Khusugtun Batzorig Chinggis khaan (page Batzorig Vaanchig)
Mongolian throat singing

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2014.01.30 buyu Modon Morin jiliin Tsagaan sar.Nutagtaa Bayanhongor aimgiin Nomgon hairhanii oroi deer (Tungaa,Misheel,Manlai,Bandiagiin hamt)


Khosrau Anushirwan : Someone stop him! He is calling Genghis Khan back

Gandalf The White : Thanks Youtube Recommendation, you actually did a good job for once

Boots on the Ground : He looks like a giant sitting on top of a mountain and the camera is a mile or two away

Röv : When your Chinese teacher insults you in class

GOD : This makes me want to conquer 2/3 of the Eastern hemisphere.

Danny Welsh : If you go behind High Hrothgar in Skyrim this guy is there singing at the top of the mountain

Dusk Writer : Real Mongolian Hours Like if you're up and conquering Asia

Amora : Lyrics and translation: Kokh Tengerees zayatai / Blessed by the 'Blue Sky' or 'Kok Tengri' (referencing to the God) Khuduu arald mendelsen / Born in the 'Khuduu Aral' (Birth place of the Genghis Khan) Kokh Mongoloo negtegeed / United the 'Blue' Mongols (Blue is referencing to "Mongolian blue spot") Khuvchin delkhii dursanaa / The whole World is remembering/missing you Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggisee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Ezen Bogd Chinggis Khagan / To the Holy Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) Galt mesnii dundaas / From all of the metals Ganbold shig hattai / "You are" strong as steel Gazar delkhiidee / On this Earth Garid shuvuu shig huchtei / "You are" strong as Garid (Garid is large bird-like creature. See Garuda) Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggesee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Daichin Bogd Chinggisee / To the Warrior Lord Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Deed Tengerees zayatai / Blessed by the Upper Tengri (referencing to the God) Delhiin taliig daguulsan / Followed by the half of the world (Mongol Empire conquered half of the know world) Sur khuchee negtgeed / United all the might and power Suld khiimorio badraavaa / Inflamed the spirits Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggisee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Ezen Bogd Chinggis Khagan / To the Great Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) (Translated by Mongolia Live - a facebook group - admins)

Oh yeah yeah : its 1am, what am i doing?

bearvarine : Strangely beautiful...

W A I F U x H U N T E R : My last brain cell during an exam.

SomeFinnishDude : He went to the mountains so that he wouldn't set everything on fire while dropping his new mixtape

Berly Tannyono Putra : *This is literally the most Mongolian video on the internet*

Raw Potato : I have a sore throat just hearing it

Kendra Huntington : "Earth Giant serenades townsfolk while sitting on mountain."

Speed Run Records : He's like a giant sitting on a mountain

Ali K. : I listened this Now I am raiding and burning villages

SomeRandomGuy : That guy doesn't need auto-tune, he is auto-tuned

Filipe Justino : He literally summoned a fking bird in the middle of the vid... imagine what he can do at full power...

Tec-9 holder : He sings about Genghis Khan and that "the whole world miss you". Well I can tell you one thing the non-mongols from that time certainly don't

UShare JIA : Total War: Atilla

TÜRKÜN GÜCÜ : Mongolians and turkic people share same culture. I think we are brother ❤

Bri : I tried to recreate this at school, but the comments weren’t nearly as positive as the comment section here.

floris. fireball : 500 Chinese disliked this video

sneijder023 : When you hear classical and then you hear metallica.

John Sanders : I am amazed by his voice. My throat hurts just listening.

pak man : 10/10 would conquer again

Atakan Akbalık : 😂😂 İnstadan gelip karnı gudurlayanlar beğenin de sayımızı bilek babba 😂

Alessandro Erba : Damn, he's speaking the language of Gods

Oğuz Mete Açıkel : Sözleri ve anlamları (Moğolca-Türkçe): Kökh Tengirees zayatai ------------------- Gök Tengri tarafından kutsanmış Kuhuduu Arald mendelsen ----------------- Khudu Aral'da doğdu Kökh Moğoloo negtegeed -------------- Birleşik Mavi Moğollar Kuhuvçin delkhii dursanaa --------------- Bütün Dünya seni anıyor ve özlüyor Ara ses: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Cengize ------------- Cesur Moğol Cengiz Han'a Ezen Bogd Cengiz Khaan ------------ Büyük Cengiz Han'a Galt mesnii dundaas ------------------------ Bütün metallerden Ganbold shig hattai -------------------------- Sen çelik kadar güçlüsün Gazar delkhiidee ------------------------------- Bu Dünyada Garid shuvuu shig huchtey ---------------- Sen Garid gibi güçlüsün (Garid: Yırtıcı bir kuş türü) Ara ses: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Moğol Cengize -------------Cesur Moğol Cengiz'e Daichin Bogd Cengize ------------------Savaş Beyi Cengiz'e Deed Tengri zayatai ------------------- Tengri tarafından kutsanmış Delhiin taliig daguulsan -------------------- Dünya'nın yarısını takip etti(Cengiz Han Dünya'nın yarısını fethetmiştir. Sur khuchee negtigeed ---------------------- Bütün kuvvetleri topladı ve güçlü hale getirdi Suld khiimor badraavaa ----------------- Ruhları ateşlendirdi Ara ses: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Moğol Cengiz'e------------- Cesur Moğol Cengiz'e Ezen Bogd Cengiz Han ------------ Büyük komutan Cengiz Han'a Türk kardeşlerim de faydalansın diye çevirdim iyi dinlemeler

Can Senpai : *Where is my recommended squad?*

George W. Kush : When you take over a continent and a half

khali blak : Idk why, but it remembers me the tv show vikings

randomshittutorials : I've seen about 300 comments with translated lyrics and another 500 about learning his voice technique. BUT NONE ABOUT WHAT INSTRUMENT HE IS PLAYING ON :(

Timmyboy505 : A good horse, a falcon on your arm, the steppes laying out in front of you A mongol's life

Dan Vanden Boogaard : Me writing an exam: "k, gotta remember what I had in my notes...brain, what do you have for me?" Brain: 3:40-3:53

Joel B : 2:01 Me on the internet at 3am before a major exam the next day

Aurel Xhara : This is pure geniality far beyond modern pop or any other garbage

Hello Fish : this was so beautiful that I started cry

Izzuz Otsoga : For some reasons, this music reminds me of Vikings and Witcher lol

Spy : Somewhere, somehow, there is a Chinese person having horrible flashbacks.

Mitchell Kim : The emotional part of it all is that these folk songs were probably sung in that manner for centuries in that exact location with much of the landscape not changing that much.

Superpope69 : 450 dislikes are Chinese royal court members.

Mrmcfeffers : Welcome to episode 324 of *why is this in my recommended?*

Username 122748909298443 : When you're the real master race


ManZoid : This is so harmonic and beautifull ... Ill hear this before sleep every night this is even inspiring 🤯✨🎇

Arnav Rawat : When your vocal cords produce square waves instead of sine.

Aram Topaloğlu : Now, I'm destroying the Great Wall of China