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Moxie Beast ASMR : just the title of this made me LOL.😂❤️ how does bryan cranston look younger now than 8 years ago????

650ib : I wish I could grow my hair back like Bryan 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

Jasmina : Roses are red Violets are blue I came for 4:10 And so did you

NO NAME : Am I the only one that liked him in Malcolm in the Middle

Rio Gloria : Go to 4:10 for the impression You're Welcome

Rae’Quan Morgan : This dude would be a great Lex Luthor

Ariel Anderson : WOW Bryan NAILED that impression.! Lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣 I can’t wait to go see this friday

Hammad Ali : I wouldn't mind Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston hosting the Oscars together. It would've been good.

Peter Cullen : Please bring back "What the fit" it was so funny!

Judgy Judgerton : That is exactly what Kevin Hart sounds like.

C R : Bryan Cranston is the OG

Francis K. : Bryan Cranston should have an acting Master Class.

T Br : I been rocking with Bryan since Malcolm in the middle

Warren Harris : The fact that there’s 30 dislikes or any dislikes at all shows how sad and bitter of a world we live in that people were able to find something negative in this interview. Really, what was there to not like in this video? Smh

Duppy King : Kevin’s arrogant arsehole routine never gets old. He always does great combo with others. Even when he plays the straight man.

andrea collins : He will always be Hal chasing a bee into the wall with his car!! Malcolm in the middle was just so good and Hal was the Star ⭐️

Nando : I actually really want to go watch this movie

Johanne E. : Brian Cranston is so attractive. He has the most perfect lines on his face....umm dead at the awesome imitation lol

Cookie Tee : Upside Movie is AWESOME,👍💯 Emotions all over the place. 5 STARS!! If you don't EVOLVE in Life, you are not LIVING. The UPSIDE to that is People can Change for the better. Great movie guys!!

Superoshan 123 : It would have been really funny if Bryan Cranston said the rock for his third person on Mount Rushmore

PRINCE ULDREN : I really need to watch breaking bad

mizuhonova : I love that Bryan gave elaborate explanation for his answers. It's like he used to be a high school teacher or something.

NappiVideos : Two great actors . Hope to work with both and earn it one day


Flintlock Avery : Lmfao.. Can we get a buddy cop odd couple movie from these 2 PLEASE!?!?!

Chief Here : I wanna kiss both of them on the forehead, hug them and pat their back.

Russell Szabados : Now that Kevin Spacey is on the outs, it’s nice to hear Bryan Cranston flying the Jack Lemmon flag.

A.K.A G : I just came from the dentist Bryan impersonation of Kev got me drooling like a baby😃🤣😂

Johnnie girl : That Impression was horrible and funny. Loved it

Utw. Fetti : Why was his Kevin Hart impersonation so spot on 🤔😂😂🤣

terenteren teren : When answering who was the best person he's ever worked with, Bryan Cranston answered like someone was holding a gun to his head.

Letonya Williams : Go see the original movie, it was out in 2013. It's called "The Intouchables.......excellent!!! It is in French, but has English subtitles (and I NEVER like watching subtitled movies)....again EXCELLENT!! At the very end they show clips of the real main two characters that the actors portray.

Mnd0vrMnky : @4:10

Vee Draw Stuff : Bryan Cranston delivers a great performance during this interview 🔥

Jolle : I was the first that saw this video and liked it and I love you Kevin

YM Travis : Here is what you're looking for 4:16

DANIE MICH : Now that imitation is Oscar worthy

bigwil91 : best k hart impression ever...Haaaaaa

green285 : so, has kevin worn the dress yet?

Kiera Kiers : I love how articulate and professional Kevin has become

Ahmad Alyas : SAY MY NAME

dantelo88 : He has two memorable character.. you damn right..

Mikey White : Can't wait to see this movie both amazing actors and Kevin is truly one of funniest people on earth naturally to.

Timur Kochanov : Bryan looks good. Funny man

Dave Nelaka : 4:15 Imitation 😂😂😂

PrynKya : You could put me up there. Silence... Lol.

AvM #I AM UNITED : 4:14 impression

malikbukaii nyc : IDC what comics says, Kev is funny as ish!

Pssst Man you know you lyin : Was that a Kev Hart impersonation or Lou Costello? LMAO

visenburg : That impression 😂😂😂