Khusugtun Batzorig Chinggis khaan (page Batzorig Vaanchig)

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Bang Baron : This guy looks and sounds like he can summon a dragon which is amazing.

JukeIRL : Am i the only person who comes back to listen again periodically?

Berly Tannyono Putra : *This is literally the most Mongolian video on the internet*

Doggo : Somewhere, somehow, there is a Chinese person having horrible flashbacks.

SomeRandomGuy : That guy doesn't need auto-tune, he is auto-tuned

Nike013 : This song is hot af. Makes me want to invade China

Istebrak : I know this has a far eastern aesthetic, but I imagine hearing something like this in a soundtrack for a Cohen brothers western film wherein everybody dies.

len B. : 10/10 would conquer again

RILEYOLI : *urge to break through the Great Wall intensifys*

George W. Kush : When you take over a continent and a half

Alfatejp Blind : I khan see how they did it now

Beni Habibi : During basic training n the Army, when I would be put on guard duty on a tower in the middle of the desert for hours on end with absolutely nothing to do, I found myself practicing throat singing..... after that I started looking forward to guard duty.

citizen 1888 : English translation we're no strangers to love you know the rules and so do I is full commitment what your thinking of you wouldn't get this from any other guy I just want to tell you how I'm feeling don't tell me your too blind to see chorus never gonna give you up never gonna let you down......

MrMhtmht : Real origins of Metal.

Matthew Robben : If I knew how to do computer programming and art, I would make a video game where the world has become a barren wasteland that has devolved into a steppe world. You choose from three factions: Steppe Nomads, Raiders and the military of a currently unnamed civilization that's risen from the ashes. In single player you are a nomad and after rising through the ranks you become the Khan (get it?) Using your power, you can either fight for the greater good with the civilized or raze them to the ground and collect the spoils. Either way, your partner betrays you and now it's up to you to defeat them and assert your dominance on whichever part of the world it takes place. Multiplayer is a free-for-all in an open sandbox where the Raiders can raid military supply lines, the nomads can conquer and raze cities and outposts from the other two factions for bonuses while the military has to keep both at bay. Each faction has a capital city and when one faction has all three then that faction wins and the session restarts

Khosrau Anushirwan : Someone stop him! He is calling Genghis Khan back

Teleporting Fat Guy : Urge to conquer the world intensifies

Atoka220 : I don't know if the music or the landscape is more incredible

UShare JIA : Total War: Atilla

HappyJBH : I like to imagine the city in the back ground is Karakorum in 1240 and in those plains ride a thousand Mongol warriors going to bash in a few Chinese walls.

Ekelao : Reminds me of Witcher 3 :O

Raw Potato : I have a sore throat just hearing it

Nike013 : You could tell his ancestors were great conquerors many moons ago

God : Came here for a laugh and left speechless,enchanted,and wowed...

randomshittutorials : I've seen about 300 comments with translated lyrics and another 500 about learning his voice technique. BUT NONE ABOUT WHAT INSTRUMENT HE IS PLAYING ON :(

Scrim G59 : at first I was laughing but 1 day later I watched it again and I don't know how to describe this but watching this and listen to it is so satisfying! what's the name of the instrument ? I love the sound !!!

Oh Dahng boi : Mongolia > china

mellow milky : The holy lord Chinggis

La Tana Di Kosky : How is it possible I can't find an album of him to buy?

Cne48 : You sir (Batzorig) sat by the fire in Marco Polo S01E10 ^ ^ Great music / singing!!!

Nicholas Markovich : After watching this, everything in the modern world seems so pointless.

Hello Fish : this was so beautiful that I started cry

Relyn Serano : "Earth Giant serenades townsfolk while sitting on mountain."


Danny Welsh : If you go behind High Hrothgar in Skyrim this guy is there singing at the top of the mountain

Warren Gee : FINAL BOSS theme......

Zach Wagoner : There is something very peaceful yet invigorating about this. Very wonderful.

Karaejder Videoları : yavaş ol amca gırtlağın patlayacak amk

floris. fireball : 500 Chinese disliked this video

Username 122748909298443 : When you're the real master race

Radu YT : Pround to be tatar.

Kampfkommandant Radžtard : This is pure geniality far beyond modern pop or any other garbage

Zakariya El-attafi : Beautiful

Annie : Here's the translation :) Blessed from the eternal sky, born to the steppe With a name that echoes throughout the world, uniting the great blue-skied Mongols The courageous Mongol Chinggis The holy lord Chinggis Mind strong as steel, even in the burning wounds from swords On earth, as powerful as planetary birds The courageous Mongol Chinggis The holy lord Chinggis Blessed from the sky above, claimed half of the world Embedded his spirit, in the majestic mighty world. The courageous Mongol Chinggis The holy lord Chinggis The courageous Mongol Chinggis The holy lord Chinggis

Issa Draco : Nice Hungarian folk song :)

Mark Brigandi : I’m on Chogoris all of a sudden.

Chouyoux Louis : Chant profond es très spirituel (magnifique es harmoniques !)

Amora : Lyrics and translation: Kokh Tengerees zayatai / Blessed by the 'Blue Sky' or 'Kok Tengri' (referencing to the God) Khuduu arald mendelsen / Born in the 'Khuduu Aral' (Birth place of the Genghis Khan) Kokh Mongoloo negtegeed / United the 'Blue' Mongols (Blue is referencing to "Mongolian blue spot") Khuvchin delkhii dursanaa / The whole World is remembering/missing you Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggisee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Ezen Bogd Chinggis Khagan / To the Holy Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) Galt mesnii dundaas / From all of the metals Ganbold shig hattai / "You are" strong as steel Gazar delkhiidee / On this Earth Garid shuvuu shig huchtei / "You are" strong as Garid (Garid is large bird-like creature. See Garuda) Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggesee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Daichin Bogd Chinggisee / To the Warrior Lord Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Deed Tengerees zayatai / Blessed by the Upper Tengri (referencing to the God) Delhiin taliig daguulsan / Followed by the half of the world (Mongol Empire conquered half of the know world) Sur khuchee negtgeed / United all the might and power Suld khiimorio badraavaa / Inflamed the spirits Chorus: Eee, Eyaye! Erelheg Mongol Chinggisee / To the Courageous Mongol Chinggis (Genghis Khan) Ezen Bogd Chinggis Khagan / To the Great Lord Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan) (Translated by Mongolia Live - a facebook group - admins)

TetrisClock : What does the video title translate to?

Floow : I'm on 'that part' of youtube again...