The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Wahoo : Nobody: Kurzgesagt: *New ways to kill the Universe*

GamerSauce667 : How to make a Kurzgesagt video: Step 1: Mention Human Extinction Step 2: Make people paranoid about death Step 3: Add some birds

Anon Anon : Literally anything and everything: *exists* Strange matter: I'm about to end this mans whole career

Qazic12 : Humans: "Humans are so strange and dangerous that they're going to make us go extinct." Universe: "Hold my beer."

jeremy kurtz : Strange matter: *exists* Entropy: Am I a joke to you??

信仰NotShepard : Thanos: kills half of universe Strange Matter: HOLD ME BEER

SA DRAG0NZLAY3R : Bro im just trynna live my life

Shovit Buragohain : Come on I was having a perfectly normal day and now I'm scared to death.

ToonFox : Strange Matter has joined the chat... Human: "Why do I hear boss music?..."

Mohamed Hosh : Its not a kurzgesagt video if it doesn't mention black holes at least once...

M_S : YouTube REALLY wanted me to watch this video, so I guess here I am.

space human : SCP-XXXX class: apollyon Description: strange bEan

Delta lord : Kurtzesagt- Strange matter maybe the strongest most indestructible matter in the universe Me-Have you ever heard of flex tape?

David Battle : Something is inconsistent here. If strange matter converts anything it touches, why is it only in the core of the strange stars? Shouldn't it convert the whole thing?

Adam Blackler : Sun: *exists* Strangelet: I'm about to end this star's entire career

Robert L : You know what's better than Kurzgesagt? Langgesagt.

Samir Lemrini : Legends say the Incredible Hulk is made of strange matter.

Anders Mork : Please make a video about the history of Kurzgesagt! Who, when, where, how and why!

Tithi Choksi : I like how this guy could be saying complete bull and we would still be fascinsted by it

Charcoal Chest : Who would win: The whole universe Or 1 strange boi

A G : I'd like to suggest a video topic: Bose-Einsteinium condensate

DJKitten : That moment when you are having a perfect normal Easter and see a video saying that at literally any fucking point in time you could be obliterated

Arkonaut Gaming : Human extinction: eh Birds: Nice

That Other Guy : Whatever happened to vacuum decay being the most efficient way to destroy the universe? God dang it, Kurzgesagt!

Oliver Paulson : Perfectly dense, perfectly stable, as all things should be. *Snap *

Ravi Rajyaguru : Who would win? A purple mad titan with infinity stones OR One strange boi

Raging Inferno : I know a Doctor who could help with Strange matter Dr. Strange

Louis super gaming : Thanos: **snaps and kills half the universe** Strange matter: HOLD MY OUTER SHELL

Alexandar Narayan : I can’t wait for an new kurzgesagt videos: they’re always fantastically well done. Please keep it up!

Heather Habecker : Strange matter: 4:06 Entropy: MY LIFE IS A LIE

Wan Asyraf : Exotic matter sounds like tiberium in command and conquer tiberium war. It engulf living and non-living things to form tiberium based organism

BOSSL3V3L : So if a strangelet hit a star what you would get is a perfectly stable perfectly stable dense indestructible star that gives of very dim light. So in other words and infinite (but weak) energy source.

Abishek Soundararajan : Please Make a video on Earth 2.0 - Kepler 452b.

P Anjai : It's nice that you guys are uploading on a weekly basis now!

Jesus Gonzalez : But if strange matter can do this, why hasn't it done so already?

Daneil Labro : Omg i just discover a new deadly thing in the univerese: T-Series

htf5555 : dont worry. doctor strange is an expert in this, he'll protect us

MADīlīWITCHER : Zombie Apocalypse: Nah! Small green beas that turns matters into themselves: We've got a problem

S T : Nasa : nobody could touch strange matter. Kurzgesagt: birds can. Edit:thank you friends for 1.6k likes.

Crispy Nuggets : Why are black holes the answer to all of our universes problems?

Chickknight Greenleaf : the universe very own Nanobot Apocalypse

Milly : Beautiful animation, every video is designed so incredibly well. We appreciate all the time and effort put into these videos, it pays off. Also the narrator could definitely be the new David Attenborough. Keep up the brilliant work

Lerum Lae : I was waiting for this monster to be explained for a long time - thank you kurzgesagt. Another monster is gravitational strings, black hole in shape of a line that cuts thru anything and everything.

Spongebob SquarePants : This matter is not normal.... What should we call it? _Strange matter_

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Peppe Ddu : So, if the Large Hadron Collider creates a strangelet by accident we're all screwed.

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Reason2 Craft : I love the art style and the birds, make the videos more entertaining and more enjoyable

Akyer : >throws strange matter into black hole >black holes turn strange holes Me: huh, that's strange