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Watch to find out how Bryan Cranston really felt about Kevin Hart on the set of their new movie, The Upside. Get your tickets now. In theaters everywhere Friday, January 11th. SUBSCRIBE▶︎ FOLLOW THE FUNNY: Facebook▶︎ Twitter▶︎ Instagram▶︎ YouTube▶︎ Snapchat: LOLNetwork Official Website▶︎ LOL Network is proud to source music for our online content from: Signature Tracks, Killer Tracks and Audio Network Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud Network YouTube channel is a specially-curated global platform for the NOW generation of comedians and original comedic content. It’s the ultimate destination for fans of funny. Subscribe for exclusive behind the scenes, live commentary by Kevin Hart, pranks, skits, and everything fun. Laugh Out Loud Network is a joint venture brainchild of Kevin Hart and Lionsgate.

Comments from Youtube

Ariel Anderson : WOW Bryan NAILED that impression.! Lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t wait to go see this friday

Rae’Quan Morgan : This dude would be a great Lex Luthor, but instead we got The Riddler pretending to be Lex Luthor

Hammad Ali : I wouldn't mind Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston hosting the Oscars together. It would've been good.

Peter Cullen : Please bring back "What the fit" it was so funny!

Francis K. : Bryan Cranston should have an acting Master Class.

C R : Bryan Cranston is the OG

Rio Gloria : Go to 4:10 for the impression You're Welcome

Moxie Beast ASMR : just the title of this made me LOL.😂❤️ how does bryan cranston look younger now than 8 years ago????

T Br : I been rocking with Bryan since Malcolm in the middle

Judgy Judgerton : That is exactly what Kevin Hart sounds like.

650ib : I wish I could grow my hair back like Bryan 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

mizuhonova : I love that Bryan gave elaborate explanation for his answers. It's like he used to be a high school teacher or something.

Warren Harris : The fact that there’s 30 dislikes or any dislikes at all shows how sad and bitter of a world we live in that people were able to find something negative in this interview. Really, what was there to not like in this video? Smh

Utw. Fetti : Why was his Kevin Hart impersonation so spot on 🤔😂😂🤣

NO NAME : Am I the only one that liked him in Malcolm in the Middle

Vee Draw Stuff : Bryan Cranston delivers a great performance during this interview 🔥

Superoshan 123 : It would have been really funny if Bryan Cranston said the rock for his third person on Mount Rushmore


Johanne E. : Brian Cranston is so attractive. He has the most perfect lines on his face....umm dead at the awesome imitation lol

Mnd0vrMnky : @4:10

andrea collins : He will always be Hal chasing a bee into the wall with his car!! Malcolm in the middle was just so good and Hal was the Star ⭐️

PRINCE ULDREN : I really need to watch breaking bad

A.K.A G : I just came from the dentist Bryan impersonation of Kev got me drooling like a baby😃🤣😂

Russell Szabados : Now that Kevin Spacey is on the outs, it’s nice to hear Bryan Cranston flying the Jack Lemmon flag.

Duppy King : Kevin’s arrogant arsehole routine never gets old. He always does great combo with others. Even when he plays the straight man.

Flintlock Avery : Lmfao.. Can we get a buddy cop odd couple movie from these 2 PLEASE!?!?!

YM Travis : Here is what you're looking for 4:16

The Old Vegan Athlete : best k hart impression ever...Haaaaaa

NappiVideos : Two great actors . Hope to work with both and earn it one day

Chief Here : I wanna kiss both of them on the forehead, hug them and pat their back.

malikbukaii nyc : IDC what comics says, Kev is funny as ish!

Salty Headroom : I'd watch the original first. "The Intouchables". (Yes, that's the way it's spelled.)

Blue Collar : Kevin Hart should play a military drill instructor. He'd do a good job with that.

Cookie Tee : Upside Movie is AWESOME,👍💯 Emotions all over the place. 5 STARS!! If you don't EVOLVE in Life, you are not LIVING. The UPSIDE to that is People can Change for the better. Great movie guys!!

DANIE MICH : Now that imitation is Oscar worthy

Nathan Knipp : "Okay we're not talking about my cell mate or my probation officer"? Lol! 😂

Abel Casanova : My top 5 •Denzel Washington(Training day/equalizer) •Will Smith (fresh prince/I am Legend) •Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) •Johnny Depp ( Blow) •Ben Foster (Alpha dog/Hell or high water) I think meant 6 but I can’t think of the other one right now.

teren teren teren : When answering who was the best person he's ever worked with, Bryan Cranston answered like someone was holding a gun to his head.

Thomas Gerber : Bryan Cranston sounds more like Kevin Hart than Kevin Hart himself.

Joseph Talamantes : I’m assuming the 155 dislikes are from people dying of laughter and crying

11thWoods : Was that a Kev Hart impersonation or Lou Costello? LMAO

1ring2rule3pigs : 4:15 is what you came for...and it's friggin FUNNY!!!

dantelo88 : He has two memorable character.. you damn right..

Tim Hutt : I wish for Bryans last Rushmore he said the rock ! Imagine Kevs face

Norma Johnson : Great chemistry, Kevin and Bryan should do something else together.

Kobe Jamez : 5:51 Richard +(family sized car)-Rosie O'Donnell Like if you get lel

moby1017 : The back and forth with Bryan not being the first choice was a master class in improve. LOL!! 2:20

Tim Wynn : "where''s my puppy??" lmao,, love both of these guys!

Kiki Moore : That impression took me at work crying 🤣🤣