Yeah, I'm In The Industry.

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Gus Johnson : if you think i'm an important filmmaker on youtube, just wait til you see me on twitter - @Gusbuckets

Nerd City : Best La Croix integration in the industry

Natalie Alfera : “Michael Bay more like not gonna go see that” I kinda thought he was gonna say Michael Bay more like Michael Gay

DammitSinged : _I have a feeling this guy is in the industry._

Yosuto : Gus you _HAVE_ to meet this new arthouse director I met at this gala event the other day. He. is. just. in--credible. Gonna introduce him to you at the pool party later, you'll _LOVE_ him x

Vlog Creations : Lol "flip!"

abelina sabrina : barbara books open casting calls

Veridian : Gus is definitely in the industry... The industry of making Subway sandwiches

5MadMovieMakers : The La Croix sold it

adam mac : "Don't get heated with me, Barbara.." 😂

Ogryska : The drink was sponsored by a weird ginger guy living in his huge apartment Spoiler He is also a vampire

Jake Roosenbloom : Lol YouTube subtitles thinks this is Dutch

Adithya Vijaya Kumar : "driving for Uber is just a temporary thing" lol

Knorkrax : Excuse me, while I act like I get a phone call to avoid you.

Abbreviated Reviews : Dude are you in the industry? I've got this amazing script, can you drop it off at some studios for me? It's a story about a man and his dog and the dog is actually a reincarnation of his ex girlfriend - it takes place during the Great Depression and I really think John Travolta would nail the part. If not, I've heard Daniel Day-Lewis is making a comeback...

Jonathan Turbide : Best ad for La Croix ever.

Thomas Ruggiero : The sad thing about this is that these people actually exist

sunyaha : thor ragnarok? More like bore ragnarok

I want subs : Mr Johnson I don't feel so good

Ol'King'Sol : Yeah I'm writing a script about a lonely, intellectual but sensitive type of guy who nobody understands and isn't conventionally attractive getting involved with a hot girl who's into all his stuff and she's quirkyyy : ) haha but instead of her having any character she just serves to teach my protagonist a life lesson or something about the little things in life and everyone will think it's super deep I just gotta pitch it to the right people

Eilte da Umbreon : *"Industry Man activate!"*

Coolio Creations : Yeah, you guys, I think he’s in the industry.

distorted animal thing : every rich teen ever

Clank boss : *for about 7 yeeeears*

skinnysamurai : Like learn how to tell actual human stories 😂

Mudzi : The La Croix is what nails this video. Nice job, Gus.

Buttard : Based on a real conversation that Gus had with somebody.

Levi Hott : This one is amazing

Daniel Rance : that girl is so incredibly good looking!

samispeaks : You deserve so much more attention oh my golly

[IGC] Captain Haddock : LaCroix tastes like someone said the name of a fruit in the other room

Angel Halo : *I N D U S T R Y*

Hotra : Boi can I get uhhh....La Coup !?

sassycattie : Did you guys move to California together!? :D

Angel Halo : What is he in again? I can't remember...

Avril Devine : are they both dating? They r cute thank u bye :) pls let me kno

Paloma : Is he in the industry or something?

Tacuruu : 0:24 You wanna S I P?

B Will : LaCroux is the beer of beer

Yikes : Yeah that's cool and all but... ARE YOU IN THE I N D U S T R Y

okay baekkie : I still don't know, is he in the industry?

Slav Memes : I like the title with the intro music at the start not end :))

Mikka Mach5 : Goddammit he's funny.. Hope you really make it out in CA! Need more Gus!

cyphre : I love Gus's girlfriend.

Ultra Nerd : You can insult transformers. You can insult the studios. But if you insult Spider-Man Homecoming, someone's gonna die.

Phati : 7 years for 12 pages. ho boy

Zach Digital : gus, i've been in LA for 6 years's scary how accurate you are. really wanna see you in major things dude.

Matt Smith : Spider-Man: Nocumming

CodCoolerYT : This better be good, I stopped watching Vsauce.

Bob Ross : I think LA changed gus.