blood. Theirs.

Ariel A. : dat bowtie tho

Ariel A. : and they wonder why all Leo's have a target on their backs

Mocha Gypsy : I have a feeling these cops just bought this guy a new house and college tuition for his kids!

MrGivememyoldaccount : Cut off mr bow ties head and check it for a brain.

ChumWaffle : The cutting off of the dog's head is insane, but if the dog really did charge at the cop, then I have to side with the cop. You'd do the same if you were in his shoes. If not, good luck on the face surgery after that pit rips it off. Your choice.

Isahiyella : The only question you ask police is 'Am I under arrest or being detained?' If no, walk away.

D-Fens DogG : 99% of cops give the rest a bad name. . ~D-FensDogG

Pink Question : Sue the guy that put his hands on you! Make a go fund me, I’m in

Martin Larsen : *Laaaaand of the freeeeeeeee*

remakeme : If i'm not mistaken, you remove a dog's head to test for rabies. They are not cutting the dogs head just because. The white cop shot the dog because it was going to attack him...but it appears the dog did not get a chance to actually bite him? So why cut the dog's head off? My take is they were there because the dog already bit someone and that's why they are there in the first place. Context matters.

Mc Sniff n Test : Removal of the dog's head needs to be done in a sterile environment, otherwise the specimen is tainted. If the man has to submit the head, that was cut off in a non-sterile environment, and it's tested for rabies; it will be a tainted specimen. Therefore, any testing results could be faulty, and should not be accepted, admissible or conclusive.

Right Sided News : Wait so let me get this right a senator does sexual harassment pay settlement with my taxes.But when my taxes are needed to have a possible rabies dog tested no money have the owner cut the head off. $50 says he voted hillary. I smell Libtard LGBT athiest logic

infowarguy : Fed DHS training. Shooting pets Gets police to escalate the situation. In Palestine the Israeli's shoot the children. Coming to Amerika next.

A Thought Crime : And this is why I have no sympathy when a cop is killed.

jUsT a ViSiToR : Beyond ethics!!! I'd rather get arrested and serve time. To behead a beloved animal is unthinkable. What a shame!

MrStoneycool69 : I cannot understand why they wanted the owner to cut his dog's head off. This is insane.

Nathan136 : Peta gonna get his ass!! Ooooh he done messed up

Neal M : I love my animal's I could never cut off the head off one of the members of my family.

mikeyboy236 : Absolutely insane

Laura Warren : This to me has nothing to do with race.

Thunder Waffle : This is the shit that make people hate the police. To all the good police out there you should speak up against this. Otherwise it's US versus them

Rocky Smith : Okay so if dog has rabies are they gonna cut the kids head off to check for rabies. Nothing against the kid but come on man these cops are ignorant. Would be no choice in the matter I would be going to jail and after release I would use thier money to build a dog park right next to his house and call it the martin Luther King park.

jcss1331 : In the south, anything goes. The law can be made up and applied as see fit. It's almost as if the south is still lost in time

Sebastian Brinkmann : All pit bulls needs to be put down - nothing good comes ever out of that violent breed - but making the owner cut his dog' s head off is outrageous. I don' t even think he' s legally bound to do.

Vesuviuz Cannonball : "Every cop is a criminal"

H Mason : guys a coward for actually doing it, should have cut the cops head off

molon labe : lawyers are pissing themselves to get this guys case

No! I'm Here To Warn You ! : I will dance in the street the day some fine citizen busts a cap in the back of that purple pants wearing pig detectives head. What a glorious day that would be.

D-Rock : Who wears a pink shirt and purple pants? Looks like a 70's pimp

A Fiacco : If the black Tucker Carlson tells you to do anything please dont do it

Conservative In Tennessee : Is that cop with the bowtie Malcolm X?

Webzy2 : wat

James Green : fuck kinda shit dat is dammmm