How to Sprout Cannabis Seeds
Learn the right way to germinate Cannabis Seeds Watch the Video

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If you’re looking to reap a bumper cannabis harvest, then don’t forget first to sprout the cannabis seeds before you sow them. Higher the germination of the seeds, richer the crop! Sprouting helps the seeds grow quickly, and you get the crop earlier. In this video, we take you step by step to sprouting the cannabis seeds so that you get a basketful of buds this fall. Take fresh and healthy cannabis seeds according to your growth plans. Now take a wetted paper towel and keep it on a plate. Take care. If the seeds are not fresh and stored properly, even then that will do. Rub their edges on a sandpaper very gently to peel off the shell. Soak the desired quantity of seeds in water for about 12 hours. Now put cannabis seeds on the paper towel. Cover the plate with a lid and keep it in a warm place. Ensure that paper towel is adequately wet to hold the humidity. This‘ll soften the shell and help early germination. Continue to wet the paper till a whitetail appears coming out of the seed shell. This may take 4-5 days or even a week. Wait until the whitetail grows to a ¼”. Now your germinated seeds are ready for sowing. Pick them carefully and sow them in the planting medium. Why delay? Germinate the seeds as explained above, plant them and get plenty of 100% organic buds. But don’t forget to get a medical recommendation from a licensed cannabis doctor to grow cannabis. If you wish to grow more cannabis, then get in contact with Online Medical Card portal and get your grower’s license today. We at Online Medical Card provide medical recommendation and grower’s license within a few minutes. With your grower’s license, you will be able to grow up to 99 plants which are way more than 6 mature and 12 mature cannabis plants. To know more visit us at Stay tuned for more exciting videos and don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Follow Us on: Twitter: Facebook: Google Plus: Instagram:


Rich G : Nope do not get sand paper leave as it is,,,get a lunch box or plastic takeaway container then put toilet paper at the bottom use warm water not cold,then more big roll on top then more warm water in till all is wet place lid loosely on top then dark place within 2 days they nearly ready sometimes mine are ready then if not 1 more day will do.

Bob Dole : The link to your website provided in the description is wrong. Its missing the ‘e’ in medical.

Bww Irving : oh yehhhh😍